Bajaj Freedom Motorcycle

Bajaj Freedom Motorcycle

Bajaj Freedom Motorcycle

Bajaj Freedom Motorcycle is one of the latest motorcycle that can operate on CNG and normal petrol. Using the CNG on Motorcycle gives you more mileage than the petrol.So it is economical too as it will cost Rs 1/- per Km with the CNG usage in this Bajaj Freedom Motorcycle.

Bajaj Freedom motorbike Price:  INR 110,000/-

First CNG Powered Motorcycle.

Actually this is the first CNG operated Motorcycle in the world. There is no special maintenance work is need fore this Two Wheeler.
It is same as the engine powered motorcycle maintenance work.

Safety Of Freedom.

The bike comes with Trellis Frame to provide protection for the CNG Tank. In addition it uses PESO certified CNG cylinders on this model. moreover it is provided with specially built Sleeves protector on the front side. Additionally, the motorcycle is provided with a 2-litre auxiliary petrol tank,that can be switched on, when you run out of Gas.The petrol is enough to travel a distance of 130Km. Bajaj Company claims, that the 12.5L/ 2 Kg Gas Cylinder will allow to do a range of 100 km/kg on the road.

Bajaj Freedom Specifications.

Engine Type: 4 Stroke, Air cooled
Maximum Power Output: 9.5 Ps@8000RPM
Maximum Torque: 9.7Nm@5000RPM
CNG Tank Capacity: 12.5 L / 2 kg
Petrol Tank Capacity: 2Lt
Top Speed with CNG 90.5 Km/h
Top Speed with Petrol 93.4 Km/h
One CNG Good for 200Km Range
Petrol Range 200Km

About Bajaj Motocorp.
Bajaj is the leading India Motorcycle and Three Wheel producer. They are popular with their Pulsar motorcycles which are selling all over the world.
In addition their Bajaj Auto also very popular all over the world for its powerful engine. In Sri Lanka too Bajaj motorcycles were selling in large numbers before the Sri Lanka Government’s vehicle import ban.

Availability in Sri Lanka by the year 2025.

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Bajaj Freedom YouTube Video

Internet This Week

Internet This Week

Internet This Week page is updated with the latest News.

Internet page: This Week announcement,
There are 3 daily train services available on this Jaffna – Colombo Train route.
They are Yarldevi, Vavuniya Intercity, Night Mail Train and Yaal Nila (Week End)
A/C Train used to Start from Kankesanthurai (KKS) to Colombo time had been changed by Railway Department.

New Luxury Tourist Train Service Colombo – Jaffna Route (Yarl Nila).

Yaal Nila Jaffna bound train leaves Colombo at 22:00 pm night on Fridays and will start its journey from Jaffna at 22:00pm night on Sundays only.
Ticket price first class Rs 4,000/-, Second class Rs 3,000/- and for the Third class Rs 2,000/-.

Cooking Gas Home Delivery in  Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Litro Gas home Delivery in Colombo.
Call: 0773683070
Website: Website.

Laugfs Gas Home Delivery in Sri Lanka.
Call: 1345
Online Delivery Order here.

Starlink Internet in Sri Lanka.

American Elon Musk’s Starlink internet can be pre-order in Sri Lanka,by paying a fully refundable USD 9 deposit. Connection fee is expected to be between US$400 up to US$ 600. Starlink internet monthly subscription fee is about US$ 99 per month in Sri Lanka.

In addition, Jaffna bound DIRECT train service has been terminated.
(From 07th January 2024).
Stoppage is for the Jaffna Train track renovation work.
Currently trains travel up to Anuradhapura or Maho station.
The direct train service is expected to commence by July 2024.
This Jaffna bound passengers need to use Bus to catch connection train service. In addition they use the Colombo – Jaffna direct Luxury bus service.

Luxury Bus ticket fare to Jaffna Rs 3,000/- up to Rs 4,000/-

Colombo to Jaffna Train Ticket Price .
Starts from Rs 1,900/- up to Rs 4,000/-
Colombo Busses Starting Point: Marine Drive Colombo – 06.
In Jaffna Busses Starting Point: Jaffna New Bus Stand ( Muniyappar Kovilady)

Current Sri Lanka Rupee Exchange Rate.

US Dollar – Sri Lanka Rupees. ( Bank of Ceylon Website.)
Today, Sri Lanka rupees rate against the US Dollar?
Buying 1 US$ @ Rs 300.02
Selling 1 US$ @ Sri Lanka Rs 309.22

Gold Price in Sri Lanka. Official Price (8 Grams – 1 Pawn)

24K Gold Price: Rs 198,650/- (999.9)
22K Gold Price: Rs 182,100/- (Jewel making Gold)

International Gold Price: US$ 2,373.60 / Ounce.
International Crude Oil Price: US$ 82.08

From 01st of January 2024, Sri Lanka Government had implemented 18% VAT to its Citizen, for their purchases and services including 3% increased VAT for the water supply.

