USA Smartphone Usage.

USA Smartphone.

usa smartphone




USA Smartphone Usage.

US is the richest market where all the mobile phone companies want to penetrate and the winner will be awarded with very good turn over, specially for the Smartphone sales and its usage. The mobile carriers in the USA are very smart and it can’t be penetrated by new comers easily as the brand worship is very high over there.
People are slowly and steadily changing to Smartphones from their cell phones every month. Now nearly 57% of the US public are using the latest Smartphones to communicate while a small fraction of people are using it for personal banking. Nearly 144 million Smartphones are being used by the Americans where Apple leads the market followed by Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG.

Operating system Google Android is the market leader in the USA for Smartphone usage followed by the Appleā€™s iOS and the BlackBerry once the leader is hanging in third place.

Of course the Facebook is the leading social network in the USA, where people share their thoughts, photos and chats. Nearly 159 million U.S visitors used to login their Facebook through computers and 78 million members access it through mobile phones. Twitter is the place they used to send small messages between friends or followers. Skype is the number one IM here in the USA, which allows people to make free video calls and allow them to do many other tasks through their Smartphone and other devices which are free or very little money charged for the particular service.

New Smartphones are too hitting the U.S market which comes with lot of new features to attract the customers at affordable price and carrier plan. Blackberry Z10 came out in the March is really a hit while the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 on the way to capture the market.