Yamaha Aerox Scooter

Yamaha Aerox Scooter 155 cc Maxi-Sports Scooter With ABS.

Yamaha Aerox Scooter Price: INR 147,600/-
Aerox Yamha MotoGP Model: INR 149,100/-
Yamaha Aerox155 version S Price: INR 150,900/-
Colors: Metallic Black, Racing Blue, Grey Vermilion.

Nepal Aerox Scooter Price: Rs 499,900/-

Japanese Yamaha Aerox 155 Scooter.

Yamaha Aerox maxi sports scooter is Yamaha’s Heart Shaking Speedster on the streets. This sports model scooter is powered by 155cc Blue Core, LC4V SOHC FI Engine with variable valve Actuators (VVA). Meantime its fuel injected engine with VVA in the Aerox 155 gives out a maximum power of 11.0kW(15.0PS)@8000rpm with a Maximum Torque of 13.9N.m (1.4kgf.m) @6500rpm. In addition the VVA works under a mechanism that changes between two intake cam lobes. In this one cam lobe is for the low revolution range and the other one is for mid to high revolution range.

Additionally Starter Generator Assembly is designed to turn the crankshaft directly without passing through gears. This performance will eliminate the sound of the meshing gears for quieter start. Furthermore if the engine is idling the system will detect and will stop the engine from burning the fuel. To start again simply twist its throttle.

Yamaha Y-Connect App.

Y-Connect App allows your Smartphone to be connected to the scooter’s dash board. In turn it will offer you details on Call Alert, SMS and email Alert, APP’s connectivity status, Phone battery status,track your daily and monthly fuel consumption.Get last parking location, Malfunction Notification,locate My Bike.

Notable Yamaha Aerox Scooter Features.

LED Headlight with LED Position Lights.
There is LED Tail Light.
ABS Braking SYStem
Two Level Seat.
Power Socket is provided in the Front Pocket.
Large capacity under seat storage. – 24.5 Lt
Multi-function key switch.
Convenient fuel filling with external lid.
Aerox 155 is provided with one 230 mm disc brake with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).
Twin Shock Absorbers as like in motorcycles.
Large alloy wheels to ride on any terrain.
Wide tubeless Tyre in the rear sector – 140/70-14M/C 62P.
In-built side stand engine cut-off switch,

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