Free World Calls

Free world calls used to be provided by the VoIP service providers to their clients  in many countries. Phone card sellers too used to offer 5 minutes of call time free of charge to their customers to check their call quality to promote their business. These kinds of free offers allow new customers too to check and decide on the providers sound quality and connectivity method. You can go to these phone card seller’s websites and can find out that most of them used to offer these free call minutes mostly during the holiday season.

It is not compulsory to buy anything from them to get these free minutes. But when you join their program to get the free call minutes, you will have to give your email addresses. So you will receive promotional offers from them through your email regarding their products and other services they provide.

These free calls are available only through internet connected Laptop, PC, and Smartphones for to call land lines and mobile phones anywhere in the world. If you want to get any free calls you must have a mike and a head phone to speak and listen to the phone call. Most of these free calls are available for 3 or 5 minutes only. Some companies used to offer more minutes for you to talk.

Free World Calls.

Most of the free call service providers will request you to download their Widget or soft-phone from their web sites. There you can find many more options like keypad with numbers and letters, dialed numbers display, call button, stop button, and last dialed numbers and many more futures.

Some companies offer three months free calling without any limitation for certain countries like USA, Canada etc. To get this facility you must download their calling widget and must buy a $5 caller account and you will be provided with a username and password to make the calls.
Free PC to Mobile phone or Landline call duration less than 30 seconds as international calls.
No need to have membership or downloads. Just set your head phone open the website enter the phone number and call, small advertisement will start to run.
Wait, you will hear the phone ringing sound.
You got the line connected, Start talking.

Popular Phone Call Programs.
Free calls to the USA from Google mail account and low priced calls to many countries. offers 3 free minutes any where in the USA and Canada
Unlimited free PC to PC

  • Free text, calling, photo messages and location-sharing with Viber users*
  • No registration, alias or invitations required
  • Instantly integrates with your own contact list
  • Best-quality mobile calls using 3G or Wi-Fi
  • Latest update:
    Viber is now available for PC and Mac computers.
    Their new version comes with the free video calling facility.

Register for an account and get 300 minutes of free calls for every 7 days to many destinations including mobile phones.

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