Visit Sri Lanka

Visit Sri Lanka for your next vacation as this is a great destination with many peaceful scenic places. To make you happy, the Sri Lanka Government had opened its doors for the vaccinated Tourists to make their Holidays here. In the meantime Sri Lanka is too experiencing COVID-19 infection in small numbers. The visit can be with your family or yourself alone. Here in Srilanka local people are very¬† friendly and helpful to the visiting foreigners. They used to go any extent to help them.¬† Don’t try to go on topics such as religion or Cricket with them as they are very sensitive on these topics.

Special Notice For Sri Lanka Visitors.

Those who want to visit Sri Lanka must have taken their Two Doses of vaccinations against the COVID-19 and should have passed 14 days after getting the second jab. After passing 14 days, they can take their PCR test, Sri Lanka Visas and can travel to Colombo Airport. If they have every thing in order, they will be allowed to leave the airport and can move on their own route. It is also necessary for the Tourists to have good Medical Insurance to cover them while they are visiting here.

In the recent times Sri Lanka is experiencing Dollar shortage. Due to this Petrol, Diesel, Rice, vegetables and other essential products prices had increased in Sri Lanka. So while visiting here your expenses may be little higher than the year 2019.

You can find lot of Apps related to Sri Lanka travel and tourism industry. Some of these Apps are available for a fee or as free. These Apps provides nearly 200 Sri Lanka destinations along with things to see and to do. They provide more interesting information for the visitor on beaches, Dining and shopping. Information about locations, where to stay, where to dine and where to do shopping also provided through them. There are Apps for Sri Lanka train service schedule and ticket reservation.

These Apps provide lot of information on local water falls, reserved wildlife parks, beaches, and Historical locations, Wildlife watching, Whale watching, Dolphin watching, white water rafting, hot air ballooning and many more activities.

GPS map locations for your easy reference. You can drive safely with the help of the available GPS map guide you to the correct location. There used to be an image gallery related to each and every location.
Some advice for you.
What to do in Sri Lanka?
What are the things not to do in Sri Lanka?

Visit Sri Lanka Part 1

Before you visit Sri Lanka (even to fly transit) check whether you have tattooed Buddha images on your body, if so remove it other wise you may be punished here by the Government.for disrespecting the Buddhist religion.

Don’t bring lot of cash when visit Sri Lanka. If so declare it to the customs on your arrival.
If you are making any payment through your plastic cards have a good watch on it, till you get it back.
Try to take money in the ATM on the day time when the banks are open.
Use call taxis recommended by your hotel.
It is prohibited to enter in to the temples with your foot wear and cap.
Never try to take photos with Buddha statues as you may violates the local laws that can send you to prison.

ella-sri-lankaOKRunning water is safe to drink, although you can purchase cold mineral water in plastic disposable bottles.
Don’t walk while talking mobile phone specially on the railway track.
Smoking is not allowed in public places including trains and buses, violators will be prosecuted.
Use the pedestrian crossing only to cross the road, if it is marked with.
Cricket is also religion here, so don’t go on arguing of it.
Most of the three wheel (tuk-tuk) drivers are friendly people. Before to board check whether it got an operating tariff meter. When you elite from the Tuk-Tuk, check for your belongings as it is difficult to recover.


Visit Sri Lanka. Interested in buying Gemstones?

Insist to get one verification certificate from a laboratory for the Gem Stone you are buying.
This is to prevent that you are not buying a fake glass stone.

Government Trains.
Make advance bookings for the train as it is always nearly full in the Kandy sector.
There are special observation Train compartments available for the tourists.
If you are visiting Mirissa beach from Kandy then get down from the train at the Ella Station.
Spend at least one or two days in Ella and enjoy the scenic views and cool climate.
New luxury train service runs daily from Mount Lavinia to Rambukkana and back in the evening. Luxury Hitachi train runs up and down once a day.Seats can be booked at a price of Rs 3000/-.
From October 2018 onward train fares had been increased by small percentage. So check for the new ticket price.

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