DID numbers

DID numbers for what?

DID numbers allow you to  make calls from your number to the land line that you had selected in a foreign country. And this call will be seen as a local call thus you will save lot of money from that overseas call. For example a Pakistan person living in Bahrain can get this service very easily and he can call Pakistan from Bahrain like making a local call within here. So the person can save lot of money on the foreign phone calls. Once it is set up it is like making calls between local phones.

Bahrain DID numbers.

A local Bahrain DID number may be forwarded through Plain Old Telephone System, mobile phones, Voice over IP (VoIP), Skype or Google Talk anywhere in the world. The call forwarding destination is selected by the customer for each DID basis and may be changed at any time via our friendly user interface.

So go to this web and check whether you too can save on this DID call plan. Take note that this system cannot be used for calling card or callback services.

Maximum of 2 channels may be supported by a single Bahrain DID

This DID calling plan is best suited for all the N.American countries and European countries.  Also good for some Asian countries, Middle Eastern countries and African countries.

Here are some of its features that a caller can enjoy.
Reliable voice services.
Unlimited number of calls and no limitation applies on the length of the calls.
Instant activation of DID numbers.
Each DID number is provided with two channels. Additional channels may be purchased if required.
Can change the destination for a DID may be changed by you at any time through the Web service.
Further more call waiting and caller ID available.
Call records are stored and are made available to you on a secure basis.
This DID is good for the USA Business community to save money on long distance calls.

During the thunder storm season, remove your phone connection and other devices. They are valuable for lightning attacks even if you are in a safe area.

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