Visiting Sri Lanka For Holidays.

Visiting Sri Lanka For Holidays?

Visiting Sri Lanka for your holidays is a good idea. as this place provide fantastic offers in the land, sea, underwater and on the mountains for you to enjoy. This is a tropical nation where you won’t come against cold situations.  In the meantime don’t forget to bring your Smartphone or Tablet that can help you with the local SIM facility that offers you cheap calls and internet access. Tell your carrier in your country to unlock it for use it with Sri Lanka Carriers, if it is locked to your carrier in your country.

Best Holiday Activities in Sri Lanka.

Play Golf in International Level Clubs.
More over there is Whale watching and Dolphin expeditions available.
Elephant Riding.
Watch Wild Elephants ini Jungles.
Horse Riding,
Hot air Ballooning,
White Water Rafting
Turtle Hatchery visit
Scuba Diving
Surfing in world renowned spots
Safari Jeep Riding
Cultural Activities
Village Farming.
Hiking and Trekking
Hill and Rock Climbing

Accommodations in Sri Lanka.

Cheap and superb places are available all over Sri Lanka.
5 Star to Single Star Hotels, Guest Houses, Motels, Lodges and Camping Facilities are available at unbelievable price.
Some places offer special offers and seasonal offers too.

Free Wi-Fi in Hotels and Guest Houses..

You can buy a local SIM and can get connected to the available 3G or 4G LTE network.  Sri Lanka is covered with 3G mobile phone network and gives out trouble free accessibility for the user. In addition you will get faster mobile Data facility too for fraction of US Dollars. Many Hotels and Guest houses offer free Wi-Fi network facility for their guests. Just obtain the username and password from them and get connected to the internet. You can purchase Data plan, Wi-Fi cards and phone cards that are offered by the local mobile phone carriers.

Important Information.
It is not necessary to wear face mask in public places.
Have your Insurance to cover any health problems while you are here and its value should me more than US 7,500/-.
If every things are in order you will be allowed to go out side of the Colombo Airport on your arrival. Read here.

Visiting Sri Lanka?

There are 5 numbers of ATM machines (In the lounge) outside of the Airport’s arrival gate. Here you can withdraw Sri Lanka currency by using your plastic cards. Sri Lanka rupees can be converted back in to foreign currency with the exchange receipt, when you are leaving Sri Lanka after your Holidays .

At the airport arrival lounge hall, fast food joint and wash room facilities too are available. Hotel booking booths, car rental and transport service providers too have their booths in this lounge. If you had already booked your hotel or transport service, the agent will wait at this area with your name in card. If you need porter service in the airport you can get it. Free Wi-Fi is available for all the passengers.

Accommodation. 5 Star to normal Hotels, Guest Houses, Motels, Lodges, Camping Sites and Farm Houses are available. Book them early as thousands of Tourists used to visit here everyday.

Colombo International Airport.

At the Colombo International airport you can buy SIM cards by producing your travel document. For US$ 10 you can get a standard SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM that will fit in to your device.The SIM card should be activated once you bought it. You can see that your phone is having LK Rs 700 for calling and 500Mb data for internet connection. Take note that using a SIM card registered on another person name is a violation according to the local law. You can find the new phone number on the card given by them. Announce your new phone number to your family and friends as the incoming calls and incoming SMS text messages are free here.

Visiting Sri Lanka? Purchase your own Mobile Phone SIM Card.

The SIM card is valid for one month only and it can be extended, if necessary.
Don’t give away the SIM card as it is registered with your name and any future wrong doing with it will be counted on you. All the IM Apps used to operate smooth in your Smartphone. No restrictions apply on them from the Government as in Middle East and China.

Similarly during the day time Buses and  trains operates regularly. You can take TUK TUK (Three wheel) that have meter. In the night times it is better to get call taxi service specially for the safety of females. There are lot of good drivers available in the night, but there are some greedy drivers too operates in the night. Normally First Class Train
Ticket is priced under Rs 3,200/- per person. Tuk Tuk first Km Rs 100/- and there after Rs 80/- per addition Kilo Meters.

Dialog Tourist Mobile Plan.(SIM Card)

Additionally, US$10 will give you a standard SIM, or Micro SIM or Nano SIM card.
With the benefit of 9GB Data Plan (4GB Any time + 5GB from 00.00Am till 08.00 Am)
Similarly, International Calls and SMS Quota (IDD) Rs.600/-
Furthermore Local Calls and SMS Quota Rs.350/-
In addition SIM card’s Validity is 30 days.
Read More. Tourist Pack (SIM Card)

Above all, the Mobitel mobile phone plan at Rs 999/- ia available.
New SIM card purchase will give you
For instance, Free IDD voice that is worth Rs 500/-
In addition, Free local calls worth Rs 250/-
Moreover, 3GB Mobile Data Free.
Additionally, 12 hours of Free Wi-Fi.
In conclusion, Validity period is 30 days.
Read More.

Reaching Other Tourist Destinations in the Asia Region.

Once you are in Sri Lanka it is easy to visit other country Tourists destinations from here. It can be India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong or any other place. Colombo airport is well connected with other near by countries and you can reach them very quickly after your Holidays here.

Visiting Sri Lanka:   Part One.