VoIP the New World’s Choice

VoIP the New World’s Choice.
VoIP the New

VoIP the New Voice over Internet Protocol is the most welcomed communication system while rejecting the traditional phone lines. VoIP is so cheap when comparing with the traditional land lines tariffs. According to experts those using the internet can save up to 75% of their monthly phone bill. The other important factor is it is very difficult to monitor the conversation made though Skype like VoIP programs. That’s why most of the UN-democratic countries hate them as this may pave ways secret communication and it can lead to revolution in those countries.

Those business people and vacation makers can use the VoIP service through those Apps or IM that are installed in their Smartphone, tablet or Laptop through the freely available Wi-FI connectivity in any part of the world. This is the easiest way to call your home or office. You can tab your data plan to connect to the internet through the 3G or 4G LTE network which is little expensive than the free Wi-Fi but will give better tariff rate than the copper wired traditional phone line. Skype, Google Talk, Viber and MagicJack are some of them. You can get their virtual softphone keypad and can dial to any number once you had installed it in your device.

As a business man or vacation maker you may need to send and receive Fax messages. As the fax machine facilities are now limited to offices only it is very hard to get them at cheap price. But with the IP faxing plan from your VoIP service provider it is very simple and cheaper to do the task with your Smartphone, tablet or Laptop. This IP faxing allows you to read your incoming fax through the internet connected device with out a fax machine. Like wise you can send fax messages from your device to fax machines over the phone line.

Another offer from your VoIP service provider is Find Me Follow Me program.
This is also another best suited program for the traveling business people. When some one rings your home phone or office phone you can’t answer it as you are in a foreign country and the Find Me Follow Me program will ring all the phone numbers that were provided to the VoIP company till you pick one of them to answer the phone. Or you can program it ring one by one after certain time interval. This way you want miss any of your important call while you on the move.