Wellawatte Beach

Wellawatte Beach.


Wellawatte Beach is very popular with the expatriate Tamil Community. It is located in the Colombo City, Sri Lanka along the train track that is running up to Galle. You may had visited Mexican beaches, Brazilian Beaches and many more beaches in the world. But you won’t find a beach like Wellawatte beach in any part of the world. The beach is with golden sand and roaring Indian ocean.

This beach is a gathering place for the local people during the holidays and not wandered by foreign tourists. Of course after 11:00 Am till 4:00 Pm the beach area is very hot. So people won’t stay here under the burning sun. Early mornings and evenings offer you fantastic opportunity to enjoy this beach. Lot of Tourists used to go on jogging along the beach side on paved track from Dehiwala up to Kollupitiya (Around 7.0 Km)

Actually people come to Wellawatte beach for,
1. Jogging and walking on the walking track.
2. Fishing from the rocks
3. Sea Bathing and to play on Beach
4. To enjoy Ice Cream.
5. Jogging in Wellawatte Beach Area..

Good swimming location is next to the Wellawatte Railway station in front of the Global Towers Hotel. On the other side of the beach is the world renowned Kinross Swimming And Life Saving Club that serves only for its members.
Monday through Saturdays are good for the visiting tourists to spend some time in this beach. There are two railway lines running between the beach and the road. If you are going to cross from the road side look well on both sides to check for any on coming trains.

Dining around Wellawatte.

There are no people to harm you or to interfere with you. The Sri Lanka police is (119) is just a call away and they can reach you within minutes. There are lot of fine restaurants and pubs on the road, you can find the popular KFC joint too near by. On the other side of the road you can find small shops which used to sale mineral water and bottled soft drinks at normal price. By catching a tuk tuk you can find a super market too near to the beach.

How to Reach Wellawatte Beach?

Traveling by train, get down at the Wellawatte railway station and go from of the tall Global Tower Buildings.
By Bus get down at the Wellawatte market and look for the signal light junction. There is the Station Road. Walk along the road and at the end you can see the station. Cross the road and reach the beach right side of the station.
Catch a tuk tuk and ask the driver to drop you next to the Wellawatte railway station in front of the Global Towers Hotel. You don’t need to keep the Tuk Tuk with you as there are lot three wheels available in that place to go back to your hotel or home stay place.

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