Free World Calls

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Free world calls are provided by the VoIP service providers to their clients  in many countries. Phone card sellers too used to offer 5 minutes of call time free of charge to their customers to check their call quality to promote their business. These kinds of free offers allow new customers too to check and decide on the providers sound quality and connectivity method. You can go to these phone card seller’s websites and can find out that most of them used to offer these free call minutes mostly during the holiday season.

Actually these Free calls will be charged through your Mobile Data plan or Home Internet worth few cents. Meanwhile promotional VoIP offers too will use your home internet or Mobile data Plan to offer it.

It is not compulsory to buy anything from them to get these free minutes. But when you join their program to get the free call minutes, you will have to give your email addresses. So you will receive promotional offers from them. Messages will come to your email regarding their products and other services they are offering.

These free calls are available only through internet connected Laptop, PC, and Smartphones for to call land lines and mobile phones anywhere in the world. If you want to get any free calls you must have a mike and a head phone to speak and listen to the phone call. Most of these free calls are available for 3 or 5 minutes only. Some companies used to offer more minutes for you to talk.

Free World Calls.

Most of the free call service providers will request you to download their Widget or soft-phone from their web sites. There you can find many more options like keypad with numbers and letters, dialed numbers display, call button, stop button, and last dialed numbers and many more futures.

Some companies offer three months free calling without any limitation for certain countries like USA, Canada etc. To get this facility you must download their calling widget and must buy a $5 caller account and you will be provided with a username and password to make the calls.
Free PC to Mobile phone or Landline call duration less than 30 seconds as international calls.
No need to have membership or downloads. Just set your head phone open the website enter the phone number and call, small advertisement will start to run.
Wait, you will hear the phone ringing sound.
You got the line connected, Start talking.

Popular Phone Call Programs.
Free calls to the USA from Google mail account and low priced calls to many countries. offers 3 free minutes any where in the USA and Canada

Unlimited free PC to PC Calls

  • Free text, calling, photo messages and location-sharing with Viber users*
  • No registration, alias or invitations required
  • Instantly integrates with your own contact list
  • Best-quality mobile calls using 3G or Wi-Fi
  • Latest update:
    Viber is now available for PC and Mac computers.
    Their new version comes with the free video calling facility.

Register for an account and get 300 minutes of free calls for every 7 days to many destinations including mobile phones.

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Missed Calls and Unknown Calls.

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Missed calls and unknown calls used to happen in your homes and offices through Mobile phones and land line phones.. Never call back unknown phone numbers specially the calls with foreign number.  Some Sri Lanka people used to place missed calls to their friends and wait for them to call back, as they don’t want to spend money on their phone calls. And they expect their friends to call them back, so they don’t need to spend any money. This is familiar event to many people and most of the people ignore those missed calls. These missed call placing people may don’t know about the SMS text message facility that costs very few cents. It will cost them just 14 cents only for their 120 character message.

Mean while in the night time Sri Lanka people used to receive missed calls from foreign countries to their mobile phones and land line phones. Most of these calls originate from Caribbean countries and Africa Region. Actually this is a trap to make you to call back  the callers “Premium Phone Number”. Most of the people don’t want to lose their overseas calls. So they try to call this number in return. Calling this number will make you to get high priced monthly phone bill for your land line. Because you have to pay a premium amount that is above the cost of a normal telephone calls. Additionally you can’t complain against this to your phone company as you had really made that high priced premium number calls.

Moreover lots of calls were made for to get connected to the missed calls. So don’t make calls back to these numbers as some individuals and companies joined hand to make money through this scam from unsuspecting people.

Missed calls and unknown calls.

TRC Warns About Unknown Calls. “We have received a fair number of complaints from telephone subscribers in Sri Lanka, of missed calls received from unknown international party. When subscribers returned the calls, the call charge for such calls have been excessive more than the normal call charges.

Some groups from certain countries are misleading in this manner to induce local subscribers to return such calls.
Furthermore, since interconnection charges for International calls are high, call charges for such calls by their nature are more.
We have made inquiries from telephone services providers in Sri Lanka and their responses were as follows: Mobitel (Pvt.) Ltd. Informed TRCSL that similar acts had happened previously and actions have been taken to block these number series before this event.

Sri Lanka Mobile Phone users.

Dialog Axiata PLC informed TRCSL that on receiving customer complaints, immediate steps were taken to block such international numbers. Mobile phone carriers like, Hutch, Airtel and Mobitel stated that they had not received many complaints from their subscribers, of such calls.

