Buying Bicycle

Buying Bicycle

Buying Bicycle that is made for to use on different tracks and fields for the riders to ride comfortably. The common one is called as standard bicycle and it is good for ride on flat roads. In the USA riders used to select good ones for their daily activities and weekly activities. In Sri Lanka 90% of the Bicycles are used for to go for work places, to markets and their daily usage. Additionally youngsters are using it for to keep their body active by riding it for at least one hour a day. Moreover in Sri Lanka thousands of school children and teachers are using cycles in the North and East to go to their schools, colleges and Universities. Watch out those bicycles without rear mud guard can spoil your clothing if you pass through mud water on the tracks.

2024 Mountain bike Price in Sri Lanka Starts from Rs 39,000/-+

Sri Lanka Paved Cycle Tracks.

Madiwela Cycling Path
Vihara Maha Devi Park (Victoria Park)
Independence Square
Bellanwila cycling track

Marine Drive Road. ( On Sundays and Mornings)

Bicycle Accessories.

As a bicycle rider you must have the following things with you. Here are the list of Bicycle Accessories.
Bicycle helmet,
A bell, horn or a small siren.
Head Light and Tail Light,
Spare tube,
Patch kit,
Biker carry bag,
Tire pressure gauge,
Hand Pump,
Water bottle with the cage,
Multi tool kit (Spanners and Screw Drivers).

Cycle usage in Sri Lanka.

Currently in Sri Lanka due to fuel shortage people are turning to buy bicycles for them. But their prices had gone very high and there is shortage for bicycle spare parts too. In the meantime there is a shortage for the bicycle mechanics too. Lot of people are waiting at the cycle repair shops to repair their bicycles and to service them.

Buying Bicycle for Fun Riding.

People can select standard, road bikes, Racing, BMX, Mountain Bikes, Track Bikes and many more are available for you to select and buy according to your needs. In the meantime there are selection for the manufactured material such as carbon, steel and so on. Furthermore there are tyres too are available in different sizes in the market.

Electric Cycles Available in India – 2024

Hero Lectro E- Zephyr TX
Lectro Glide 26
Hero Lectro Essentia Tx 27.5”
Elektron Hybrid Bicycle m368
Hero Lectro Glide Lady 26
Toutche Helieo Starting
Bergamont E Helix 6
Being Human BH27 E-Cycle
Go Zero One

There are nearly 60 cycle manufacturers in India.
Here are some of the popular ones.
Light Speed

Sri Lanka Bicycle Price.

Currently most of the companies say that their products are out of stock. Their Standard Road Bicycle is priced marked at Rs 75,000/-
Sports Model cycles (Single Speed, Multi speed) are price marked at Rs 37,000/- up to Rs 97,000/-

Zero Electric Motorcycle.

Raleigh Bicycles.