Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a required thing when you are going on a foreign trip. Everybody knows that the credit cards are the best ones to purchase online or to book or reserve hotel rooms for their vacation in the USA or in any part of the world. Now this free insurance coverage facility will make them really a satisfied passenger with their credit card’s free travel Insurance facility.

In addition,  if you are a frequent traveler and holder of an international credit card, check with your issuing office to see whether that the card can offer your claims through this travel insurance. You will get assisted by them in case of lost baggage or if you need medical assistance in a foreign country. Moreover to get this benefit you should have purchased the air ticket with your credit card or should have rented from a car rental service provider.

Further more in Sri Lanka all the major banks offer credit cards to their regular customers. So After that, check with them what they are offering as travel insurance for foreign travelers from here.

Travel Insurance.

Above all, suggested travel assistance.
On flight delays of more than six hours, you are entitled to $100/hour with the maximum amount of $900.
If you can’t get your next flight the paid amount is $650.
Personal accident insurance is up to $1 million.
Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation about $2 million.
Your Insurance package, must cover hospitalization, if you are affected with COVID-19 Infection.

In the USA VISA Card offers Travel and Emergency Assistance Services

When traveling anywhere in the world, your covered Visa Card allows you access to get help. Visa card holders and their immediate family members can call a toll-free number in the United States. Keep in mind this program provides assistance only. Credit Card holders are responsible for any received cost of any services.


In addition, popular Credit Cards in Sri Lanka.

For instance, Travel Insurance from HSBC.


In addition, Sampath Credit Card

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