Zero eMotorcycle

Zero eMotorcycle

Electric Motorcycle from Zero.

Zero electric motorcycle from the California based company is one of the powerful street fighter model electric motorcycle. If you are living in the USA you can buy one of their electric motorcycle for you.The company offers 6 models of Street e-bikes for the USA market. And in the meantime they are offering 3 numbers of Dualsports models for the fun loving youngsters to enter in to their dream rides. For example in India riders are turning towards the e-Twowheeler and leaving behind their traditional petrol operated Motorcycles and Scooters. In the meantime, there is a rapid increase in the sales of e-bikes all over the world. In addition Zero Motorcycles are available nearly in 10 countries worldwide.

2024 Zero Street Bike (electric) Price.

Zero SR/S Price: US$ 20,595
SR/F Price: US$ 20,095
Zero SR Price: US$ 19,995
S Price: US$ 11,595
Zero FXE Price: US$ 12,195
FXS Price: US$ 9,795

ZERO Electric Dual Sports Bike Price

Zero DSR Price: US$ 16,195
DS Price: US$ 11,595
Zero FX Price: US$ 11,995
Zero eMotorcycle Charging.

These eMotorcycles are perfect ones for those who want to charge them in their home garages. They can get Rapid charging which needs just one hour only for to charge these models to their top level of charging. Further more 100+ miles of range can be achieved in a fast charging mode of one hour. In addition some models can give out top speed of 124MPH as these models don’t have clutch like the standard petrol motorcycles. Moreover there is no gears for to shift and it needs only twisting the accelerator only to get speed.

On the maintenance side for the ZERO Electric Motorcycle there are few things only provided and there is no need to go frequently to your mechanic for adjustments, replacements and tuning. This is a perfect electric motorcycle as it offers instant Torque of 140ft/lbs through its wheels to give you uninterrupted power to go on fun riding.

For example the Zero DSR& SR models can take you to around 123 miles range without any problems.It got a direct drive power-train that doesn’t need routine maintenance on your part.

Zero Electric Motorcycle is good for Sri Lanka but in the terms of its price it is a big amount for the ordinary Sri Lanka person.

Zero Electric motorcycles, USA.

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