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka hereby notify all telephone subscribers in Sri Lanka.
Refrain from redialing calls to such unknown telephone numbers.


Sri Lanka Telecom Advice their Clients on
“How to Handle Nuisance Calls?

Remain calm and do not respond in any way to the caller.
Do not enter into a conversation and especially do not reveal any personal information about yourself or your household.

When the caller phones you repeatedly, do not speak first; genuine callers will identify themselves.
If you have the Caller Line Identification (CLI) facility on your phone, note down the caller’s number, date & time of the call for future reference. If the problem persists, contact your Regional Telecom Office. SLT will make every effort to assist you and take measures to stop this social menace.

TRC warns public on false SMS and nuisance calls.

“TRC announced that making personal, defamatory, or hate statements using telecommunication system or social media (face book, twitter) or sending SMS with false information or making misleading telephone calls is a punishable offense.

Sending someone an indecent, obscene, rebellious, prurient, threatening, extremely unpleasant messages or giving telephone calls to cause distress or annoyance without any valid reason is an offense under Sri Lanka Telecommunication Act No. 25 of 1991.

The offenders if found guilty are liable for a penalty of not exceeding Rs. 5,000 and, in default of payment of such fine, to imprisonment of either description for a term not exceeding six months, a senior official of the TRC told Business Times.”

More reading.
Be warned of the ‘One Ring Scam’.

Foreign phone call scam: SLT, TRC to get to the bottom of it.

Haier Phone.

International SIM Cards

PC Calling

International SIM Cards are made for people who used to travel to many parts of the world in quick time. Businessmen, Tourists and Students used to travel overseas should take their Smartphone or Tablet with them. And can use any of the available International SIM card to be  connected with their loved ones. This is a best option to cut their phone call charges and data connection fees.

International SIM Cards vs Phonecard.

International SIM Cards are far better than your phonecards as they are always within your Smartphone. Any time you can make calls or can receive phone calls. it is very simple to check your current balance. With the phonecard you will need a public phone to check your balance. Will need a public phone to make your call with your phonecard. Recharging the SIM card is very easy. You will have the list of contacts and easy to call them with just a click.

In a foreign country using your own country SIM cards for calling plans, SMS text messages and for Data plan will be an expensive one.  International SIM card is good option or to have your SIM card that you can purchase in the visiting country.

How to obtain International SIM card.

1. Buy a suitable SIM card in the country where you are visiting. Some country law may require you to provide a copy of your Identity paper like passport along with a photo of yourself.
2 .Buy an international SIM from your home country before you start your travel.This can be purchased through the internet. It can be a Nano, Mini, Standard SIM card or an E-SIM.

SIM Card Sellers.

RebelFone is one of the leading SIM card provider and has introduced country specific SIM cards that can work on GSM networks. Sorry they don’t offer Nano SIM cards so far. Those who want to travel a country just had to order the required country SIM card from them and can place it in their mobile phone and use it with the local number at affordable rate. They not only offer this SIM also they offer to rent you a mobile phone too.

This SIM card rental offers many advantages than from the other mobile phone carriers. Like all the other roaming SIM cards, Rebelfone’s rental SIM can works with unlocked GSM phones.

The SIM will come with an instruction booklet with the phone number and PIN printed in the front. Once you insert the SIM into a mobile phone and the phone will automatically set itself up with the right APN for data services. Online customer support is available 24/7. The SIM is actually works as a local SIM. So you will have a local phone number and you can start straight dialing.

If you are traveling to any of these countries or many of the countries then it is necessary to rent out the SIM card from them to get more benefit from the mobile phone usage.

Here are the countries that the RebelFone SIM can be used.

USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Europe, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel. And  Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, and UAE. It comes with Zero Cost option for UK and Vietnam.

If you are visiting Sri Lanka for a short trip, it is better to use one of the Sri Lanka SIM card that are available for sale in the country. Insert this in to your Smartphone and activate it. You can enjoy cheapest call plans and data plans that are available for local people.

Yamaha FZ Motorbike.


Pin less Calling Cards

Offer on Calling cards

Pin less Calling Cards are selling in high volume all over the world as it is a cheaper one and easy to use. This card provides easy calling facility with high quality sound on both sides. Many people are confused about the pin less call cards. People buy these cards and call their destination and forget about the feature that is called as pin less calling. So here are some advice on this pin less card future. First of all it is a free feature that is coming with your digital phone card or Digital Calling card. Millions of USA residents are using these kinds of cards to make calls for office work and to make  calls to their homes.

