H2O Starter Kit

H2O Starter Kit.

H2O Starter Kit is available for just US$ 55.00. In addition, once you move to H2O wireless, you will say goodbye to hidden charges and long term contract plans.The starter kit priced at US$ 55 provides you best value. The service is very popular with the US residents as it helps them to provided crystal clear calling facility to their loving ones at any time of the day.

What comes with the pack?

One 2-in-1 Dual SIM
$50 worth 30 Day Monthly Airtime PIN. Sale price of the pack is US$ 55
Instructions for Activation.
So one SIM card and no contract airtime for you.

2-in-1 Dual SIM can be used as a Standard or Micro SIM. To get the Micro SIM you need to take it out from the normal SIM card.
Activate your account over the internet or insert the SIM in your phone and can activate the account from your cell phone.
H2O Wireless Triple SIM.

There are Three SIM’s in one. It got Standard SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM.So there will be a SIM that fits in all phones.
Easy Automatic and effortless configuration
It is compatible with all phones that use standard micro and nano SIM cards. If it is necessary, Use the total management tool to check phones make and model, and re-trigger automatic configuration.

H2O Starter Kit offer.

Unlimited Talk, Text, and MMS. Better than the international phone cards.
Unlimited International Talk to 50 countries. (Landlines only)
2 GB of Data
$40 International Talk Credit. Better than the online calling cards.
Unlimited International Text.

This Dual SIM is compatible with AT&T wireless and all the unlocked GSM phones including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy and Note devices.


Warranty Terms – Parts None
Warranty Terms – Labor None
Product Name 3-in-1 SIM Card
Brand H2O
Color Yellow
Color Category Yellow
Carrier Compatibility H2O Wireless (AT&T)
Activation Method Call-In, Online
Phone Compatibility Unlocked
SIM Card Size Micro SIM, Nano SIM, Standard SIM
Contract Or Prepaid Prepaid
Voice Minutes Included No
Data Included No
Compatible With Locked Phones: No.
Available in USA.
It is a great sim. H2O is very good phone service. It saves my money from buying calling cards. I love H2O phone service because before that I had to pay for calling card to call Bangladesh but now I only pay $27 per month and I get Unlimited Bangladesh calling. Also there is no fear of increasing monthly bill. I would suggest people who wants to call in other countries beside U.S. to check if they’re eligible for unlimited calling to their countries by going to H2O Wireless website.H2O Wireless Smart SIM Starter Kit 3-in-1 SIM Card (Yellow)for Unlocked Phone Price: US$1

Source – H2O

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