Sri Lanka Car Price

Sri Lanka Car Price.

Sri Lanka car prices for the used cars can be found here. Due to the Sri Lanka Government’s on going vehicle import ban there are no new cars are available for sale in the showrooms and from the dealers. The import ban was placed on 2020 and the government promised to lift it by 2022. Now there is an economy collapse and a new Government is  on the front. As the economy of the country is in very bad condition the lifting of the vehicle Import ban may take years to over come the situation. Moreover there is no chance for the ban to be lifted in this year too. Additionally on the other hand Motorcycle import and Scooter import too are affected by this decision of the Sri Lanka Government.

For instance, Skoda Sri Lanka is ready to market its brand new 2022 year models in Sri Lanka soon. They are ready to introduce many latest car models in to the Sri Lanka Auto market at affordable price. More.

Brand New Car in Sri Lanka  – Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai i10 Sri Lanka Price: Rs 8,000,000/-

DFSK Glory i-Auto Price: Rs 10,600,000/- +

Used Car Prices.

Meanwhile the used cars prices too had been high rocketed as some of their prices had doubled or tippled. people are waiting for to buy new cars once the import ban is lifted. But the sad situation here is coming from the shortage Diesel and Petrol at the supply centers. People are waiting in queues to get petrol and diesel for their vehicles from early morning. Similarly, there is no more availability of Octane 95 petrol even at high price. Above all it is sad situation for the vehicle owners in Sri Lanka as most of them need to be queues.

In addition when you are checking the price of the desired vehicle check the condition of the vehicle well. Whether it is under Finance purchase plan or it is leased from any of the company. Also check the re-payment plan for it.  After that also check for the Engine numbers and the chassis number. Condition of the A/C, gearbox, Tyres in addition.

Note: Car owners in Sri Lanka are waiting in the petrol Queue for long hours. Some event go to the Petrol Sheds early morning and standing in the queue through the burning sun for long hours. Some are lucky to get the required amount of petrol while others go home empty handed.

In this year 2023 the used car prices are going up and down.due import starting rumors.

Used cars prices in Sri Lanka.

Mercedes Benz C1350/ 2017 Price: Rs 20.5 Million
Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara V8 – 2018 Price: Rs 61,000,000/-+
BMW X 2009 Price: Rs 13.5 Million
Audi A3Sportback / 2017 Price: 12.9 Million
Mercedes Benz C180/ 2021 Price: Rs 11.5 Million
Toyota Prado 150 – 2014 Price: Rs 52 Million
Jeep Grand Cheroke Limited/ 2017 Price: Rs 25.9 Million
Benz C350/ 2017 Price: Rs 20.5 Million
Toyota Wigo – 2019 Price: Rs 6.9 Million
Audi A4 / 2016 Price: 17.9 Million
Toyota Vitz (2017) Price: Rs 6,900,000/-
2018 Price: Rs 7,890,000/-
Vitz – 2016 Price: 6,990,000/-
Toyota Fortuner- 2012 Price: Rs 18,150,000/-
Subaru Forester XT 2015 Price: Rs 15 Million

Toyota CH-R Car.

Maruti Sporttack / 2017 Suzuki Models.