Benefits of the Pin less Calling Card.

Pin-less Calls or Pin Skipping Calls is a facility that will allow you for free feature to make an international call without having to dial the PIN every time you make a call when using a on phone card. For this you have to go through a small setting on your card in the providers’ website. Don’t forget the details of your email as it is the main information for you about this Digital phone card.

Pin less Calling Method.

Follow these 5 steps.

1. Login to your Account
2. Click the “Pin Skipping” link.
3. Click the “Add or Delete Phone number” next to your PIN
4. Enter your desired phone number (home or cell phone number)
5. Click “Now” or”Yes”

After this action you had completed the setup. Now you can make a call by entering your Destination number.

Normally people used to make 60 calls through a phone card.
By setting up a Pin less Call facility, you don’t have to enter your PIN number for next 60 times.
It means that you don’t have to memorize your PIN anymore, and it will make your phone call a lot faster!

So next time when you are looking for phone cards, check whether they offer pin less calling facility.

Pin less Calling Cards.

2023 AT&T Best Unlimited Offer.
Save $25/month on the Unlimited Plus. Online only.
AT&T PREPAID Unlimited Plus delivers:
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5G access
10GB hotspot
When you purchase AT&T $75/month plan online and enroll in AutoPay you’ll pay $50/month.
*After 22GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

EG SIM Prepaid SIM card for South Korea. Evergreen Mobile $16.49
AT&T 1200 Minute Prepaid Phone Card (Calling Card) $61.95
Prepaid Phone card $5 comes with same day emailed PIN.
$20 Call to South Korea Rechargeable International Calling Card. BPO TELECOM $ 17 39

Yamaha FZ-FI Motorbike.

Cheap Calls Ship Crew

Cheap Calls

Cheap Calls Ship Crew is most searched by seafarers and by their families all over the world. Those who are working onboard ships as officers and crew members are always looking for ways to make cheap calls to their homes. This is while they are at sea or while their ships are calling new ports. Seaman community mostly consists of Philippines mariners whom are working as crew members and officers in the merchant ships all over the world. Here you can find some tips that are good for the seamen to call their loved ones back in home at very low price. When going near to shores where mobile phone signals are available and if they have enough money in their account can use the roaming method to call home.

Methods to call your home from a ship.

Calling from ships are usually expensive as those calls are made through satellite service. Also many port authorities don’t allow the usage of the ship board communication system while the ships are staying in their territory.

Crew members can use the public phones while thew are on shore leave. Most of the seaman house assist them to make low priced calls to their homes. Also they can use communication centers to call back their home. Also they can buy IDD calling cards from the local shops and use them through the public call booths. The best way is to keep one Tri Band mobile phone or one unlocked Smartphone. When visiting a new country get a pre-paid SIM pack and use it to call your home. If you have installed Skype or Viber App in your device you can use the low priced data plan or paid Wi-Fi  to make calls to desired numbers easily with clear sound reception.

Ship’s Communication.

Before you are going to join a ship, buy a good Smartphone from nearest dealer in your home town.
Better to buy a phone with dual SIM card and it should be easy to swap SIM cards as you have to change them from country to country. Other wise every time you have to open the case and to dismantle the battery to change a SIM card.

Always buy International SIM cards for those countries which your ship used to pass regularly.

For example if your ship used to pass Sri Lanka, then buy one SIM card for Sri Lanka. Whenever your ship passes the Dondra head area you will have at least one hour of talk time. The Sri Lanka mobile phone carrier’s  signal are very strong in this area. Reload (top up) these SIM cards through websites from any part of the world.

Ship Calls.

Likewise SIM cards belonging to Singapore, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Malta, South Africa and Panama are useful to the marine workers. Their ships used to pass these areas frequently. There are many websites provide services to reload any SIM card belonging to any of mobile phone carrier. Keep record of each SIM card, carrier, country, validity date, available balance and the mobile phone number.

Some country carriers offer free incoming calls, in that case ask your family in Philippines to call back you through a cheap phone connection from their home town. So you won’t loose any money.

Never go to roaming mode as it is very expensive one and can drain your hard earned money very quickly from your account-
Satellite phones are good for communication and you can make calls from middle of the ocean but the call charge will be around US$ 6 per minute.