Bajaj Discover Motorcycles

Bajaj Discover Motorcycles

Bajaj Discover Motorcycles

Bajaj Discover Motorcycles are very popular in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world. Most of them were introduced in the year 2010 and are still running perfectly with controlled fuel emission. These Discover models have good second hand selling value. Although very few of the owners are trying to sale them as they don’t have any problem with them. In India due to its low sales, Bajaj Auto had stopped all the Discover motorcycle production in the year 2020. So there will be no more Discover BS-VI models will be available for sale. Bajaj Auto is now concentrating on the marketing of their Pulsar Bike models and other models in India and all over the world. In the meantime there will be no shortage of spare parts for the Discover 150 motorcycles as Bajaj is still supplying them for it through their dealers.

2023 Nepal Discover Motorcycle Price.

Discover 125 Disc Price: Rs 231,900/-
Bajaj Discover 125 Drum Price: Rs 200,900/-
Discover 125 ST Price: Rs 238,900/-

2023 Bangladesh Discover Motorcycle Price.

Bajaj Discover 125 Disc Price: Tk 153,000
Discover 110 Disc Price: Tk 137,000
Bajaj Discover Motorbike History.

The first Discover motorcycle was introduced in the year 2004 as Discover 125 Motorbike with Single Cylinder, four stroke, Air cooled Engine. Moreover it became success in the Indian Two Wheeler sector as a commuter motorcycle. Other Discover models are 100, 100M, 100T, 110, 125, 125ST,125T, 125M, 135, 150, 150S and 150F. But in India the production of Discover models were stopped in the year 2020 due to low number of unit sales. In Nepal the Discover is being continued to be sold in the local market in 2021 as Bajaj Discover 125 ST.

Discover 150cc Color.

In Sri Lanka most sold models are black color ones. Although there are blue and red too are available. The black color is still didn’t lost its real appeal with the mass. Manual tachometers are fitted with trip meter. Pass light is fitted along with the head lamp. Park9ing light, head light, signal light indicators are fitted in the header panel.

Under the covel you have space to hold small objects. There is a tool kit bag and position under the seat. the fuses can be located easily where 10Amp ones are used for the main and other circuits.

Further more the engine is 150 cc air cooled one and provided with 5 gears. Additionally the silencer is fitted with the box to exhaust balance to keep smooth running. In addition the front wheel is fitted with disc brake. The rear Tyre is wide and fitted with drum brake. Auto choke is fitted to the carburetor for cold start. So the owner will listen to the raised engine noise till to the point where the engine become hot enough to all the gas. Bajaj motorcycle offers rider limit switch button is also available. Electric and kick start.

Discover 150cc Details.

In conclusion this is powered by a 150cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-valve engine. This engine is capable of producing a top power output of 13bhp at 7500rpm and a peak torque of 13Nm at 5500rpm. In addition, the Engine is coupled to 5 speed transmission. The seat is single one but very comfortable for the rider and pillion passenger to sit and enjoy the riding through street. Additionally Nitrox twin shock absorber are fitted and it provides very comfortable running even on the dumpy roads.A fine tuned engine can do nearly 60 Km/Lt. Discover 150cc can achieve a top speed of 110 Km/h very easily. 0 – 60 Km/H Speed in 5.79 Sec. 10-spoke alloy wheels, analogue instrument console, electric and kick start, trip-meter, low fuel indicator, low battery indicator, fuel gauge, pillion footrest, pillion grab-rail and kill-switch are available.

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Zero eMotorcycle

Zero eMotorcycle

Zero eMotorcycle

Electric Motorcycle from Zero.

Zero electric motorcycle from the California based company is one of the powerful street fighter model electric motorcycle. If you are living in the USA you can buy one of their electric motorcycle for you.The company offers 6 models of Street e-bikes for the USA market. And in the meantime they are offering 3 numbers of Dualsports models for the fun loving youngsters to enter in to their dream rides. For example in India riders are turning towards the e-Twowheeler and leaving behind their traditional petrol operated Motorcycles and Scooters. In the meantime, there is a rapid increase in the sales of e-bikes all over the world. In addition Zero Motorcycles are available nearly in 10 countries worldwide.

