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Datsun Cars Redi-GO

Price in India.
A Model Price: INR 3,98,000/-
T Model Price: INR 4,26,000/-
800CC Model Price: INR 4,54,000/-
1.0L Model Price: INR 4,74,500/-
Smart Drive Auto (AMT) Model Price: INR 4,95,600/-
The Datsun Redii-go production is discontinued in India and it is out of stock with most of the Catsun Cars dealers.

Sri Lanka Price Rs 1,790,000/-+ 2020 Price (Currently out of stock)

Datsun redi-GO blends the modern styling of an urban hatchback with the spirit of a crossover. Its high, wide stance gives you a commanding feel on the road, while retaining the agility of a compact vehicle – truly the best of both worlds. This model is good for Sri Lanka as the driver can handle small roads and lanes with this car. Can drive faster on Expressways to their destinations in comfort and safely in this redi-Go. As the price is lower the annual full Coverage insurance too won’t cost lot of money for the owner. The monthly fuel bill too will be low as the this Datsun car is doing 25.17 km/l in average running.

Datsun redi-GO Features.

Engine: DOHC 12 valve, 3 Cylinders, Manual 5 Speeds, 2WD Front
Fuel Consumption: 25.17 km/l
Dual Air Bags.
Tubeless Tyre.
Brakes: Disc and Drum
Power Steering
Heater & Ventilator
Air conditioner
Front Power Window
Utilitarian Front console
Front Two Speakers
Drive Computer

This is a stylish driver +3 passenger car that is good for city and rural areas.

The redi-GO is coming with a 799 cc, high power and high torque engine that delivers good impressive fuel efficiency of 25.17 km/L, great for city commuting and road trips too. Handling and maintenance of this Datsun redi-GO is too not a costly one according to the analysts.

Datsun-redi GO Engine.

DOHC 12 valve 3 Cylinder
Engine type In-Line 3, DOHC
Max power 54 Ps @ 5678 RPM
Max torque 72 Nm @ 4386 RPM
Fuel system Electronic Gasoline Injection System
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Carbon Monoxide Emission (g/km) 0.181
Hydro Carbon Emission (g/km)e 0.045
Nox Emission (g/km) 0.016
HC+Nox Emission (g/km) 0.061
Noise level of Horns 101.3dB (A)

Available Colors.

Ruby, Silver, Grey, Lime and White

Check for additional offers.
Cash Price Discount.
Free Car Insurance.
Free Fuel for One Year.
Special Leasing arrangements.

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