Watch Holiday Season in Colombo, Sri Lanka Video,

Sri Lanka Cost of living.

Further more, in Sri Lanka meat products, Fish, Vegetables and Fruits are priced at high price and it can’t be afford by poor and Middle class people. A bread loaf is being sold around Rs 150 up to Rs 180/- in different shops as there is no control price for it.. In addition baddy affected are the children in Sri Lanka who are in need of support from the International community..

Electric Tariff in Sri Lanka has been increased by 80%. (From 10th of August 2022). In addition again the Electricity Tariff had been increased by 80% from this month March 2023. And once again in October 2023 it had gone up by 18%. Furthermore, Sri Lanka Monthly Water supply Bill too had been Increased in August 2022. From July 01st electric tariff in Sri Lanka is going to be reduced.

Sri Lanka rupees is becoming strong against US Dollar and Sri Lanka Bank’s had decreased the interest rates for Depositors and Lenders. In July fixed deposits in the banks will earn 9.11% per annual.

Sri Lanka Vegetable , Meat products and Egg prices are still high.

Sri Lanka Vegetable, Meat Products, and Egg prices are still very high. These prices are not affordable by the common people. People are surviving with pumpkin, plantain and Tapioca even though they too are selling at high price. In addition popular Salayo fish is being sold Rs 600 per kilo. Earlier it was sold for for Rs 200/-. However, egg is being sold at Rs 55/- to Rs 65/- in the market.
Currently in this year 2024, Sri Lanka citizens are expecting high living cost as nearly all the products and services had been added with 3% – 18% VAT.

Sri Lanka Fuel Price, 01, July 2024.

Petrol 92 Octane – Rs 344/-
Petrol Octane 95 – Rs 379/-
Auto Diesel – Rs 355/-
Super Diesel – Rs 317/-
Kerosene – Rs 202/-


Internet, this week, Sigiriya, Tourist Attraction Entrance Ticket Price.
Foreigners US$ 30
Children US$ 15
SAARC Adults + Children US$ 15
Local Visitors Rs 100/-
Local Children Rs 50/-
Make Dialog Star Points in to your phone Reload.

In addition to check your Dialog Star Points call #141#
Then follow the instructions to find your Star Points.
If have 156 you can get 56 as reload for your phone.
Its 100 is the base remaining points.
To Reload 56 Star points
SMS Star pay 56 and send to 141

Fastest Trains in the World.

All over the world trains are doing around 250 kph (155 mph) speed.

1. Shanghai Maglev – 460 kph / 286 mph (China) (30 km in 7.30 minutes)
2. CR400 ‘Fuxing’ Train 350 kph / 217 mph (China)
3. ICE3 – 330 kph / 205 mph (Germany)
4. TGV – 200 kph / 198.5 mph (France)
5. JR East E5 – 320 kph / 200 mph (Japan)
6. Al Boraq – 320 kph / 198.5 mph (Morocco)
7. AVE S-103 – 310 kph / 193 mph (Spain)
8. KTX 305 kph / 190 mph (South Korea)
9. Trenitalia ETR1000 – 300 kph / 186 mph (Italy)
10. Above all, Haramain Javelins – 300 kmph / 186 mph (Saudi Arabia)

Restaurants in Hospital Road, Dehiwala. (Near to William Mills Junction)

1. Arcadia Restaurant. Appa Rs 40/-, Pani Appa Rs 60/-, Short Eats Rs 80/-. Closed on Poya Days.
5. New Pilawoos Hotel (Chicken Kottu Rs 750/-, Mini Kottu Rs 550/-, Roast chicken kottu and chicken cheese kottu, Egg parata, Plain Parata Rs 50/-, Poll Rotti Rs 40/-, Short Eats (Rolls, Samosa, Veg Rotti – Rs 80/-, Milk Tea: Rs 130/-, Plain Tea: Rs 50/-, iced coffee, Mojito and Achcharu, )
3. Kandos Chocolate Shop. (Chocolate Drink)
4. Bilal Resturant
5. Burgher’s Hut
6. Mummy’s Delight (Chicken Koththu Rs 800/-)
7. Milanos KKY Restaurant
8. Nicobar Restaurant. Popular for Kanji and Samosa during Ramadan Festival.
9. Keels Restaurant inside of the Keels Supermarket.
10. Keels Coffee Shop inside of the Keels Supermarket.
11. Tip Top Chinese Food Take Away
12. The Briyani Wok – Take Away
13. Arabian Shawarma
14.. Milano’s KKY Food.
15. French Bakers – Bread, bun and Short Eats. Machine Coffee and Soft-drinks.

Sri Lanka Arrival and Departure Cards.

Sri Lanka Arrival Card and Departure Cards are available ONLINE.
Furthermore complete your arrival and departure cards online. It is possible for Foreigners and Sri Lankan’s.’#/home-page
Nearly all the country people need entry visas for Sri Lanka except Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles. US Dollars, Euro, Canadian Dollars and Australia Dollars are widely accepted.