2024 Zero Street Bike (electric) Price.

Zero SR/S Price: US$ 20,595
SR/F Price: US$ 20,095
Zero SR Price: US$ 19,995
S Price: US$ 11,595
Zero FXE Price: US$ 12,195
FXS Price: US$ 9,795

ZERO Electric Dual Sports Bike Price

Zero DSR Price: US$ 16,195
DS Price: US$ 11,595
Zero FX Price: US$ 11,995
Zero eMotorcycle Charging.

These eMotorcycles are perfect ones for those who want to charge them in their home garages. They can get Rapid charging which needs just one hour only for to charge these models to their top level of charging. Further more 100+ miles of range can be achieved in a fast charging mode of one hour. In addition some models can give out top speed of 124MPH as these models don’t have clutch like the standard petrol motorcycles. Moreover there is no gears for to shift and it needs only twisting the accelerator only to get speed.

On the maintenance side for the ZERO Electric Motorcycle there are few things only provided and there is no need to go frequently to your mechanic for adjustments, replacements and tuning. This is a perfect electric motorcycle as it offers instant Torque of 140ft/lbs through its wheels to give you uninterrupted power to go on fun riding.

For example the Zero DSR& SR models can take you to around 123 miles range without any problems.It got a direct drive power-train that doesn’t need routine maintenance on your part.

Zero Electric Motorcycle is good for Sri Lanka but in the terms of its price it is a big amount for the ordinary Sri Lanka person.

Zero Electric motorcycles, USA.

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Husqvarna In India

Husqvarna In India

Husqvarna in India is coming from Sweden. Actually the name Husqvarna is based on the Swedish town of Huskvarna. Morover these motorcycles are in production from the year 1903. The 2024 Husqvarna Motorcycles are coming with the latest rider features (Svartpilen 401, Vitpilen 250).

Husqvarna Vitpilen 250

Diplacement: 249cc
Power: 30.57 bhp
Kerb Weight: 163.8 kg
India price: INR 219,090/-

Husqvarna Svartpilen 250

Diplacement: 248.76 cc
Power: 30.84 bhp
Kerb Weight: 162 kg
Mileage: 30 km/l
India price: INR 225,000/-

Husqvarna Svartpilen 401
Diplacement: 399 cc
Power: 42.9 bhp
Kerb Weight: 171.2 kg
India price: 292,110/-

Transmission: 6-speed
Cooling: Liquid cooled
Power in KW: 33 kW
Starter: Electric starter
Stroke: 64 mm
Bore: 89 mm
Clutch: PASC antihopping clutch
Compression ratio: 12.6
Displacement: 398.6cc
EMS: Bosch EMS with RBW
Engine Design: 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
Lubrication: Forced oil lubrication with 2 oil pumps

Weight: 154.5 kg
Fuel Tank capacity: 13.0 l
Wheelbase: 1368 mm ABS Bosch 9.3 MP (cornering and SUPERMOTO ABS)
Front brake: Disc diameter 320 mm
Rear brake: Disc diameter 240 mm
Front brake: ByBre, opposed four-piston caliper, brake disc
Chain: 520 X-Ring
Frame: Steel trellis frame, powder coated
Front suspension: WP APEX 43
Ground clearance: 180 mm
Handlebar: Aluminum
Rear suspension WP APEX – Monoshock
Seat height: 820 mm
Silencer: Stainless steel silencer with regulated catalytic converter.
Steering head angle: 66
Rear subframe: Steel trellis frame, powder coated
Suspension travel (front): 150 mm
Suspension travel (rear): 150 mm Wheels Cast aluminium wheels


Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 Motorcycle.

