Bajaj Freedom Motorcycle

Bajaj Freedom Motorcycle

Bajaj Freedom Motorcycle is one of the latest motorcycle that can operate on CNG and normal petrol. Using the CNG on Motorcycle gives you more mileage than the petrol.So it is economical too as it will cost Rs 1/- per Km with the CNG usage in this Bajaj Freedom Motorcycle.

Bajaj Freedom motorbike Price:  INR 110,000/-

First CNG Powered Motorcycle.

Actually this is the first CNG operated Motorcycle in the world. There is no special maintenance work is need fore this Two Wheeler.
It is same as the engine powered motorcycle maintenance work.

Safety Of Freedom.

The bike comes with Trellis Frame to provide protection for the CNG Tank. In addition it uses PESO certified CNG cylinders on this model. moreover it is provided with specially built Sleeves protector on the front side. Additionally, the motorcycle is provided with a 2-litre auxiliary petrol tank,that can be switched on, when you run out of Gas.The petrol is enough to travel a distance of 130Km. Bajaj Company claims, that the 12.5L/ 2 Kg Gas Cylinder will allow to do a range of 100 km/kg on the road.

Bajaj Freedom Specifications.

Engine Type: 4 Stroke, Air cooled
Maximum Power Output: 9.5 Ps@8000RPM
Maximum Torque: 9.7Nm@5000RPM
CNG Tank Capacity: 12.5 L / 2 kg
Petrol Tank Capacity: 2Lt
Top Speed with CNG 90.5 Km/h
Top Speed with Petrol 93.4 Km/h
One CNG Good for 200Km Range
Petrol Range 200Km

About Bajaj Motocorp.
Bajaj is the leading India Motorcycle and Three Wheel producer. They are popular with their Pulsar motorcycles which are selling all over the world.
In addition their Bajaj Auto also very popular all over the world for its powerful engine. In Sri Lanka too Bajaj motorcycles were selling in large numbers before the Sri Lanka Government’s vehicle import ban.

Availability in Sri Lanka by the year 2025.

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