Pre Loaded Apps

Pre Loaded apps are free and they are coming inside of the Smartphone when you buy them as a brand new one. Most of the Smartphone manufacturers used to pre-load many Apps that will be useful for their buyers. So it is not necessary to search and download Apps. Just you activate these Apps in the phone to work for you. On the other hand if you buy a Android device, then Google will provide most of its essential Apps to you, once you login with their account details.

When you switch on your brand new Smartphone, you can notice that there are plenty of Apps that are offered as free gift to you by the manufacturer. You may not need all of these Apps. Follow these steps to find all of them and to delete or hide those ones.

To Hide unwanted apps

If you are unable to uninstall any of the preloaded apps, you can hide and disable them in your device. This will keep them to be hidden from the Apps menu and not to perform updates.

To hide or disable any of these pre-loaded apps, you have to follow these steps:

From the Home screen, tap Apps.
Tap Settings.
Scroll to ‘PHONE,’ then tap Apps.
Scroll left to the ALL tab.
Tap the desired application.
Tap Disable.
If Disable is not available, it means the app has been updated:

To display the apps

To show or enable pre loaded apps you have hidden in your device, follow these steps:

From any Home screen, select and tap Apps.
Tap Settings.
Scroll to ‘PHONE,’ then tap Apps.
Scroll left to the ALL tab.
Tap the desired application. Disable apps are at the bottom of the list.
Tap Enable.

Before you install or delete an App from your Smartphone, go to the Google Play and check users comment on that App and decide whether you really want to remove it or not.

Pre Loaded Apps.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone.
Amazon, Bixby Vision, Bixby Voice, Briefing, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Chrome, Contacts, Device maintenance, Device Unlock, Dictionary, Drive, Email, Facebook, Finder, Galaxy Apps, Gallery, Game launcher, Gear VR Service, Gmail, Google, Movies & TV, Music, services, Search, Text-to-speech Engine, Hancom Office Editor, Knowx Content Mgr, LED icon editor, Link Sharing, Maps, Messages, My Files, NAME ID, Photos, Reminder, Samsung Experience Home, Gear, Health, Internet, Notes, Pass, Pay Framework, Themes, Samsung+
Secure Folder, Secure Wi-Fi, Settings, SIM Toolkit, Smart Switch, Smart Things, T-Mobile, Visual Voicemail, Weather, Workspace, YouTube

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