This is a dynamic urban roadster that is designed for endless exploration. The model is the Swedish brutal simplicity and with the modern day technology.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 Motorcycle.

USA Price: US$ 5,899
Currently designed dynamic urban explorer based on the classic scrambler design. Allow you pass endless escapes, in addiition it embodies the spirit of the Swedish ‘Black Arrow’ where the city styles meets the original adventure roots.


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Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle

Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Motorcycle.

New Bajaj Pulsar P150 Motorcycle.
Twin Disc Split Seat Price: Rs 119,760/-
Single Disc Single Seat Price: Rs 116,755/-

Pulsar 150 Twin Disc Price: Rs 115,420/-
Pulsar 150 Single Disc Price: Rs 110,420/-

2024 Pulsar N150 Price: Rs 124,000/- (without Bluetooth connectivity)
Top Spec N150 (Bluetooth + rear disc brake) price: Rs 131,000/-

2024 Bajaj Pulsar N160 motorcycle Price: Rs 133,000/-

Nepal Price Pulsar 150 TD: Rs 316,900/-
Pulsar 150 Nepal Price : Rs 298,900/-

Bangladesh Bajaj Pulsar 150 Price.

Twin Disc ABS Pulsar 150 Price: TK 221,000
Pulsar 150 Twin Disc Price: TK 217,000
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Single Disc Price: TK 192,750
Pulsar N160 Bangladesh Price: Tk 269,900

Sri Lanka Bajaj Pulsar 150 UG4.5 Price: Rs 371,950/- + (2020 Price)
Pulsar 150cc Sri Lanka Price: Rs 390,950/-+ (2020 Price)

Pulsar 150 Specification.

Engine: 4-Stroke, 2-Valve, Twin Spark BS-VI Compliant DTS-i FI Engine
Displacement: 149.1 CC
Cylinders: 1
Valves Per Cylinder: 2
Maximum Power Output: 10.3kw@8500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 13.25Nm@6500rpm
Starting Method: Self / Kick Start
Gears: 5
Fuel System: Fuel Injection.
Mileage: 60Km/L
Front Brake: ABS, 260 mm Disc
Rear Brake: 130mm Drum
Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 Lt
Headlamp: AHO (Auto Headlamp On)

Source: Bajaj

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Video Bajaj Pulsar 150.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc.

Bajaj Pulsar 150

Nepal Pulsar 150 T/D Price: Rs 303,900/-
Single Disc Nepal Price: Rs 286,900/-
Sri Lanka price: Rs 357,950/- (2020 price. Currently out of stock)

Bangladesh Pulsar 150 T/D ABS Price: Tk 2,20,900
Pulsar 150 T/D Price: Tk 2,05,500
Pulsar 150 S/DPrice: Tk 1,98,500

1. Each and every place they have setup service centers and spare parts dealers.
2. Lot of mechanics are trained and can handle all types of repairs in this brand.
3. This brand got higher re-sale value in the Sri Lanka used motorcycle sector.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc Specification.

Type: 4 stroke, SOHC, 2V, Air Cooled, single cylinder, Twin Spark DTS-i engine
Displacement: 149.5cc
Maximum Power Output:14PS@8500rpm
Maximum Torque: 13.25Nm@6500rpm
Top Speed: 110+ Km/H
Mileage: 50 – 60 Km/L
Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 Lt
Front Brake: 260 mm Disc Brake with ABS System..
Rear Brake: 230 mm Disc

Available Colors:  Black Blue, Black Chrome and Black Red combination.



Bajaj Pulsar 180 Motorcycle.

Bajaj Pulsar 180

Bajaj Pulsar 180 Motorcycle production had been discontinued in India. This is one of the performance oriented Motorbike came with the Fuel Injection system. Single channel ABS braking system is provided in the front wheel sector. Sporty alloy wheels are provided on the front and rear wheels.
Price in India: INR 115,260/-

Pulsar 180 at a Glance.

