Smartphone Not Connecting to Internet.

Smartphone Not Connecting to Internet is a big problem for lot of people. While some of the Tablets too are not connecting to the Internet. The screen looks perfect with all the Apps. WI-FI is on and it is in Green color and the device says that is connected to the internet. But when you click the Facebook page it is showing Facebook page but not displaying any posts or photos. First thing to do is to Restart your Smartphone or Tablet.

When you click the YouTube button, it goes to the YouTube page. But nothing there. it displays a message saying “You are Offline” not connected to the internet. It means your Smartphone shows it is connected to the internet but actually it is not connected to the internet.

There are some reason for this problem.
Your Data balance is used up to the limit. So there is no Data in your Mobile Account.
Or wrong setting of your Mobile Data usage.
If you have data balance, the problem is related to another thing.
Connect the Smartphone through available WI-Fi connection.
Now check your phone whether it is connected to the internet.

Smartphone Not Connecting to the Internet.

Now it is time to check your Smartphone.
Data is connected?
WI-Fi connection is on?

If everything is perfect check your Smartphone’s Date and Time.
If the current date and time are wrong, then the Smartphone will not connect to the Internet.
Simply go to the setting and fix the date and time for current time and date
Now you can see the Smartphone or the Tablet is being connected to the Internet.

So how my date and time changed in Smartphone or Tablet?
Full battery drain can cause this date and time problem.
Never leave the battery to drain completely.
Always charge the battery when it is around 14%.
Also don’t leave the battery to be charged up to 100%;
98% is the better charging upper limit.
So always check your battery level and date and time in your device.

YouTube displays you are Offline. Solving it.

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