Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker and Infrared Cooker.

Induction cooker or Infrared cooker to buy? Currently this is the biggest question in the minds of the Sri Lanka housewives. Currently there is a big shortage of Cooking Gas in Sri Lanka. People are staying for cooking gas for days and come back home empty hand. Those people living in the Apartments and finely built homes don’t have the facility to cook with kerosene stoves or with fire wood stoves and the electric hot plates will give large monthly electric bill. Their only solution is to go for either Infrared cooker or to Induction Cooker.

In Sri Lanka the Induction cookers or Infrared cookers are not used in homes in this year 2024. This is due to high electricity Tariff in the country. 90% of the housewives had packed these apparatus and are having in safe places.


Due to availability of US Dollars and the High Cost of Electricity monthly bill, the price of Induction and Infrared top prices had gone down in Sri Lanka. So in this year 2024 these kinds of cooking items sales had dropped too.

These two will not give high monthly electricity bill. Some clever housewives used to cook rice and curries in rice cooker alone. Due to cooking gas shortage and delay in gas shipment arrival, people are turning toward alternative ways for cooking. So the Induction cooker or Infrared cooker are in big demand in the Colombo Area.

Induction Cookers are not recommended for homes that have people with pacemakers. The Induction cooker is based on the magnetic waves and it can affect the function of the pacemaker.

Induction Cooker and Infrared cooker prices are are going up every day. A Rs 16,000/- price marked cooker may cost Rs 27,000/- the other day. So you have to decide and buy them quick too to afford the price difference. Each and Every day prices in Sri Lanka is going very high. So act fast and make way for making your meals in Apartments and in the Posh homes.
Induction cooker

Slow in power production but can use any kind of tall pans on it to make dishes. As a fan is working in it the surrounding area should be kept clean. It is easy to clean the top. Be warned, the center round area is hot. The surrounding glass top will be cool. You have to wait to stop it until you see the hot button light goes off. Until then don’t switch off the wall switch.

Benefits on Induction Cooker.

Induction Cook top gives Quick Heating, Economical, Energy Efficient and Easy to Clean, uses less electricity.
Infrared heats slowly but the heat is distributed evenly.
While Cooking in Induction cooker food gets burn very easily.
Infrared Cooker accepts any kind of cookware while in induction cooker you MUST use cast iron cookware.
Induction cooker is safe. Without compatible pan it won’t start. In addition automatically turns off after pan is removed. Infrared cooker don’t have radiation.

Induction Cookers with Cooking Pots.

Moreover good Indian Induction Cookers can be purchased in Sri Lanka and USA. (2000 Watts Power)
They have Slim Body, in addition Elegant Design
Specially designed to cook Indian Menu Options
Provided with Automatic Voltage Regulator
In addition it is built with Anti-Magnetic Wall
It is an intelligent and Attractive Design
There is an automatic Whistle Counter.
Moreover, it is provided with extended Cooling System
In addition, can get 1 Year Warranty.

Current Sri Lanka Market Price.

From the year 2022 onward, Cooking Gas Cylinders are being distributed to customers in large numbers. So the price of Induction and Infrared table top cookers prices had came down in Sri Lanka.

Price in Sri Lanka.

Prestige Induction Top 1600 Watt Price: Rs 19,950/-
Krypton infrared Top Price: Rs 29,990/-(With One year Warranty)
Mitsui Infrared cooker Price: Rs 26,500/-(With One year Warranty)
Geepas Single Digital Infrared Cooker GIC33014 Price: Rs 32,950/-
Geepas Double Hotplate Price: Rs. 32,500/- (With 06 Months warranty)
Olsen Mark Double Hotplate Price: Rs 24,500/-(With 06 Months warranty)
Surya Infrared 2000W Price Rs 22,900/-
Nevica Infrared 2000W Price Rs 28,900/-
Kent Infrared 2000W Price Rs 29,900/-

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Prestige Induction Cookers.