Bank Jobs

Bank jobs are good reliable ones, as it pays good monthly salary and benefits. It needs sound education and training to get one of the job. For the entry level jobs, young people need to have perfect GCE A/L results. And in many Banks, the candidate must sit for a competitive general knowledge examination. This take place because for few job openings, lot of candidates used to apply it.

Top Level Bank Jobs requirements.

To get a High Level Banking post you should have completed one or more University Degrees with top level pass. Meanwhile those who have “IT” education have good opportunities to join in the online banking sector. It helps to maintain the Data, Servers, Virtual Attacks and many more fields.

In Sri Lanka those who want to join in the Banks can study at the Banking Institute and can sit for their certified examinations. On the other hand those bank staff who want to get higher rank positions can study and can get their certificates. These Bank examinations are held in stage levels.

Bank Minor Staff.

Nearly all the banks have their own cleaning, handling workers directly under their employment. Meanwhile many of them get cleaning company service to keep their bank offices to be clean and tidy. Many banks use private security firms for their banks security and money transfer services. Minor workers are usually required to have basic education like GCE O/L certificate.

Benefits From Bank Jobs

Normally banks management used to provide medical expenses for their staff and to their family members under their insurance plan.
Annual increment and bonuses.
Long term loans with low interest rate to buy homes and vehicles are provided to the bank staff.

Banking Careers (Jobs, Staff and Trainees) In Sri Lanka.


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People Bank
Sambath Bank

Natonal Saving Bank

Nation Trust Bank
Seylan Bank

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Panasia Bank

India Banking Careers.
Indian Bank

USA and Canada.

*Disclaimer, we don’t have connection with the above mentioned banks.

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