Smartphone Dropped in Water?

Smartphone dropped in Water?
Don’t delay, quickly remove it from the water.
But most of the latest Smartphones can withstand some minutes of water immersion.
Take out all external accessories like charger, cable and headphone.
Most of the latest Smartphone can withstand splash of water and some can withstand 10 meter in water drop.

Don’t try to switch it on if, Smartphone Dropped in Water .
Don’t press any buttons.

Just remove the Smartphone cover, if you have one on it.

Take some tissues and wipe it out as much as possible.
If the phone comes with a non-removable battery, power off as normal and take it to the service center.
If it is a phone that can be dismantled by the user, then open it and remove the battery, SIM Card and the SD Memory card.
Get a good polythene bag and put the wet mobile phone in side.
Then fill the bag with white raw rice.
Make it airtight and keep it in a dry place.
After 48 hours take out the phone.
Place it on a refrigerator for around 10 minutes on the place that is hot.
Then try to switch it on, if you want.

Precaution on Smartphone Dropped in Water.

Always place a waterproof cover on your Smartphone.
Buy Smartphones which are marked as water proof.
Here are the recommended ones in Sri Lanka.
1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G (12/256GB – Rs 320,000/-)  / Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G (8/256GB – Rs 230,000/-)
2. Sony Xperia Z5 / Z5 Compact (Most of the Xperia models can withstand water exposure.)
3. iPhone 13 / 13 Plus

Always backup your contact list against such disaster.
Time to time backup your photos, videos, files and documents.
Keep all your passwords in a paper and keep it in a safe place.

Places Smartphone can exposed to water or Smartphone can Drop in Water.
1. Bath room.
2. Rain days.
3. Putting it in washing machines with the clothes.
4. Floods
5. Beach side.

Smartphone in water?

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