Nigeria Dropped Calls

Nigeria Dropped Calls, how to over come it?

Nigeria Dropped Calls
Nigeria mobile phone service providers are not much armed with enough towers and technology to provide uninterrupted mobile phone service. On the other hand many of them are providing good data plan. If you are living in USA or in any other overseas country and want to call home or office in Nigeria? Ask your people to buy a cheap Smartphone with latest Android technology. If possible by a Wi-Fi router that can connect to the internet through the SIM card. Working with the free Wi-Fi hotpots is easy for them than using the Smartphone to make calls through Apps. Once ready tell them to install free Apps that will enable them to make calls through their device.

Nigeria Dropped Calls.

There are lots of VoIP and IM apps are available for the Smartphones and the Tablets in the Africa region. People can have this app in their Smartphones and must ask their friends too to have them in their devices. So it is free and easy to make calls through the data plan at cheaper rate.
Best Apps for the Nigerians are
1. Skype (Need membership)
2. Viber (Need to confirm through your Smartphone.)
3. Dialer One
4. WhatApp

Above Apps are available free in the Google play page.

Here are the important things to tell them.
Tell them to go for a monthly data plan bundle. (Etisalat and Airtel seem to be leaders in the Mobile Phone sector.)
Wait for your call and not to call you as this will conflict
Fix a time for everyday or week to switch on the phone and connect to the internet and wait for your call.
Advice them not to waste the bandwidth by viewing movies and video clips.
If using a Wi-Fi router tell them to secure it with password and not to provide other people.
If you can do these then you can make calls to Nigeria and can talk with your loved ones very easily.

Nigeria Cheap Calls.

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