Public transport is at its best. Sea Plane and Helicopter service too are available.

In addition, Debit and Credit Cards are provided by State Banks and Private Banks. Moreover, you can apply for them through online websites. Anyhow, you have to visit the Bank office to complete the process and collect the Credit or Debit cards.

Sri Lanka National Identity Card Issuing Fee in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Government charge Rs 200/- for issuing New National Identity Card. This was recently announced by the Sri Lanka Government. This came in to effect from 1st of November 2022. In the meantime, charges for issuing duplicate NIC have been revised and the new fee for it   will be Rs. 1,000/-. Moreover this too was came in to effect from 01st of November 2022.
Sri Lanka Passport.

For instance, those who want to have their new passports need to apply for it promptly. In conclusion, the new passports will be derived to their homes within 3 days. Above all, this was announced by the Government Officials.

Getting New passports.

Therefore, in Sri Lanka those who want to get passport service through one day or normal service need to get reservation first. Department’s official website .
Otherwise, applicants should call the following phone number 070 7101 060.
Passport office opens from Monday to Friday 08:30 AM till 03:00 PM for those appointment holders. The Department has requested People NOT to come over there without obtaining an appointment.
Similarly, Passport Fee for under 01 Day Service: Rs 20,000/-
Normal Service Passport Fee: Rs 10,000/- (Revised on 02nd February 2024)
Child (age 16 – 03) Passport Fee 01 Day Service: Rs 9,000/-
Apply for Sri Lanka Passport ONLINE here.’#/home

Foreigners Need Government’s Permission to marry in Sri Lanka. (Internet This Week)

Similarly, Sri Lanka Government had announced that foreign Bride or Groom who are going to marry a Sri Lanka person must get permission from the Government. More over this is to protect mostly the local Brides from bad activities done through the foreign Grooms. According to the Government officials, many foreign Groom’s had engaged in bad activities after their marriage. For instance the foreigner will not get medical benefits that are available for Sri Lanka citizens.

Sri Lanka 2024 Unlimited Mobile Phone Calls and Mobile Data Plans.

Above all, Dialog Triple Blaster Package Price: Rs 1,025/- (30 Days Plan)
In addition Dialog Rs 919/- plan gives unlimited calls even to SLT land lines.
Moreover Triple Max Plan Price: Rs 1007/-
Additionally Freedom Plan Price: Rs 909/-
In addition, Hutch Unlimited Plan Price:: Rs 749/-

Jaffna – Chennai Flight Service under Internet This Week

Jaffna Chennai One way Ticket Price: Rs 32,500/-
Return Ticket Price: Rs 49,900/-
Flights operating Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday/
Alliance Air.

2024 Passenger ferry service, as per Internet This Week

Nagapattinam (Tamil Nadu) to/from Kankesanthurai (Jaffna).
Ferry Name: Cheriyapani high speed passenger ferry
Similarly, number of Passengers: 150
Journey Time: 4 Hours.
One way Ticket: LK Rs 26,750/-
In conclusion, return ticket price: LK Rs. 53,500/-

Colombo to Jaffna Luxury Bus Service.

Jaffna Bus Ticket Price (One way) Rs 3,000/-
Moreover these Busses used to start from Marine Drive, Wellawatte. (Colombo – 06 by 20:00 pm
Moreover, from Jaffna, Colombo Busses used to start from Muneeswaran Temple Road, Bus stand (New Bus Stand)
Internet this week for YouTube “Shorts”. (Internet This Week)

According to Internet This Week

In addition, the ban on Tik Tok in India, Instagram “Reels” became one of the favorite platforms for creators. Moreover YouTube “Shorts” is witnessing over 15 billion daily views globally where India is being the major contributor to this platform. Additionally in this page there is facility for to like that clip, Dislike it, write comment, Moreover, Share and use its sound to create your own clip. In conclusion the service is very success in India according to YouTube.

Internet This Week, Tourist SIM Card.

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Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker and Infrared Cooker.

Induction cooker or Infrared cooker to buy? Currently this is the biggest question in the minds of the Sri Lanka housewives. Currently there is a big shortage of Cooking Gas in Sri Lanka. People are staying for cooking gas for days and come back home empty hand. Those people living in the Apartments and finely built homes don’t have the facility to cook with kerosene stoves or with fire wood stoves and the electric hot plates will give large monthly electric bill. Their only solution is to go for either Infrared cooker or to Induction Cooker.

In Sri Lanka the Induction cookers or Infrared cookers are not used in homes in this year 2024. This is due to high electricity Tariff in the country. 90% of the housewives had packed these apparatus and are having in safe places.


Due to availability of US Dollars and the High Cost of Electricity monthly bill, the price of Induction and Infrared top prices had gone down in Sri Lanka. So in this year 2024 these kinds of cooking items sales had dropped too.

