Hero Scooter Price

Hero Scooter Price

Hero scooter Price.
These Scooters come from the world’s largest manufacturer of two wheeler, Hero motor Corp based in India. Hero Scooters are the market leaders in the Scooter sales in India. They have sales and service outlets all over Sri Lanka. Currently they offer different size two wheeler and scooters to the Sri Lanka market. They provide after sales service and uninterrupted spare parts sales all over the island through their dealers. In this year 2022 all the Hero Motorcycles and Scooters are manufactured to comply with the BS-6 norms in India. Most of the scooters can be booked online from your home through the Hero website. These prices are for 2023 and onward.
Hero Scooter Price in India.

ZOOM Scooter Price.

xoom scooter

Hero Xoom Combat Edition Price: INR 80,970/-
XOOM LX Price: INR 71,490/-
Hero Xoom VX Price: INR 74,920/-
Xoom ZX Price: INR 79,970/-

Hero Pleasure+ Scooter Price

Pleasure+ LX Price: INR 71,215/
Hero Pleasure+ VX Price: INR 74,665/-
Pleasure+ Xtec Price: INR 83,115/-
Pleasure+ Xtec Sports Price: INR 80,140/-
Hero Pleasure+ Xtec Jubilant Yellow Price: INR 80,115/-
Connected: INR 84,192/-

Hero Destini Prime Scooter.

Hero Destini Scooter

Destini Prime Price: Rs 71,500/
LX- Price: 80,050/-
Destini Xtec Price: Rs 88,540/-

Hero Maestro Edge 125 Scooter.

Maestro Edge 125 Alloy Wheels Drum Brake Price: Rs 86,160/-
Alloy Wheels Disc Brake Price: Rs 90,960/-

Hero Maestro Edge 110.

Hero New Maestro Edge Zx Drum Price: Rs 69,698/-
New Maestro Edge Zx Disc Price: Rs 74,616/-

Maestro Edge 125 Scooter.

Hero Maestro Edge 125 Drum Price: Rs 86,160/-
Maestro Edge 125 Disc Price: Rs 90,960/-

As a scooter owner, always check the following things, before you start your Motorcycle or Scooter.
It will save your live and will save you from break downs, unwanted maintenance and spare parts purchase.
Engine oil level,
Fuel Level,
Front and Rear Brake condition,
Front and Tyre condition,
Clutch lever and tightness,
Drive Chain or Belt,
Throttle Cable,
Head light, Brake Lights and Turn Signal Lights and Horn,
Rear View Mirror position,
Air flow to the Engine,
Fitting and Fasteners,
Steering Handle
Battery level, charging and if had acid – check the level.
Engine sound and see there are any different noises.
Hero Scooter Price in Sri Lanka.

Dash VX 110 cc Rs 208,000/- (2020 Price)
Duet 110cc Rs 208,000/- (2020 Price)
Maestro Edge Rs 242,500/- (2020 Price, Phone charger, Front Telescopic, Bright Headlight)

Top Selling Hero motorcycle in India.
Splendor + Drum Self Cast Price: Rs 71,226/-
Hero Splendor+ I3S, Drum Brake,Self Start Price: Rs 73,520/-
Splendor+ I3S, Drum Brake,Self Start Price: Rs 72,500/-
Hero Splendor+ I3S Black ascent, Drum Brake,Self Start Price: Rs 72,470/-

There are financing facility available for these models. Contact the dealer ask for more information on the financing service.

Source: Hero India.

Honda Dio Scooter.

*Hero Scooter Price and Specification may change without notice.