Colombo Lotus Tower

Colombo Lotus Tower is the latest tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. The Tower is located in the center of the Colombo city. Similarly even they are having a hard life local people are visiting this tower to have a view of their Colombo City from the 1,150 ft (350 M) height. The tower is constructed at the waterfront of the Beira Lake. Currently people are allowed to visit certain sections only.

Moreover, this money was collected from ticket sales, events and through the food outlets. In addition, the Lotus Tower was ceremonially opened on 15th of September 2022. There are plans to offer live music shows in the near future. There are plans to rename this tower as the Colombo Towers in the near future.

Opening Hours Of the Lotus Tower.

Monday to Friday Ticket issuing Time: Morning 9:00 am till Night 9:00 pm. (Tower will be kept open till 10:00 pm)
Sunday Ticket issuing Time: Morning 9:00 am till Night 10:00 pm. (Tower will be kept open till 11:00 pm)

Colombo Lotus Tower Entrance Fees.

School Students (Group With prior Arrangements)
Ticket Price: Rs 200/-
General Public Ticket: Rs 500/-
Tourist Ticket: US$ 20
Express View Ticket: Rs 2,000/-

How to reach Colombo Lotus Tower?
From Maradana get a Tuk Tuk Drive on the Beira Lake Road.

First Floor

VR adventures, E-Sports Arena, 9D Cinema, Digital Art Museum and a Coffee Lounge.

Second Floor
Pubs and restaurants overlooking Colombo city. Luxury Banquet Halls with 400 seats and Conference Halls.

Third Floor
Indoor Observation Deck with 360 degree view of Colombo city.

Fourth Floor
The Restaurant Banquet Hall with Pink tainted glasses best for the day time viewing . This Lotus Restaurant Banquet Hall is available with seating for 350 guests.

Fifth Floor
For instance, Lotus Revolving restaurant with capacity for 225 people. View the entire city of Colombo in just 90 minutes.

Sixth Floor
In addition, there are six luxury suites of Lotus Tower with distinct facilities and breathtaking views.

Seventh Floor
Further more, top of this Colombo Lotus Tower witness the most captivating views of the Colombo skyline from 244 m above the ground.

Go Bungy Sri Lanka.

Above all, the Colombo Lotus Tower is going to offer adventure jumping from 1st of January 2023. This is in association with he Singapore Go Bungy company. For instance, Lotus Tower will be the world’s highest bungee jump point. In conclusion, the Singapore company Go Bungy based in Singapore, is operating bungee jumping sites in Japan (8 sites), China and Nepal.

Similarly, in Sri Lanka Bungy 130 jumps will be performed per day. Moreover 100 bungy  jumps will be done in the day time. In addition, 30 jumps will be allowed in the night time. Above all, local participants along with tourists can participate in the sport after fulfilling all health requirements. However, strictly the jump will be available for those who are above the age of 15 years and need to fulfill the company’s health requirements. In addition, all those participants who are between 15 and 18 years will have to provide written permission from their parents or guardians.

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