These two will not give high monthly electricity bill. Some clever housewives used to cook rice and curries in rice cooker alone. Due to cooking gas shortage and delay in gas shipment arrival, people are turning toward alternative ways for cooking. So the Induction cooker or Infrared cooker are in big demand in the Colombo Area.

Induction Cookers are not recommended for homes that have people with pacemakers. The Induction cooker is based on the magnetic waves and it can affect the function of the pacemaker.

Induction Cooker and Infrared cooker prices are are going up every day. A Rs 16,000/- price marked cooker may cost Rs 27,000/- the other day. So you have to decide and buy them quick too to afford the price difference. Each and Every day prices in Sri Lanka is going very high. So act fast and make way for making your meals in Apartments and in the Posh homes.
Induction cooker

Slow in power production but can use any kind of tall pans on it to make dishes. As a fan is working in it the surrounding area should be kept clean. It is easy to clean the top. Be warned, the center round area is hot. The surrounding glass top will be cool. You have to wait to stop it until you see the hot button light goes off. Until then don’t switch off the wall switch.

Benefits on Induction Cooker.

Induction Cook top gives Quick Heating, Economical, Energy Efficient and Easy to Clean, uses less electricity.
Infrared heats slowly but the heat is distributed evenly.
While Cooking in Induction cooker food gets burn very easily.
Infrared Cooker accepts any kind of cookware while in induction cooker you MUST use cast iron cookware.
Induction cooker is safe. Without compatible pan it won’t start. In addition automatically turns off after pan is removed. Infrared cooker don’t have radiation.

Induction Cookers with Cooking Pots.

Moreover good Indian Induction Cookers can be purchased in Sri Lanka and USA. (2000 Watts Power)
They have Slim Body, in addition Elegant Design
Specially designed to cook Indian Menu Options
Provided with Automatic Voltage Regulator
In addition it is built with Anti-Magnetic Wall
It is an intelligent and Attractive Design
There is an automatic Whistle Counter.
Moreover, it is provided with extended Cooling System
In addition, can get 1 Year Warranty.

Current Sri Lanka Market Price.

From the year 2022 onward, Cooking Gas Cylinders are being distributed to customers in large numbers. So the price of Induction and Infrared table top cookers prices had came down in Sri Lanka.

Price in Sri Lanka.

Prestige Induction Top 1600 Watt Price: Rs 19,950/-
Krypton infrared Top Price: Rs 29,990/-(With One year Warranty)
Mitsui Infrared cooker Price: Rs 26,500/-(With One year Warranty)
Geepas Single Digital Infrared Cooker GIC33014 Price: Rs 32,950/-
Geepas Double Hotplate Price: Rs. 32,500/- (With 06 Months warranty)
Olsen Mark Double Hotplate Price: Rs 24,500/-(With 06 Months warranty)
Surya Infrared 2000W Price Rs 22,900/-
Nevica Infrared 2000W Price Rs 28,900/-
Kent Infrared 2000W Price Rs 29,900/-

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Prestige Induction Cookers.

Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10.

Hyundai Grand i10 is one of the perfect car that is very popular in Sri Lanka.
When people are looking for a compact car for their daily usage in towns, then they can’t ignore this specially built Hyundai Grand i10 model car. The car is fitted with airbags for the driver and the front passenger. On the trunk you can find large luggage space which no other compact cars are not offering you. So you can carry more good when you are traveling to another place in this car.

Hyundai Grand i10

Price in UK: £ 12,495
EU Price: € 14788)
USA Price: US$ 16,489
Price in India: Rs. 5.85Lakh
South Africa Price: R222,500,
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 88,88,000/- (Special Offer: Rs 80,00,000/-)
Special Price is available for Sri Lanka Permit Holders.

Hyundai Grand i10 is fitted with a 1.2 Kappa VTVT Petrol engine delivers maximum power of 83 ps at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 11.6 kg·m at 4,000 rpm.

Features of Hyundai Grand i10 .

5-speed manual transmission.
Both petrol and diesel variants of GRAND i10 offer light weight and robust 5-speed manual transmission for smooth and accurate gearshifts. Thus delivering optimum performance.

Gear shift indicator is available in the driver console panel.
The innovative digital gear shift reminder recommends optimum gear so as to extract maximum mileage.
New rear bumper with contrasting insert.

Smart key & Engine start/stop button
You can start the engine at the touch of a button as long as the smart key is on board with you, for instance in your pocket or your bag.

Rear parcel tray
Useful for placing small utility items and also acts as a hiding cover for luggage or items stored in the boot.

Luggage lamp
Who says the trunk needs to stay dark? Luggage lamps automatically turn on when the tailgate opens

Front fog lamps
Front Air Curtains
Chromed door handle
Rear bumper reflector
Rear wiper
Integrated Spoiler
Roof rails
Seat back pockets
Driver seat height adjuster
Floor console storage
5-speed manual transmission
Or 4-speed automatic transmission
Gear shift indicator
Impact sensing door unlock
Rear defogger
Safety windows
Smart key & Engine start/stop button
Rear parcel tray
Luggage lamp
Tilt steering
Tyre type: Tubeless.

