Banking with Smartphone

Banking with Smartphone.

Banking with Smartphone will save lot of time for the busy business people, office workers and for busy housewives. Simply they can do all the banking works from the comfort of their home or office.

Smartphone owner’s know that their device is a hand held computer that can be connected to the internet and can access your bank account, if your have permission from your bank. This will allow you to check your account balance, to send money to another account from your account. You will need a strong password and username. Or use two factor sign in facility. Also you can install your Bank’s Android App and can enjoy all their online facility including paying your utility bills with ease. Nearly all the banks in Sri Lanka offers this banking Apps.

Banking with Smartphone setup.

To activate this this you must have a Smartphone that can be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or through Mobile Data plan. If you are using the data plan connect it to the internet whenever you want to do banking through the device. Most of the banks in Sri Lanka offer online banking facility to their customers and you have to give all your details in the application form. Service charge will be deducted for Online banking service from your account. Some banks don’t charge any amount while some charge Rs 500/- to Rs 1,500/-.

Also depositing money to your bank account or to another person’s account is too simplified now. New ATM machine will accept currency to credit to a person’s bank account. Select language and then enter the account name,followed by confirming the account, then you will be shown with the person’s name and the branch name. Place your cash, it will take it and will show you the amount. If every thing is OK then press the confirm button and get your receipt for the transaction.

How Scammers try to control your Smartphone?

When you view their sent email, opening their SMS and MMS. In addition watching their video clips. So don’t try to open these mails and files in your Smartphone that were sent by unknown people.

Credit cards.

To make your life style more comfortable, you don’t need to sign papers when you are purchasing items from a super market with your credit card. The latest method will send you a confirmation SMS to your phone. Accepting it will transfer money to the store through your credit card.

Pay your utility bills through the eZCash system. It is the popular method to receive cash from a person in Sri Lanka. The sender must go to a Dialog facility and pay the cash and the mobile phone number of the receiver. the receiver will get an alert SMS about the received money. If the receiver is a registered member with the eZ Cash, he can visit to near by Dialog center and can withdraw the money and there will be small service charge will apply for him. offers mCash Payment Facility Through Smartphone.

mCash service is 24×7 days, therefore it allows payments at any time

Ceylinco General Insurance Premium Payments Payments
eChannelling Payments
LOLC Life Assurance Premiums
Central Finance Leasing Payments
UAL General Insurance Payments
Utility Payments
Online Payments
mTicketing Train Ticket Payments Payments
Coop Insurance Payments
Airtel Payments

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In Sri Lanka, PayPal allows members to purchase online products or online payments to other members. PayPal don’t allow its members to receive money in Sri Lanka.


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