Toyota Highlander SUV

Toyota Highlander SUV Price.

2024 Price in the USA.
US$ 36,420 – US$ 49,650 (Suggested.)


Toyota Highlander is one of the popular SUV in the USA.  In Sri Lanka it is considered as a Luxury SUV vehicle to own one. In addition Toyota Highlander is an expensive vehicle in Sri Lanka. Most of them are owned by rich people in this Island. In addition they are owned by politicians, Sportsmen  and by the rich business people. Toyota Highlander does 21 MPG in city and 29 MPG in Highways.

About Toyota Highlander.

It provides safe, efficient and reliable travel as the popular 8-passenger crossover SUV. It is provided with latest modern amenities. The Toyota Highlander is a real challenger against the Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse and Nissan Pathfinder. After that, it is manufactured with standard of driver-safety assists facilities. That includes per-collision warning and braking, adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning system. On the infotainment system side it provides to go with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Get a Highlander Hybrid that can deliver very good fuel efficiency in its class. the cost may be little expensive.

In other words, it is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 coupled to 8-speed automatic transmission. Previous standard engine 2.7-liter 4-cylinder, is not available in this year. Highlander Hybrid is a combined electric/gasoline motor output. It can reach 306 horsepower. In other words it can do nearly 30 miles in the city on a single gallon.

Moreover, Driver easy speak system for third row passengers.
In addition, Flip-up rear glass window.
Above all, it comes with USB ports, attractive seat upholstery. It got comfortable front and 2nd row seats are great for long drives.


In conclusion, Toyota Highlander is available for direct purchase from the company by paying all the money as down payment. In addition,  politicians and Government executives can use their permit to purchase this Highlander at concession price from the company. Further more this may be a time consuming one as you have to wait for the shipment to arrive from Japan. Therefore, buyer has to wait for the customs clearance and other paper works.

In addition, Toyota vehicles in Sri Lanka have good second hand value when comparing with other brands.


Toyota Hilux.

In this year 2024 Toyota Hilux a 5 seat pick up vehicle is now available in India. The model is available in the price range of Rs. 33.99 Lakh to 36.80 Lakh. Toyota Hilux comes in 3 variants and 5 colors. Meanwhile the Toyota Hilux is marketed only with diesel engine.
Engine Capacity: 2498 cc
Transmission: Automatic Only


Toyota Wigo.