Eon Car.


Hyundai EON

Hyundai EON

Hyundai EON Car.

Hyundai EON Car
India Price Rs 2.96 – 4.71 Lakh (Discontinued)
Hyundai EON V2.O AX Sportz (Next Generation) Micro SUV

Hyundai EON is the perfect car for you when you want to drive in heavy traffic or to park in a small space..
It is an ideal blend of style, performance and economy to suit you.
Hyundai EON is the perfect choice for those who seek that extra value for their life style.
It comes with superior fuel efficiency (mileage) to save money on fuel.

Hyundai EON Features.

EON is equipped with well proven and efficient iRDE technology. The 814cc, 3 cylinder engine has been bred significantly for local roads to deliver optimum power with superior Fuel mileage of 21.1 Km/Lt.
Perfect 6.2 Touchscreen AV System
Central Lock system that will lock all the doors with one press.
Superior Fuel Efficiency with advanced fuel technology.
The EON Sports edition comes with a 6.2? Touchscreen AV system with phone link facility. Perfect choice for those who seek extra value & style.
It comes with 3 year or 100,000 Km warranty or which ever comes first.
Sound System

Music System that gives out perfect sound.
CD/DVD Player
FM Radio
USB Supported

What the Manufacturer says about their EON car?

The perfect first car
An ideal blend of style, performance and economy, the Hyundai EON is the perfect choice for those who seek that extra value.

Superior Fuel Mileage

Hyundai EON is equipped with well proven and efficient iRDE technology. The 814cc, 3 cylinder engine has been bred significantly for Indian roads to deliver optimum power with superior Fuel mileage of 21.1 Km/Lt.

Touchscreen AV System
The EON Sports edition comes with a 6.2 Touchscreen AV system with phone link. Perfect choice for those who seek extra value & style.

EXTERIOR- Wraparound Head lamps
Integrated Spoiler and Stylish tail lamps
Body colored door handles & mirrors

INTERIOR- Comfortable seating
Large boot space
Bucket type front seats

PERFORMANCE- 1.0L kappa engine
0.8L iRDE engine
5-speed manual transmission


Remote Keyless entry
Driver Airbag
Reinforced body structure
Power Windows
Internally adjustable Outside Mirrors
Keyless entry & Center Locking
iPod and USB connectivity

Read More

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Yamaha Fascino Scooter

Yamaha Fascino Scooter

Yamaha Fascino Scooter.

Yamaha Fascino Scooter – 125 FI is now available as a Hybrid Model.

Fascino Scooter Price in India.

Yamaha Fascino 125 Hybrid Disc Price: Rs 90,530/- up to Rs 93,330/-
Fascino 125 Hybrid Drum Price: Rs 79,600/- up to Rs 80,600/-

Yamaha Fascino scooter is now available as BS-VI compatible model in India. In Sri Lanka it is available as BS-4 model but due to Sri Lanka Government’s Import Ban There is a shortage for the motorbikes and scooters . This Fascino scooter is provided with fuel Injection, Side Stand Engine cut switch, UBS, Drum or Disc brake selection, wider seat, 21Lt cargo space, Front Telescopic Forks and with many more features and facilities. In this year 2021 Yamaha did introduced their Fascino Hybrid model in India for the Disc Brake Model. Also it is provided with “Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X” through Bluetooth. So Yamaha Fascino scooter stands out of all the other scooters.

Yamaha Fascino 125 Features.

Fascino 125 Engine is Air cooled, 4-stroke,SOHC, 2 valve with 125 cc.
Maximum Horse Power is 6.0kW(8.2PS)/6500r/min and Maximum Torque (With Assist Function Working) is 10.3 N.m(1.1kgf.m)/5000 r/min. Provided with Electric start and kick start.
Transmission type is V-Belt Automatic and its Fuel Tank Capacity is 5.2Lt

Nepal Fascino 113cc Price: Rs 218,900/-
Nepal Fascino 125 FI Price: Rs 267,900/-
Bangladesh Fascino 113cc Price: Tk 150,000

Yamaha Fascino Scooter is coming in India with 7 Shades for you to select your dream color under drum Brake. The Disc Brake model available in 9 colors. This perfect scooter is provided with 113 cc and 125cc FI Blue Core, air-cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder engine. That gives you pleasure while riding it with pride. It looks great with its chrome-plated front grill and rear view mirrors along with its modern and stylist curves. The engine is provided with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and BS24 carburetor with Throttle Positioning Sensors(TPS). These can deliver outstanding running performance, excellent fuel efficiency and good emission quality. For trouble free starting you have maintenance free(MF) battery in it. So there no need to keep checking water levels and it can be charged faster. In-built Side Stand is fitted to the body for quick parking along with an upright main stand.

Yamaha Fascino Two Wheeler.