Engine: 4-stroke, 2-Valve, BS-VI Compliant, DTS-i Engine, Air cooled
Displacement: 178.6 cc
Maximum power Output: 17.02PS@8500rpm
Maximum Torque:14.22Nm@6500rpm
Gears: 5 Speed
Fuel System: Fuel Injection
ABS: Single Channel

Available Colors: Volcanic Red | Pearl White | Sparkle Black |

Pulsar 180 Video.

Yamaha R15 V4

Yamaha R15 V4

Yamaha R15 V4

Yamaha R15 V4 Motorcycle India Price.

Metallic Red color Price: Rs 182,300/-
Yamaha R15 V4 Dark Knight Price: Rs 183,300/-
R15 Racing Blue Price: Rs 187,300/-
Yamaha R15 Vivid Magenta Metallic Color: Rs 187,300/-
Intensity White R15 Price: Rs 187,300/-

Nepal R 15 V4 Price: Rs 609,900/-
Yamaha R 15 V4 racing Blue Nepal Price: Rs 614,900/-
Nepal R15 V3 Motorbike Price: Rs 524,900/-
Sri Lanka R15 V4 Price: Rs 726,800/- + Tax+ VAT (Out of Stock)

Dual Channel ABS Braking system.
Smartphone connected through Yamaha’s Y-Connect App (Bluetooth)
Traction Control System.
Assist and Slipper Clutch Provided.
Quick Shifter Feature.
Upside Down Front Forks (USD Fork)
Comfortable Unibody Seat
Aluminum Swingarm
Gear shift and gear position indicator.
VVA Position Indicator,
Dual horn, Split horns(It Gives Dual Tone Sound),
Twin eye LED headlights
While Side Stand is on, this R15 Engine will not start

Variable Valves Actuation (VVA), 6 Speed Gears, Assist and slipper clutch, Wide Radial Tyre in the Rear and In built side stand ON Engine cutoff switch.
This Yamaha R15 Motorcycle is E-20 fuel compatible. And it is now equipped with on board diagnostics (OBD-2) System. And it is to ready to meet BS-VI Stage 2 Norms.

Yamaha R15 V4, Y- Connect App Features

Can get connected while you are riding R 15 Motorcycle.
Smartphone notifications will be displayed on your instrument panel screen.
Call Alert on incoming or missed calls.
Notification on the screen, when you receive message or email in your phone
Information on the bike’s connectivity with the Y-Connect app.

Provides display of the Smartphone’s battery level.
Will track your daily and monthly fuel consumption.
Motorcycle’s maintenance date Recommendations.
Last Parked Location displayed on the Smartphone
Malfunction Notification.

Rider’s smartphone screen can also function as the Revs Dashboard. Displays data that are not available on the instrument cluster.
Including Engine RPM, Degree Of Throttle Opening, Rate Of Acceleration, Eco-friendly Riding Indicator and true Fuel Consumption.
Can connect this app with other Yamaha riders app and maintains a ranking of the riders in terms of distance traveled and how their eco friendly their riding has been.

Yamaha R15 V4 Motorcycle Information.

Yamaha R15 V4 Motorcycle, the fourth generation model is now available in India Two Wheeler market. It comes with lot of new features to assist the rider on the road. As per Yamaha this bike R15 V4 shares the same DNA of their Super Sport model YZF R1. Further more this is provided with 155 cc LC4V SOHC FI engine with VVA equipped with Traction Control System and a Quick Shifter facility.

Its Fuel Injection provided Engine can put out a maximum power output of 13.5kW (18.4PS) @10000 rpm. And New R15 can produce Maximum Torque of 14.2N.m (1.4kgf.m) @ 7500rpm. This Yamaha R15 V4 is expected to go on sales in Sri Lanka after the Sri Lanka Government’s vehicle import ban. This model is now being marketed in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.
Features of Yamaha R15 V4 Motorcycle. (Racing Blue is provided with these)

Features include assist and slipper clutch which is good for smooth, enjoyable downshifts.
Variable Valves Actuation (VVA) too is provided to this machine. For this, there are two intake valve cams are provided and one is for low- to mid-range rpm and the other is for high rpm. It will switched to in action at 7,400 rpm between them to ensure providing good power and torque at the entire revolution range.

