Cheap Calls Ship Crew

Cheap Calls

Cheap Calls Ship Crew is most searched by seafarers and by their families all over the world. Those who are working onboard ships as officers and crew members are always looking for ways to make cheap calls to their homes. This is while they are at sea or while their ships are calling new ports. Seaman community mostly consists of Philippines mariners whom are working as crew members and officers in the merchant ships all over the world. Here you can find some tips that are good for the seamen to call their loved ones back in home at very low price. When going near to shores where mobile phone signals are available and if they have enough money in their account can use the roaming method to call home.

Methods to call your home from a ship.

Calling from ships are usually expensive as those calls are made through satellite service. Also many port authorities don’t allow the usage of the ship board communication system while the ships are staying in their territory.

Crew members can use the public phones while thew are on shore leave. Most of the seaman house assist them to make low priced calls to their homes. Also they can use communication centers to call back their home. Also they can buy IDD calling cards from the local shops and use them through the public call booths. The best way is to keep one Tri Band mobile phone or one unlocked Smartphone. When visiting a new country get a pre-paid SIM pack and use it to call your home. If you have installed Skype or Viber App in your device you can use the low priced data plan or paid Wi-Fi  to make calls to desired numbers easily with clear sound reception.

Ship’s Communication.

Before you are going to join a ship, buy a good Smartphone from nearest dealer in your home town.
Better to buy a phone with dual SIM card and it should be easy to swap SIM cards as you have to change them from country to country. Other wise every time you have to open the case and to dismantle the battery to change a SIM card.

Always buy International SIM cards for those countries which your ship used to pass regularly.

For example if your ship used to pass Sri Lanka, then buy one SIM card for Sri Lanka. Whenever your ship passes the Dondra head area you will have at least one hour of talk time. The Sri Lanka mobile phone carrier’s  signal are very strong in this area. Reload (top up) these SIM cards through websites from any part of the world.

Ship Calls.

Likewise SIM cards belonging to Singapore, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Malta, South Africa and Panama are useful to the marine workers. Their ships used to pass these areas frequently. There are many websites provide services to reload any SIM card belonging to any of mobile phone carrier. Keep record of each SIM card, carrier, country, validity date, available balance and the mobile phone number.

Some country carriers offer free incoming calls, in that case ask your family in Philippines to call back you through a cheap phone connection from their home town. So you won’t loose any money.

Never go to roaming mode as it is very expensive and can drain your hard earned money very quickly-
Satellite phones are good for communication and you can make calls from middle of the ocean but the call charge will be US$ 6 per minute.


Mobile Phone service in Africa.

Mobile Phone service

Mobile Phone service in Africa.

Mobile Phone service in Africa is good and bad in some countries. Recently Tanzania had imposed $0.6 monthly tax on mobile phone SIM cards in their country from July 1st. The new tax is expected to hit 8 million low income people. It will hit them hard as these people used to spend less money per month. Tanzania’s government had informed the mobile phone carriers to fulfill their promises for better mobile phone service for the people. Violators will be be charged under the criminal law. It can lead to penalties and prison sentences on mobile phone operators. Meanwhile people here are enjoying the money transfer facility in this region.

Phone service in Africa.

Mean while in Zambia their Information and Communication Technology Authority went to courts against their mobile phone service providers MTN, Airtel and Zamtel for alleged poor quality services. As per CTA, the Zambia mobile carriers are making more money from their customers as they exploited for money. This include failing to meet the minimum quality of service and failing to comply with provisions of quality of service guidelines where network congestion, connection outage, call drops and lack of network availability are some of the problems that Zambian mobile phone users are facing.
Uganda is another country in the Africa region, their telecom regulators Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has warned to impose sanctions against mobile phone service providers who are in serious and repeated breach of the operating license by not providing good quality phone service.

mobile Phone in Africa.

However the main cause for the poor quality by these carriers in this region are their price war. People can talk for log minutes by paying less money.. This on hand increased the client base for the operator. But their income had dropped rapidly which in turn affects the phone carriers to provide better service in this region.  Electricity bill, administration cost and advertising are the things affecting them. From providing service with out call drops, no signal and other main problems.

In conclusion most of the African Governments understand that their country mobile phone service is in bad condition. Their services are poor and not dependable in emergency. So one by one these countries are beginning to show interest to take care of these problems. Further more allowing their telephone regulatory commissions to warn the carriers to put the hose in order. On the other hand  these companies need to provide cellular and data service at their best to serve the citizen. Of course all the TRC in this Africa region should regulate these Mobile phone tariff.

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American netTALK

American netTALK

American netTALK offer.

American netTALK offers service with No Monthly Bills, Easy to use, No computer needed and additionally No Contract is to be signed with them. Get netTALK DUO with 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments to get 4 years of telephone service. The netTALK is popular for low price home phone and smartphone communications in the world.

Talk App Call Plan.
1. TALK App offers Free international phone for iOS or Android mobile devices.
2. NexGen offers next-generation VoIP phone service. Bring Your Own Device.
3. NexGen VIP is ON SALE! 1st Year Annual Fee Only $12 (67% OFF)

American netTALK. How to get it?