Stylish meter console, Easy Leg reach on ground with large legroom for a two wheeler.YAMAHA Fascino allow you to get the small and convenient storage that is easy to access and lets you ride hassle free. The important thing for you is your Smartphone and the YAMAHA Fascino is arranged with USB Charger (Optional Price INR 795/-), The model is supported by UBS the Unified Braking System has been developed for better stopping power of your 2 wheeler. Superior head lamp, Convenient hook, 3D Logo and extra long seat conceals a 21 L of storage space.

Yamaha Fascino 125 Specifications.

Engine: Air cooled, 4-stroke,SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement: 125 cc
Bore x Stroke: 52.4×57.9mm
Compression Ratio: 10.2:1
Maximum Horse Power: 6.0kW(8.2PS)/6500r/min
Maximum Torque: 10.3 N.m(1.1kgf.m)/5000 r/min
Stop and Start System (SSS): Equipped
Fuel System: Fuel injection
Starting System: Electric starter and kick starter
Transmission type: V-Belt Automatic
Smart Motor Generator(SMG) System: Equipped

Length x Width x Height: 1,920 x 685 x 1,150 mm
Seat Height: 780mm
Wheelbase: 1280mm
Minimum Ground Clearance: 145mm
Battery: Maintenance free – 12V,5.0 Ah
Ignition system: TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition)
Headlight (Class C): Disc: LED / Drum: Halogen 12V,35/35W x 1
Brake light/Tail light: Disc: LED / Drum: 12V,21/5W x 1
DRL (Daytime Running Light): LED (Only Disc)
Side Stand Engine Cut-Off Switch: Equipped
Meter Console: Disc: Digital / Drum : Analogue
Bluetooth: (Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X Equipped
Suspension Type(Front/Rear): Telescopic Fork/Unit Swing
Front Tyre: 90/90-12 Tubeless
Rear Tyre Size: 110/90-10 Tubeless
Front Fender: Metal
UBS: Equipped
Front Brake: Disc(190mm)/Drum (130mm)
Rear Brake: Drum
Fascino 113cc Specification.

Engine: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement: 113 CC
Bore x Stroke: 50.0 mm x 57.8 mm
Maximum Power Output: 7.2 PS /7,500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 8.1 N.m / 5000 rpm
Starting System: Electric and Kick
Clutch: Dry, centrifugal, shoe
Ignition System: C.D.I (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)
Fuel supply: Carburetor (125 FI comes with Fuel Injection)
Transmission Type: V-Belt Automatic
L x W x H: 1,820 x 675 x 1,120
Curb Weight: 103 kg
Minimum ground clearance: 130 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.2 L
Front Suspension: Telescopic fork
Front and Rear Brake: Drum
Tyre: Tubeless
Battery: MF-12 V, 5 AH

Popular Scooter: Sri Lanka’s Popular Scooter: Honda Dio DX


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Wellawatte Beach

Wellawatte Beach

Wellawatte Beach.


Wellawatte Beach is very popular with the expatriate Tamil Community. It is located in the Colombo City, Sri Lanka along the train track that is running up to Galle. You may had visited Mexican beaches, Brazilian Beaches and many more beaches in the world. But you won’t find a beach like Wellawatte beach in any part of the world. The beach is with golden sand and roaring Indian ocean.

This beach is a gathering place for the local people during the holidays and not wandered by foreign tourists. Of course after 11:00 Am till 4:00 Pm the beach area is very hot. So people won’t stay here under the burning sun. Early mornings and evenings offer you fantastic opportunity to enjoy this beach. Lot of Tourists used to go on jogging along the beach side on paved track from Dehiwala up to Kollupitiya (Around 7.0 Km)

Actually people come to Wellawatte beach for,
1. Jogging and walking on the walking track.
2. Fishing from the rocks
3. Sea Bathing and to play on Beach
4. To enjoy Ice Cream.
5. Jogging in Wellawatte Beach Area..

Good swimming location is next to the Wellawatte Railway station in front of the Global Towers Hotel. On the other side of the beach is the world renowned Kinross Swimming And Life Saving Club that serves only for its members.
Monday through Saturdays are good for the visiting tourists to spend some time in this beach. There are two railway lines running between the beach and the road. If you are going to cross from the road side look well on both sides to check for any on coming trains.

Dining around Wellawatte.

There are no people to harm you or to interfere with you. The Sri Lanka police is (119) is just a call away and they can reach you within minutes. There are lot of fine restaurants and pubs on the road, you can find the popular KFC joint too near by. On the other side of the road you can find small shops which used to sale mineral water and bottled soft drinks at normal price. By catching a tuk tuk you can find a super market too near to the beach.

How to Reach Wellawatte Beach?

Traveling by train, get down at the Wellawatte railway station and go from of the tall Global Tower Buildings.
By Bus get down at the Wellawatte market and look for the signal light junction. There is the Station Road. Walk along the road and at the end you can see the station. Cross the road and reach the beach right side of the station.
Catch a tuk tuk and ask the driver to drop you next to the Wellawatte railway station in front of the Global Towers Hotel. You don’t need to keep the Tuk Tuk with you as there are lot three wheels available in that place to go back to your hotel or home stay place.