Furthermore, Traction Control is available through an electronic system for reducing the chances of a wheel-spin.
More over, Gold colored upside down (UPS) front suspension fork is provided to improve rigidity and stability even while taking high speed turns. For instance, Yamaha R15 Motorcycle is very popular in Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, UAE and in Sri Lanka. In the meantime, expatriate people in Saudi Arabia, UAE and South Korea are following the price of this motorcycle.

R15 V4.0 Features.

Single 282mm front and 220mm rear disc brakes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).
Wide 140/70R17M/C 66H radial Tyre in the rear for better grip while cornering and superior shock absorbing capacity for comfortable ride.
For the rider’s safety an in-built side stand engine cut-off switch is provided.
Aerodynamic fairing (cowling) is provided with a single bi-functional LED emitting with low and high beam.
Bi-functional LED (Class D) Headlight.

LED position lights are fitted on the outer side of the cowl.
Advanced Full Digital LCD Meter Console.
Bluetooth – Yamaha Y-Connect App displays phone notifications on your instrument cluster screen.
USB Mobile Phone Charger (Optional).
Dual Tone Horn. (Higher decibels and lower decibels.)
Aluminum swingarm for easy handling.
Traction Control System.
Yamaha 150cc Motorcycles in Asian Countries.

Moreover, Yamaha Motors is trying to capture the 150cc motorcycle market with its 150 cc models. In addition, they are coming as R15M, R15 V4, R15S, R15 v3.0 and MT-15 models. Above all, to be the market leader in this sector they are providing Single Disk, Twin Discs brakes. After that, that they are coming with or without ABS Braking system. In addition, it can be single channel or dual channel ABS system. Further more, some models are provided with Bluetooth connectivity. However, most of them don’t have the Turn by Turn navigation system in them. Above all, in Asia they offer these motorbikes for the youngsters to suit their financial position.

Yamaha R15 Specifications.

Engine: Liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, 4-stroke Engine.
Displacement: 155 CC
Bore x stroke: 58 × 58.7 mm
Compression ratio: 11.6 : 1
Maximum Horse Power: 13.5kW(18.4PS)/10000 RPM
Maximum Torque:14.2 Nm (1.4 kgfm) @7,500 RPM
Starting Method: Electric Starting
Transmission: Constant mesh, 6-speed
Clutch: Wet, multiple-disc
Fuel system: Fuel injection (FI)
L x W x H: 1990 x 725 x 1135 mm
Seat height: 815 mm
Wheel base: 1325 mm
Minimum ground clearance: 170 mm
Kerb Weight: 141 kg
Yamaha R15 V4 Dimension.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 11 Lt
Front suspension: Telescopic upside Down Fork (USD Fork – 37mm)
Rear suspension: Linked-Type Monocross Suspension
Front Brake: Disc brake – 282 mm
Rear Brake: Disc brake – 220 mm
Front Tyre: 100/80-17M/C 52P – Tubeless
Rear Tyre: 140/70R17M/C 66H – Radial Tubeless
ABS: Dual channel ABS
Battery: 12V, 4.0Ah
Headlight: Bi-functional LED (Class D)
Position light: LED
Brake / Tail light: LED
Quick shifter(up-shift): Standard for Racing Blue color
Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel Meter: Digital Display
When Side stand is ON Bike’s engine will cut-off: Switch Equipped
Dual Horn, Gear position indicator, Fuel consumption indicator, Shift timing light, VVA Indicator,
Traction Control System: Can select either Track Mode or Street Mode.
Y-Connect App: Smartphone – Bluetooth Connectivity is equipped

In addition, this new R15 V4 motorcycle shares the same DNA of the super sports Yamaha YZF R1. Above all, R15 V4 is provided with 155 CC LC4V SOHC FI Engine with VVA. After that, it is equipped along with the Traction Control System and a Quick Shifter on the racing Blue model. (In conclusion, the Quick Shifter is optional for two other color models at an extra cost).

