Hero Electric Scooters

Hero Electric Scooters.


Hero Electric Scooters are manufactured in India. They have good EV Sales and they crossed the 50,000 unit sales in 7 Months of time. They can be charged with home electricity facility. There are nearly 7 EV models are available from the Hero Electric Scooter company. They had manufactured one e-bicycle too for sales in India. In addition they are concentrating on E-Scooters and not on E-motorcycle in India.

In the meantime Hero is producing E-Cycle as Hero Electric Cycle Velocity.
Price: INR 35,000/- +
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 140,000/- + Local Tax.

Hero Electric Scooters can go around 45km/h and can go 85Km with a full charge.
Battery charging time Around 4 – 5 hours.
USB Port for Smartphone.
Reverse mode for to assist in parking.
Telescopic Suspension is provided.
Find My Bike (Flash and Horn will work in the parking lot.)
E-lock with Smartphone or Handle lock for safe parking.
Night time parking with few minutes head light on in your Home.
Cruise Control is available in these models..

Hero Electric Photon LP
Speed: 45km/hr.
Price: INR 110,900/-
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 455,600/- + Local Tax

Hero Electric Optima CX – 2.0
Speed: 45km/hr.
Price: INR 106,590/-,490/-
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 410,000/- + Local Tax

Hero Electric Optima CX – 5.0
Speed: 45km/hr.
Price: INR 129,890/-
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 492,000/- + Local Tax

Hero Electric Scooter NYX HX (Dual Battery)
Speed: 45km/hr.
Price: INR 86,540/-
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 310,400/- + Local Tax

Hero Electric Atria LX
Speed: 25km/hr.
Price: INR 77,690/-
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 286,800/- + Local Tax

Hero Electric Scooter Flash LX
Speed: 25km/hr.
Price: INR 59,640/-
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 238,560/- + Local Tax

Hero Motorcycles.

Take note that Hero Electric and Hero Motocorp (Hero Petrol Motorcycles and Scooter Makers) don’t have any connection between them. Hero Motocorp is the manufactures of Pleasure+ XTEC Scooter, Maestro Edge 125, Maestro Edge 110 and Destini scooters that are running on petrol. Additionally Lot of petrol motorcycles are made by them including, Xtreme 200S, Splendor, Passion Pro, HF Deluxe, HF 100 and Glamour Motorcycle that are running on petrol. Hero Motocorp is one of the world renowned Motorcycle and Scooter makers. They are too going to introduce their own e-scooter to the Indian market and to the world market.

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Hero Electric Scooter.

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