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SsangYong Tivoli

SsangYong Tivoli

SsangYong Tivoli

SsangYong Tivoli Compact SUV is now available in Sri Lanka. It was sold under an offer. People can’t ignore this when they are ready to buy a vehicle. it comes with lot o0f latest features. Already lot of Tivoli vehicles had been purchased by its loyal customers in Sri Lanka.

USA Price: US$ 23,600+
Australia – SsangYong Tivoli $23,490 up to $33,990+
SsangYong Tivoli UK Price: £20,055. £21,875. £22,375. £23,895.
Singapore Price: $ 164,888
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 5,000,000/- (2020 Price – currently out of stock)

SsangYong Tivoli Engine.

Keyless Entry.
Push Start.
Multi functional Steering Wheel.
Cruise Control.

Touchscreen multimedia System.
LED day time running lights.
Rear Camera.
BAS/EBD/Air Bags.
16 in Alloy Wheels.
Bluetooth, USB and HDMI.

AISIN 6-speed automatic transmission.
Moreover it is well proven, that this unit is engineered to improve fuel efficiency and minimize power loss. And the optimized gear ratios help to transfer power smoothly through the gear changes for comfort driving.

128ps e-XGi160 petrol engine
The newly developed 1.6 litre petrol engine delivers up to 128ps/6,000rpm max power with 160Nm/4,600rpm max torque. This include optimized performance for both urban and motorway driving.

Smart Steering
Tivoli is equipped with 3 different steering wheel sensitivity modes. It provides the driver with comfortable levels of responsiveness along the different driving conditions

Smart driving modes
With just a flip of a control switch, the engine output gets adjusted to specific driving and road conditions, resulting in smoother & more confident driving.

HDMI Outlet + 7? HD Touch Screen
Hammering on their ever-lasting passion for innovation, your Smartphone has turned into a Tivoli car. For instance, connecting your phone with Tivoli’s HDMI outlet, you can navigate your phone through Tivoli’s 7? HD touch screen system.

Dual Start/Stop Smart Engine Keys
Talk about maximum convenience! In conclusion, here is Tivoli’s smart key system. Further more, this allows the driver to start the ignition, lock and unlock doors without the key.

Available Colors.
Grand White,
Jazz Brown,
Techno Grey,
Icecap Blue,
Flaming Red,
Silent Silver,
Space Black,
In addition, Dandy Blue

Escalade & Escalade ESV Price.



Similarly, it comes with 6.2L V8 engine with Dynamic Fuel Management and 10-speed automatic transmission.
Thereafter, Escalade is available as Duramax 3.0L Turbo Diesel engine, Above all it is available as Four-Wheel Drive too.

Gloss-black grille with bright chrome chevron pattern
For instance, Galvano finish on grille, front fascia trim, door handles, bodyside molding, liftgate trim and exhaust bezel too are provided
Above all, LED Daytime Running Lamps are added.
In addition, there is Rainsense wipers
After that, 22″ 14-Spoke alloy wheels with Bright Silver finish too is provided.
In addition, 22″ Multi-Spoke Polished alloy wheels with Dark Android Gloss finish, includes wheel locks.


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Hero Scooter Price

Hero Scooter Price

Hero Scooter Price

Hero scooter Price.
These Scooters come from the world’s largest manufacturer of two wheeler, Hero motor Corp based in India. Hero Scooters are the market leaders in the Scooter sales in India. They have sales and service outlets all over Sri Lanka. Currently they offer different size two wheeler and scooters to the Sri Lanka market. They provide after sales service and uninterrupted spare parts sales all over the island through their dealers. In this year 2022 all the Hero Motorcycles and Scooters are manufactured to comply with the BS-6 norms in India. Most of the scooters can be booked online from your home through the Hero website. These prices are for 2023 and onward.
Hero Scooter Price in India.

ZOOM Scooter Price.

xoom scooter

Hero Xoom Combat Edition Price: INR 80,970/-
XOOM LX Price: INR 71,490/-
Hero Xoom VX Price: INR 74,920/-
Xoom ZX Price: INR 79,970/-

Hero Pleasure+ Scooter Price

Pleasure+ LX Price: INR 71,215/
Hero Pleasure+ VX Price: INR 74,665/-
Pleasure+ Xtec Price: INR 83,115/-
Pleasure+ Xtec Sports Price: INR 80,140/-
Hero Pleasure+ Xtec Jubilant Yellow Price: INR 80,115/-
Connected: INR 84,192/-

Hero Destini Prime Scooter.

Hero Destini Scooter

Destini Prime Price: Rs 71,500/
LX- Price: 80,050/-
Destini Xtec Price: Rs 88,540/-

Hero Maestro Edge 125 Scooter.

