Smartphones with special cameras

Smartphones with special cameras.

All the Smartphone and the hand held devices are not just for communication and entertainment purpose only. For instance they are becoming as  professional cameras. Therefore the user can capture brilliant images like an expensive professional SLR camera at any condition of light available for the object. In addition some of the devices even come with specially designed LED flash lights in single or dual capacity.  These can give enough lighting to capture images with out much draining of the battery of the devices. Mean while people living in the USA are giving importance about the Smartphone’s cameras. Because they are now depending on this phone camera to take photos.

In recent times there are many development in the technique and on the lenses of these devices. Recently there is a new development had made for the shaky hands to capture perfect images that will fit to fine photography. Yes, your 90 years old Grandma too can capture your image with her shaky hand from her bed on your device using the latest technique. If the new invention is installed on the devices there are no more shaky pictures or unfocused images in the future.

The technology is expected to be available in the near future on many advanced Smartphones and tables. Wait for it.

Smartphones with special cameras in 2018.

There are lot of Smartphones are now available in the market that will allow you to make photos like a professional photographer. Some of them are expensive while some of them are available at affordable price. Some even have auto focus facility to capture sharp pictures at any kind of lighting. Most of the Smartphones are coming with LED flashes for night mode photographing.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Huawei Mate 40 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
OnePlus 9 Pro
Huawei P40 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro
Google Pixel 5
Samsung Galaxy S21
S21 Plus
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 mini
Samsung Galaxy S10         16 MP
iPhone 11                              12 MP