Sri Lanka Motorcycle Tours

Sri Lanka Motorcycle Tours.
Sri Lanka Motorcycle Tours can be taken individually or as a group with one local guide.  These Sri Lanka Motorcycle Tours used to attract Motorcycle Riding Tourists from all over the world. It is familiar for the tourists to tour on motorcycles in Australia, USA, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.Tours are good for those motorcycle riders who are familiar with more than 250cc motorbikes.  Riders and the pillion passengers must wear helmets. Only one pillion passenger is allowed to go on a motorbike or scooter. Currently popular motorcycle for Sri Lanka Tour is Royal Enfield motorcycle. You can rent them for around US$ 40 per day while scooters too are available for rent.

Sri Lanka Requirements.

The the whole world is experiencing the COVID-19 impact and Sri Lanka too is affected by it. Sri Lanka people are being vaccinated against by the Government. So if you are going to come as a tourists here for Holidays you must follow the instructions given by the Government. Read more.
Get your Sri Lanka Tourists Visa.
You should have vaccinated with 2 dose of Vaccinations before 14 days of your travel.
Must have a recently taken PCR Test Report as Negative.
Get a medical Insurance Coverage for your stay in Sri Lanka.
These will allow you to leave the Airport on your arrival.

Sri Lanka the miracle of Asia which provides all the things that a tourist may seek while on his/her vacation here. This land is not only for tourists but is good for honeymoon makers and to those who are looking family vacation in a wonderful land. Lot of paper works are required to import and export your own motorcycle in to Sri Lanka and to tour.

Sri Lanka Tour Attractions.

This beautiful Island Tours will allow you to play Golf, whale watching, Scuba diving, snorkeling, skate board, White water Rafting, Horse riding, Elephant riding, Yoga and Meditation. There are lot of activities waiting for you. The best thing is you can move to places with your motorcycle while in every part you can experience different kinds of activities.

Sri Lanka Tours on Motorcycle.

To go on motorbike tour in Srilanka, you must be good rider and need to respect the laws of this land.
Must have motorcycle driving license issued by the Sri Lanka motor Traffic Department. to this you must bring your own country motorbike driving license.

1. Motorbike must have valid “Revenue License” for the current year.
2. Always carry valid third party insurance. Better to have Full Option Insurance for the two wheeler.
3. Rider and the pillion passenger must wear certified helmet . ( Don’t use of fully face covered helmets.)
4. Follow the road rules, signals and the road signs along with care while riding on the left side of the lane.
5. Small traffic violations? Need to pay spot fines at the nearby post office.
6. Some violations may require to face, court cases.
So take utmost care to protect you, other people. animals and properties.

Hotels and Guest houses in Sri Lanka.

For the accommodation requirement you can stay in 5 star hotels, motels, Inns, guest houses, hostels and many more according to your financial position. Book them early or leave it to your travel agent.

Motorcycle Tours Information.

In other words meals are available all over the Island as Sri Lankan meals. Similarly the main course will be boiled rice along with meat, poultry products and vegetable dishes. In addition in selected places you can have European meals even some restaurants offer Buffet too. Bottled mineral water and popular international brand soft drinks. They used to be available in small bottles, larger bottles and in cans.

Motorbikes with over 250 cc Engine capacity are not allowed for road riding in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile the larger capacity Motorcycles  are allowed only in race tracks riding purpose.



Furthermore if you want to hire motorbikes on daily rental basis contact Ceylontusker Tours.  In addition they can provide bike rental service, motorcycle tours in group where they will provide one team leader, mechanic and backup vehicle for your safe journey. Additionally Ceylontusker Company can assist you in obtaining phone cards and SIM cards that are good for Smartphone and simple cellular phones in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Motorcycle Tours Video.


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