Member approval instantly.
SHOP: add the free DUO with 4 years of service to your cart
BUY: select Affirm during checkout
PAY OVER TIME: choose 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments to get 4 years of service. Rates from 10-30% APR.

Availability: The netTALK DUO with 4 years of service is available exclusively in the U.S.A
Shop Limit: 1 per order.

You can keep your existing phone number or buy a netTALK DUO device and choose a free lifetime new phone number.

Connection method.
1. Through Wi-Fi connection
2. Using Router.
3. Your Computer.
4. Mobile Data Plan

As this is a small device you can take it to any part of the world and can use it. All the incoming calls from USA and Canada are free of charge. Lot of companies are engaged in the VoIP Telephone selling business. This is one of the  best business where millions US Dollars are involved in it everyday. Larger Corporations to Small Business men are involved in this business. Meanwhile, resellers too are active in this business, with less investment and used to get large sum in return. Online virtual cards and top ups are very popular all over the world. Resellers need few hundred dollars or no investment at all to start the business. Every thing goes through the online websites.

Free DUO-to-DUO calling anywhere in the world.

Perfect voice calls.

Phonecard Australia.

Free calls, Rebtel

Free Calls, Rebtel

Free Calls, Rebtel calling plan seems to be better one. Rabtel is now offering a call plan named as “Rebel Calling”. Rabtel plan will give you free unlimited international phone calls for a year, and $1 a month after that. This is a cheaper plan from a better service provider, according to the industry. This is good for those people who had installed the Rabtel App in their Smartphones. Free International phone calls From Rebtel is available with your carriers standard local calling plan. In this way the Rebel Calling connection is working. So you will be charged with local call fee for this phone calls. Normally an international Rebel call will only cost about $0.04 per minute.

Free Calls, Rebtel Explained.

To make Free Rabtel calls You and the person you’re calling must have installed the iOS or Android app from the Rabtel. For a person who don’t have a Smartphone, then you can buy calling minutes from Rebtel to make a call to that person. So calls between Rebtel users are free. A Rabtel user can purchase calling minutes and call anybody at low price. The service is available as International one and local one for the Rabtel registered user. The purchase can be made through credit cards and you can reload it time to time whenever it is necessary.

There’s no need for an Internet connection with Rebel Calling, and you won’t have to use up your precious data to make calls, either.
Rebel Calling is now available in more than 50 countries, including most of South America, Central America, parts of Europe including Scandinavia. The app is available in English, Spanish or French.

Top up Cuba Phones with Rebtel.
Recargas is a way to send credits to your friends in Cuba. The credits are sent in USD via Cubacell and will be received in CUC for them to use to make calls. In addition India unlimited calls are offered for 10$/month for both landlines and mobile phones.

Learn more Rebtel
To Get Cheap International phone calls Download this Rabtel App. Additionally when calling allow the “Intercept International Calls” to get your calls through the App.
Then install the APP in your device.
Moreover to get more cheaper calls the Wi-Fi connected devices perform better.

iOS App Store

Google Play Store.

USA Calling Cards.

Nigeria Dropped Calls

Nigeria Dropped Calls, be cautious.

Nigeria Dropped Calls
Nigeria dropped calls are tricky ones to make money from you, Mobile phone service providers in Nigeria are not much armed with enough towers and technology to provide uninterrupted mobile phone service. On the other hand many of them are providing good data plan. If you are living in USA or in any other overseas country and want to call home or office in Nigeria? Ask your people to buy a cheap Smartphone with latest Android technology. If possible by a Wi-Fi router that can connect to the internet through the SIM card. Working with the free Wi-Fi hotpots is easy for them than using the Smartphone to make calls through Apps. Once ready tell them to install free Apps that will enable them to make calls through their device.

Nigeria Dropped Calls.

These are actually made by scam people. This is a trick to make people to call expensive Premium Numbers ($0.73/minute) and the money share will go to the caller too.

Internet Calls.

There are lots of VoIP and IM apps are available for the Smartphones and the Tablets in the Africa region. People can have this app in their Smartphones and must ask their friends too to have them in their devices. So it is free and easy to make calls through the data plan at cheaper rate.
Best Apps for the Nigerians are
1. Skype (Need membership)
2. Viber (Need to confirm through your Smartphone.)
3. Dialer One
4. WhatApp

Above Apps are available free in the Google play page.

Here are the important things to tell them.
Tell them to go for a monthly data plan bundle. (Etisalat and Airtel seem to be leaders in the Mobile Phone sector.)
Wait for your call and not to call you as this will conflict
Fix a time for everyday or week to switch on the phone and connect to the internet and wait for your call.
Advice them not to waste the bandwidth by viewing movies and video clips.
If using a Wi-Fi router tell them to secure it with password and not to provide other people.
If you can do these then you can make calls to Nigeria and can talk with your loved ones very easily.

Nigeria Cheap Calls.

MTN Nigeria