Jego VoIP App from China Mobile

Jego VoIP App from China Mobile.

JegoJego VoIP App
With out much fanfare China Mobile has released a VoIP App with the name Jego and it is a real challenger to the popular Skype. The Jego App can work with  iOS platform and Android platform. At the moment it seems to offer cheap call rate to China and Hong Kong (US$0.022/minute and US$ 0.023/minute). The App allows you to make cheap calls to mobile phones and landlines from the App.
Also it provides unlimited calling facility to China US$15.99 a month mean while Hong Kong is US$11.79 per month for unlimited calls.

But the App won’t allow Chinese people to call local numbers if they are residents in China according to the Chinese Government policy. But they are allowed to use Jego VoIP App to Jego VoIP App offers free unlimited calls and messaging. Take note that this product is targeting the International handheld device users. Already foreign students studying in China are using this App to communicate with their families who are living overseas.

The other futures coming from this new App are same like the Skype, see this offers free text messaging, push-to-talk voice messages, image sharing, HD video calling, and file sharing.
You can forward all your calls to Jego and save your roaming cost

Let’s watch whether China Mobile’s Jego App will become as a real challenger to the Skype or not in the long run. For us low price is nothing for the people from this App. What the internet users are looking for is perfect service with more futures better than the Skype to survive in this competitive world of VoIP calls.
Jego the latest communication App developed by China Mobile International offers you USD2.00 calling credits to make test calls.
Get it for Android.

Jego in iTunes.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.