Yamaha YZF R1 Motorcycle. One of the most selling Motorcycle in the USA.

YZF R15S Motorbike India Price: Rs 165,500/- (2024 Price)

Yamaha R15S

Yamaha R15V4 Motorbike Accessories. (Extra Price)

Quick Shift System.
Clutch/Brake Lever.
Frame Slider.
Lever Guard.
Smartphone Charger.
Seat Cover.
Skid Plate.
Tank Pad.


Bajaj Chetak eScooter

Chetak eScooter.

Chetak eScooter.

Chetak eScooter from Bajaj India was recently announced about the re-chargeable battery powered scooter.There are many motorcycles available as electric powered models in India. Although this is the first model from a trusted Indian two wheeler maker for the local commuters. In addition, there are many start up companies are coming with Scooters and Motorcycles that are powered by Batteries. So it is normal to find lot of scooters with different mileage and with different charging time.

Chetak eScooter Price in India.

Bajaj Chetak Premium Price: Rs 147,250/-
Chetak Urbane STD Price: Rs 123,320/-

Bajaj eScooter Features.

Range: 108Km – 113Km
Top Speed: 63 – 73 Km/h
Charging Time: 3h:50 – 4h:50
Ride Mode: ECO, Eco and Sport
Hill Hold: Provided
Reverse Mode: Provided
Connected: Yes
FOB Key: Provided


The e-Scooter will be provided with a non-removable Lithium-ion battery pack along with a 4 kW electric motor. It can go on 85-95km with an over night home charge. That is good enough for Indian commuter to do her/his daily travel tasks.

Beautifully arranged LED head lamp is available for night time running. The model is expected to be available in shining colors for the Bajaj customers. So there is no worries about the fuel price or filling, oil level monitoring, gear changing or not to worry about the worn clutch plates with this E-Scooter.

Lithium-ion battery.

in addition Lithium-ion battery pack is the main supporter of this E-Scooter and E-motorcycles. They are light weight and compact. Very quickly charges on domestic electric power supply. The battery will hold enough power for long distance traveling. It does not become very hot when charging and will provide lomg period of service before replacing it.

Chetak eScooter Features.

Bajaj Chetak E-Scooter is provided with a new feature as it can be maneuvered backwards for short distance while parking it in a difficult parking slot. Similarly it will be a great future for the owners living in large cities although users in remote are too use it for easy parking. As a result this can be very helpful for the ladies too who struggle with the vehicle’s weight when parking it.

In conclusion the Bajaj Chetak E-Scooter for the Indian buyers it seems like that it don’t have much chrome plated parts on its body. Most of the buyers prefer to have motorbikes and scooters with chrome parts and they believe it makes almost their bikes to look great.

Bajaj E-Scooter Video.
( )


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Bajaj Dominar Motorcycles

Bajaj Dominar motorcycles

Bajaj Dominar Motorcycles

Bajaj Dominar Motorcycles 400.
2024 Bajaj Dominar 400 Motorcycle Price.
India Price: INR 229,785/-
Price in Sri Lanka Rs 10,990,00/- (2020 price – Currently Out of Stock))
Color: Aurora Green | Charcoal Black

Bajaj Dominar 400 Motorcycle is a superb 373cc BS-VI Engine that runs with fuel injection system. Its engine got triple-spark 4-valve DTS-i engine. Dominar 400 has been designed for a refined performance across the roads like tourer. It is fitted with advanced liquid-cooling and air flow design to provide faster cooling and consistent performance to give you perfect ridding. Get 100 Km/H speed from 0 in just 7.01 seconds.

