Chetak eScooter.

Chetak eScooter from Bajaj India was recently announced about the re-chargeable battery powered scooter.There are many motorcycles available as electric powered models in India. Although this is the first model from a trusted Indian two wheeler maker for the local commuters. In addition, there are many start up companies are coming with Scooters and Motorcycles that are powered by Batteries. So it is normal to find lot of scooters with different mileage and with different charging time.

Chetak eScooter Price in India.

Bajaj Chetak Premium Price: Rs 147,250/-
Chetak Urbane STD Price: Rs 123,320/-

Bajaj eScooter Features.

Range: 108Km – 113Km
Top Speed: 63 – 73 Km/h
Charging Time: 3h:50 – 4h:50
Ride Mode: ECO, Eco and Sport
Hill Hold: Provided
Reverse Mode: Provided
Connected: Yes
FOB Key: Provided


The e-Scooter will be provided with a non-removable Lithium-ion battery pack along with a 4 kW electric motor. It can go on 85-95km with an over night home charge. That is good enough for Indian commuter to do her/his daily travel tasks.

Beautifully arranged LED head lamp is available for night time running. The model is expected to be available in shining colors for the Bajaj customers. So there is no worries about the fuel price or filling, oil level monitoring, gear changing or not to worry about the worn clutch plates with this E-Scooter.

Lithium-ion battery.

in addition Lithium-ion battery pack is the main supporter of this E-Scooter and E-motorcycles. They are light weight and compact. Very quickly charges on domestic electric power supply. The battery will hold enough power for long distance traveling. It does not become very hot when charging and will provide lomg period of service before replacing it.

Chetak eScooter Features.

Bajaj Chetak E-Scooter is provided with a new feature as it can be maneuvered backwards for short distance while parking it in a difficult parking slot. Similarly it will be a great future for the owners living in large cities although users in remote are too use it for easy parking. As a result this can be very helpful for the ladies too who struggle with the vehicle’s weight when parking it.

In conclusion the Bajaj Chetak E-Scooter for the Indian buyers it seems like that it don’t have much chrome plated parts on its body. Most of the buyers prefer to have motorbikes and scooters with chrome parts and they believe it makes almost their bikes to look great.

Bajaj E-Scooter Video.
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