RakEM Provides Encrypted Service.

RakEM App.

RakEM app is one of the best App that is available in the internet for content sharing. It offers users with secure, encrypted messaging, picture sharing, voice calls, video calls, voice messages, and video messages over mobile-to-mobile networks. This App is fully secured and encrypted and allows members to control their content It allows you to delete message histories on both your device and the recipients device, wiping the conversation clean.

RakEM uses our proprietary device to device technology. The best thing is that your information goes from your device to your contacts device without seeing RakEM servers. So the company can’t see your conversations and more importantly they do not data mine your messages like other companies do.

Also this RakEM App provides you with secure and encrypted picture sharing. RakEM provides secure and encrypted voice and video calling, and voice and video messaging. Looks Good? Sure it is.

Raketu on desktop gives you secure service for your Mac or Windows Computer.
Here are some of its best offers that are coming to provide secure and encrypted messaging platform.
Their offers are free and can be accessed by devices from any part of the world through the internet.
Picture/File sharing
voice messages and Voice Calls and
Video Calls and video messages
Voice conferencing and Video.

What is new?

What’s New
5-way video conferencing!
Added send video from library in chats.
Send pics, take pics, send video, take video and send drawings.
PrivateKeys -bypass keystroke recorders (turn ON in settings)
Text Formatting in message – *bold* _italic_
Encrypted Group calling -up to 5 voice conference
Voice message in chat – hold mic, record, release sends message
Group Post and Live Chat
Who’s Near to you
Doodling on stored and captured pics
Total recall – delete all messages off your phone and off contacts phone
No screen capture

Last Updated: April 12, 2020.
Current Version: 3.41
Requires Android OS: 2.2 and up
In APP Purchase: US$1.99 per item
Website. http://www.raketu.com/



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