Smartphone Battery Draining Faster?

Smartphone batteries of nearly all the devices needs daily re-charging by its user. Some latest Smartphones are excepted from this charging while they come with flash charging too. One 5 minutes charging can give juice for nearly 2 hours of usage with this flash charging. But why some Smartphones need to re-charging within some hours usage only? How to over come this battery draining problem in Smartphones?

In Sri Lanka most of the people are experiencing bad Smartphone battery problem due to non availability of new Smartphone batteries.

If you can see that your phone battery had swollen little on its belly it is nearly dead. If your phone rotates on it belly or ready to rotate, means its battery need to replaced with a new battery.

Smartphone Battery Usage.

Smartphone Battery is used by the calling Apps that are installed by the user.  Also called as caller apps and call apps, used to drain the Smartphone batteries silently without the user’s knowledge. You happens to read about a good calling app in the internet or newspaper or hear about it from your good friend. Then you want to test it or use it yourself to see if its features that you heard about are true or not. When you download and install it in your Smartphone you automatically agree to their terms and conditions (most of the App users don’t read it or some of them don’t know even such a thing is existing).

Before to download and install the App, read that page content first.
Many Apps have their own Application Permissions
Permission to use the Google Map and other Google services.
May need to on the GPS / Network Location.
Contains advertisements ·
Offers in-app purchases
And so on.

Battery and Apps.

If you decided to use a particular call app as a useful one and the app may remain in your phone’s App list. But the particular app may be running behind all the programs you are using. Why whenever you start your cell phone the App too will start its function. It is waiting in active mode for you to use. Some of the App designers use it to track your activities and can send the information to their partners to make money by showing their advertisements. Some time they will show advertisements according to your user information. Most of them get your current location to give you best service offer.

So these kind of activities not only give you troubles to your Smartphone Battery, but the app will require power to perform these activities and it can the cause your battery to drain quickly. So if you have 5 Apps like these, they will use your battery power to communicate with their mother company silently every hour everyday. Some of them can update new versions without your knowledge according to your user agreement with them.

To avoid such power hungry Apps deactivate these kinds of Apps and activate them when ever you need them. You can use any of the available good power manger app along with App watcher to get information on your Apps that you are currently using and of those which you want in the future.

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