Dominar 400 Design.

Dominar 400 design comes from the Pulsar NS 200. This cruiser is claimed to be a comfort one and ruggedness of a naked street fighter. The Dominar 400 is the current most powerful Bajaj bike in India. It is powered by a DOHC 373.3cc single-cylinder liquid cooled FI engine. It can produce 40PS and 35Nm of torque. This Bike is provided with slipper clutch. Twin barrel exhaust. Twin Channel ABS System. Up Side Down (USD) Front Fork is provided for stability. This new motorcycle is a competitor to the Royal Enfield Himalayan and Mahindra Mojo.

Young people are looking to change the lifestyle with this power machine that is good for local roads and it can be one of the best motorcycle for the night time riding.

KTM Duke 390 Price in India: INR 3,10,550/-
Royal Enfield Himalayan 410cc India Price: INR 2,15,880/-
Mahindra Mojo 300 India Price: INR 211,570/-

Bajaj Dominar 400 Motorcycle Specifications.

Engine: Triple spark 4-valve DTS-i engine, closed fuel injection, liquid cooled
Displacement: 373.3 cc
Maximum Power Output: 29.4 kW (40 PS) @8800rpm
Maximum Torque: 35 Nm @6500 rpm
Clutch: Slipper Clutch
Gearbox: 6 speed

Front suspension: Telescopic, 43mm USD (up side down) Forks.
Rear suspension: Multi-step adjustable mono shock
Front Brake: ABS, 320 mm Disc
Rear Brake: ABS, 230 mm Disc
Tyre front and rear: Radial
Petrol Tank Capacity: 13 Lt
Battery: 12V/8Ah VRLA
Head Light: Full LED with Auto Headlamp On (AHO)
Performance: 0 – 100 Km/h speed in 7.1 seconds.

2024 Bajaj Dominar 250 India Price: Rs 183,760/-
Engine: 248.77 cc, One Cylinder, Twin Spark, FI, Liquid Cooled, DOHC
Maximum Power Output: 19.85 kW (27 PS) @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 23.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Front Forks: 37 mm Up-Side Down (USD) Forks

Bajaj Dominar 400 Video:
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Bajaj Dominar 250

Bajaj Dominar 250

Bajaj Dominar 250 Motorbike

Dominar 250 India Price: INR 183,790/-
Bajaj Dominar 400 India Price: INR 229,780/-
Dominar 400 Nepal Price: Rs 644,900/-
Dominar 250 Nepal Price: Rs 567,900/-
Sri Lanka Dominar 250 Price: Rs 732,000/- +Tax
Sri Lanka Dominar 400 Price: Rs 920,000/- + Tax

Bajaj Dominar 250 motorbike is a top hit with the young people as it comes with Dual ABS for to control it at any speed with confident. Moreover, this Touring bike is good with its UP Side Down Fork (USD), Dual ABS and liquid cooling facility to make long rides. Additionally, the rider will not get tired as it is with up right seating stance. Additionally it is easy to handle on corners and high ways. Further more it is provided with liquid cooled 248.8cc DOHC engine, that gives out 27PS power and 23.5Nm of Torque.

However, motorcycle experts say that the Bajaj Dominar 250 bike is a good one for both the city roads and the highways. In addition, this 250cc muscular looking machine got many state of the art technological features and class leading features in it. Further more, it got twin barrel exhaust out let, that roars with throaty exhaust bass note to announce your arrival.

Bajaj 250 Motorbike Specifications.