Maestro Edge 125 Alloy Wheels Drum Brake Price: Rs 86,160/-
Alloy Wheels Disc Brake Price: Rs 90,960/-

Hero Maestro Edge 110.

Hero New Maestro Edge Zx Drum Price: Rs 69,698/-
New Maestro Edge Zx Disc Price: Rs 74,616/-

Maestro Edge 125 Scooter.

Hero Maestro Edge 125 Drum Price: Rs 86,160/-
Maestro Edge 125 Disc Price: Rs 90,960/-

As a scooter owner, always check the following things, before you start your Motorcycle or Scooter.
It will save your live and will save you from break downs, unwanted maintenance and spare parts purchase.
Engine oil level,
Fuel Level,
Front and Rear Brake condition,
Front and Tyre condition,
Clutch lever and tightness,
Drive Chain or Belt,
Throttle Cable,
Head light, Brake Lights and Turn Signal Lights and Horn,
Rear View Mirror position,
Air flow to the Engine,
Fitting and Fasteners,
Steering Handle
Battery level, charging and if had acid – check the level.
Engine sound and see there are any different noises.
Hero Scooter Price in Sri Lanka.

Dash VX 110 cc Rs 208,000/- (2020 Price)
Duet 110cc Rs 208,000/- (2020 Price)
Maestro Edge Rs 242,500/- (2020 Price, Phone charger, Front Telescopic, Bright Headlight)

Top Selling Hero motorcycle in India.
Splendor + Drum Self Cast Price: Rs 71,226/-
Hero Splendor+ I3S, Drum Brake,Self Start Price: Rs 73,520/-
Splendor+ I3S, Drum Brake,Self Start Price: Rs 72,500/-
Hero Splendor+ I3S Black ascent, Drum Brake,Self Start Price: Rs 72,470/-

There are financing facility available for these models. Contact the dealer ask for more information on the financing service.

Source: Hero India.

Honda Dio Scooter.

*Hero Scooter Price and Specification may change without notice.

Honda Livo Motorcycle

Honda Livo Motorcycle

Honda Livo Motorcycle

Honda Livo Motorcycle Price in India.
Livo Drum Price: INR 78,500/-
Livo Disc Price: INR 82,500/-

Honda Livo Disc model, Sri Lanka Price: Rs 330,000/- + Tax

Livo Bangladesh Price.

Disc Brake Price: Tk 113,900
Drum Brake Price: Tk 108,900

Honda Livo Motorcycle is not yet announced in Nepal.

Livo Motorcycle.

Honda Livo Motorcycle is now coming as BS-VI compliant one with 110cc HET BS-VI Engine. It is provided with a long comfortable seat with grab rail for smooth economical riding in cities and villages. Further more it is provided with silent starting engine mean while there is start and stop switch too also provided to it. Moreover there is DC Head Lamp, Digital analogue meter, CBS Braking facility with equalizer too are available.Muscular Fuel Tank with perfect front look from the front end. Silent start is possible in this motorbike with the fitted AGC system in this beautifully built motorbike. This Honda Livo motorcycle is not available in Sri Lanka due to import ban placed by the Sri Lanka Government.


Livo Motorbike Features.

Beautiful Front Design.
Well designed tail light with grab rail.
Two Piece Modern Muffler
Honda Eco Engine that meets BS-VI Norms.
Best graphics along with 3D wing mark.
Digital Analogue Meter with Service due date indicator.
Rear suspension with 5 step adjustable points.
PGM-FI system with 8 sensors provide complete burning of fuel in the combustion chamber.
Side Stand on position, the engine won’t start. (Safety Switch)
Both wheels are provided with Tubeless Tyre.

Honda Livo Motorcycle Engine.

Engine: Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI, BS-VI Norm Engine
Displacement: 109.19 cc
Maximum Power Output: 8.43 PS (8.31 BHP) @7500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 9.09 N-m @ 5000 rpm
Fuel System: PGM-FI (Programed Fuel Injection)
Bore x Stroke: 50 x 55.6 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.9:1
Air filter: Viscous paper filter
Starting Method: Self Start(Electric Start) /Kick Start
Front Brake: Drum 130 or Disc 240 mm
Rear Brake: Drum 130 mm
Gears: 4 Speed
Gear pattern: N-1-2-3-4
Top Speed: 86 km/h
Ground clearance: 180mm
Kerb weight: 111 Kg(Disc)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.5 Lt

When riding a motorbike wear proper clothing and certified helmet.
Have all required papers such as revenue, Insurance and registration papers.
Further more don’t forget to carry your valid driver license with you.
When you are starting the bike check for oil level, petrol level first.
Check turn signals are working.
Brakes are staying in good condition.
Brake lights are on when you press the brake lever.
Pass Light is in good condition.
There is no abnormal sound from the engine and exhaust pipe line.
If every things are perfect, start your journey for the day.
Don’t use your phone while riding your motorcycle.
If got any call stop by the road side and attend the call.
Your Life is important. Your family needs you.

Honda Livo BS-VI

Honda Dio DLX