Mobile Phone service in Africa.

Mobile Phone service in Africa.

Mobile Phone service in Africa is good and bad in some countries. Recently Tanzania had imposed $0.6 monthly tax on mobile phone SIM cards in their country from July 1st. The new tax is expected to hit 8 million low income people. It will hit them hard as these people used to spend less money per month. Tanzania’s government had informed the mobile phone carriers to fulfill their promises for better mobile phone service for the people. Violators will be be charged under the criminal law. It can lead to penalties and prison sentences on mobile phone operators. Meanwhile people here are enjoying the money transfer facility in this region.

In African Countries 75% its people are very good in short message services and are very good in handling fund transfers through them.

Phone service in Africa.

Mean while in Zambia their Information and Communication Technology Authority went to courts against their mobile phone service providers MTN, Airtel and Zamtel for alleged poor quality services. As per CTA, the Zambia mobile carriers are making more money from their customers as they exploited for money. This include failing to meet the minimum quality of service and failing to comply with provisions of quality of service guidelines where network congestion, connection outage, call drops and lack of network availability are some of the problems that Zambian mobile phone users are facing.
Uganda is another country in the Africa region, their telecom regulators Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has warned to impose sanctions against mobile phone service providers who are in serious and repeated breach of the operating license by not providing good quality phone service.

mobile Phone in Africa.

However the main cause for the poor quality by these carriers in this region are their price war. People can talk for log minutes by paying less money.. This on hand increased the client base for the operator. But their income had dropped rapidly which in turn affects the phone carriers to provide better service in this region.  Electricity bill, administration cost and advertising are the things affecting them. From providing service with out call drops, no signal and other main problems.

In conclusion most of the African Governments understand that their country mobile phone service is in bad condition. Their services are poor and not dependable in emergency. So one by one these countries are beginning to show interest to take care of these problems. Further more allowing their telephone regulatory commissions to warn the carriers to put the hose in order. On the other hand  these companies need to provide cellular and data service at their best to serve the citizen. Of course all the TRC in this Africa region should regulate these Mobile phone tariff.

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