Car Full Service

Car Full Service.

Car Full Service in Sri Lanka is a thing the car owners must have to do time to time according to the owners manual instructions. Many car owner’s don’t have enough time to clean or to take care of their vehicles as they are very busy people. Specially the rainy season and running through roads under construction will make the cars to be dirty. To solve this problem there are thousands of service centers are available island wide, if your vehicle had over passed the warranty period. At these places well trained technicians will take care of car body cleaning and looking after the important parts that are not for auto technicians.

Most of the young company staff put their vehicles on Sundays or on Poya days for to service their vehicles in Sri Lanka.

Car Full Service.

1. Oil change and Lubricating Service.
Will change engine Oil and Lubricate the important parts that used to be valuable for wear and tear in a vehicle.
2. Car Wash.
Outer body under body and the interiors are well cleaned to looking as a new car.
3. Exterior Detail
Exterior detailing is done by professional people to clean dirt, grime, salt and other foreign matters that can damge your vehicle body.
4. Interior Detail
This done by special people to clean and make your vehicle interior to be sanitized for you and your passengers.

5. Wheel Alignment.
Wheel Alignment if made properly you will save lot of money on your fuel and Tyre’s tear and wear.
6. Rubber Treatment
Rubber and Vinyl surfaces in your car can’t withstand different weather and temperatures and can make them fade, dry & crack. Protective coating can be applied for them after cleaning them thoroughly.
7. Leather Cleaning & Treatment.
8. Sun Control Films / Paint Protection Film
9.Car Mats cleaning and replacement, if necessary.
10. Injector Cleaning and Filter Replacement
11. Engine Cleaning and Glazing
12. Rust proofing Undercoating
13.Glass Polishing
14. Car Wrapping to promote your company or business.
Suggested Sri Lanka Full service labor charge.
15. Ceramic Coating for the body of the vehicle.
Full Service Charges. ( Auto Detailers.)

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