Jaffna Free Wi-Fi

Jaffna Free Wi-Fi hotspots are provided by the Sri Lanka Government for the benefit of the local and visiting people. Sri Lanka Government is providing Free Wi-Fi Service to its citizen through more than 100 hotspots. These  includes places like Railway Stations, Libraries, Temples and other important public places. According to Government statics Jaffna Wi-Fi  hotspot usage is in the lead than the other places throughout the country.

Analysts say most people using the internet can’t be taken as normalcy had returned to the region after the war. The Wi-Fi network can be accessed by the visiting people who have Smartphone and registered with the Government service provider. During the time of the war people used to communicate and view news using the paid internet. Now most of the restrictions had been removed and free Wi-Fi along and people had purchased lot of new devices may be the reason for increase in the usage.

Jaffna Free Wi-Fi Usage.

Increase in the usage of the internet had made many developments in the IT sector. But parents are worried that young men and women are suspected of engaging in anti social activities through this new media. It is time for the Education sector, community organizations and the leading activists to teach them on how to use the internet. Many people think that they can watch whatever they want through the websites. But it is illegal to visit prohibited web sites according to the local law. If it is necessary Government computer experts can find out which web sites the user had visited.

So the Smartphone and Tablet users in Jaffna must take care about these things when they use the free Wi-Fi connection. Like wise parents and teachers should educate the children regarding the internet and its usage.  Use the internet in proper way for development and not to engage in anti social activities.


Source: bbc.com