VOX Phone card

VOX Phone card.
VOX Phone card

Nearly each month there used to be a new kind of phone card published by the VoIP service providers to help for traveling businessmen, sportsmen and other vacation makers. These will help them to make cheap priced calls back to their homes and offices at any time of the day. Most of these products are targeted to the people of the countries whom used to travel a lot to other countries. Specially North American and European market are these companies main target as these regions bring more turn over and profits to their companies.

VOX Phone card

Mean while the Asian market is big although in these region the market is very competitive and the income margin of very low. Because of this the major companies omit this Asian region and play high in the North American and European sector.
The introduction of call Apps to the Smartphone made this industry grow rapidly and to earn billions of dollars through the call charge and the advertisements they used to display on t6heir products. Also some companies use tracking cookies inside their customer’s mobile phone App and get valuable information and used to sell in the advertisement sector where the customer will get more valuable targeted advertisements which may give more profits to the advertiser.

When ever you use an App you can use other programs to detect such tracking scripts and can remove them before they do much harm to your personal information and to your Smartphone. Also there are scripts which can block the unwanted promotional advertisements and displays. If you can’t remove them from your gadget remove the App that is giving you annoying results while you operate your gadget and take note these can drain your battery power too on the middle of a task.

VoIP calls are seen as rich, low cost, high quality service which is considered as an alternative to the traditional phone services.

Recently cloud-based voice and video communications solutions, apps and services provider, Pervasip Corp recently announced a new phone card as world prepaid phone card from VOX and it is now available through their American distributors, in many part of the country.

The cards are now available through the retail stores around America. These stores can be identified by their VOX logos that are placed on the windows of the stores.

Web : www.vox.ca
Vox VoIP can be downloaded directly from Google Play store.

Also here is news about the non expiring phone card which got expired.

A person had a pile of six $10 phone cards sold by L**** Telecommunications Inc., which he used to sell to guests at the hotel he operated. He’d lost track of the cards for several years until finding them in a drawer. The only wording about expiration dates was “Card expires 180 days after first use.”
A local customer is frustrated when a prepaid calling card company won’t honor his cards, even though they list no expiration date. He’d never used them and figured they were still good. But one by one, as Baxter and his wife tried to use them, Locus operators told him they had expired.
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