Engine: Single Cylinder, 4 stroke, DOHC, 4 valve, Liquid Cooled, Twin Spark FI
Displacement: 248.77cc
Maximum Power Output: 19.85 kW (27 PS) @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque: Nm 23.5 @ 6500 rpm
Clutch: Wet, Multiplate with Assist & Slipper Clutch
Gearbox: 6 speed Transmission
Frame: Beam Type Perimeter Frame
Front Suspension: Telescopic, 37 mm UP Side Down (USD) Fork , 135 mm travel
Rear Suspension: Multi-step adjustable Monoshock with Nitrox, Wheel stroke of 110 mm
Front Brake: 300mm Disc with ABS
Rear Brake: 230mmDisc with ABS
Front Tyre: 100/80-17 Tubeless
Rear Tyre: 130/70-17 Tubeless
L x W x H: 2156 x 836 x 1112 mm

Wheelbase: 1453 mm
Ground Clearance: 157
Kerb Weight: 180 Kg
Saddle Height: 800 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 13Lt
Battery: 12V, 8Ah VRLA
Headlamp: LED with AHO, 10 units
Speedometer: Digital Split Console
Colors: Canyon Red | Charcol Black |

Source.  Bajaj Dominar motorcycles.

Bajaj 250 Motorbike Video.
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Aprilia SR 150

Aprilia SR 150

Aprilia SR 150.

Aprilia SR 150 the new trend in the scooter sector of Sri Lanka is actually a thrilling news for the speed lovers. All over for quick dash at its the Aprilia SR 150 looks like simple a scooter. In conclusion it is a sport bike with safety level speeding. The model comes in bright colors ans attractive body fixture. Comfortable seating and easy handling while on riding. Engine provides quick acceleration power while the two wheel got perfect braking power to handle any situation on the road.

Aprilia SXR 160 scooter India price: INR 145,400/-
Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, 3 valve fuel injection engine. It meets BS-VI emission norm. It produces peak power of 11 PS@7100 RPM.

Other Aprilia Scooters available in India
Aprilia SR 150 Price: Rs 105,550/-
SXR-160 Price: Rs 142,800/-
Aprilia SR 160 RACE
SR 160 Price: Rs 132,720/-
Aprilia SR 125 Price: Rs 102,778/-
Storm 125 Price: Rs 64,950/-

Sri Lanka Price.

Aprilia SR 125 Rs 310,000/- (2020 Price – Currently out of stock)
Aprilia SR 150 Race Rs 445,000/- (2020 Price – Currently out of stock)

Beautiful handlebars, dual headlamp are fitted in the front apron of the Aprilia SR150. You can select any of the colors from matte black or white as your color choice.

Engine is powered by a 150cc, air-cooled, 3-valve engine. The large black 14” alloy wheels, 220 mm front disc and 140 mm rear drum brakes is good for excellent braking power and confidence.

Aprilia SR 150 Specifications.

Engine 154.4cc, single-cylinder air-cooled with carburetor.
Maximum Power Output: 11.4bhp @ 7000rpm
Maximum Torque: 11.5Nm @ 5500rpm
Top Speed: 95kmph
Transmission: CVT
City Mileage: Around 40km/l
Highway Mileage: Around 45km/l

Italia Scooters.

Vespa LX Sri Lanaka Price: Rs 350,000/- (Out of Stock)
VXL Price: Rs 375,000/- (Out of Stock)

At the launching event, Mr. Diego Graffi, Managing Director and CEO of the PVPL has mentioned that “Both Aprilia and Vespa have created a benchmark in the two-wheeler segment in India and now the bikes are set to make their debut in Sri Lanka.

In addition it is indeed a matter of pride for the Piaggio Group that our marquee products will be available in a new market like Sri Lanka. Additionally we hope to further enhance our positioning in the Indian Sub-Continent with this launch. Over all the accolades that the bikes have received in India and other International markets, are an inspiration for introducing more innovative products in the future.”

Aprilia RS 457 Motorcycle Price in India.
Price: Rs 400,000/-
Weight: 175 Kg
Twin Cylinders, Liquid Cooling, USD Forks in the front, Monoshock, LED Lighting and TFT Control Panel are available in this Aprilia Motorcycle.
Top Speed: 180Km/Hr


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