Power Solution for Hand Held Devices

Power Solution for Hand Held Devices.

Power Solution

Power Solution provider UNU Superpak Battery Pack suggested price: US$99
While you are on the move or on a long trip the battery power of Smartphone or Tablet may drain due to your activities. Now with this UNU Superpak Battery Pack, you don’t need to worry about it anymore as this will help you to solve your power shortage problem of your device with this small 10,000mAh rechargeable battery.

This is the world’s smallest 10,000mAh battery pack with super fast charging technology that can give power to latest Apple devices and Android devices. This superpak got the ability to store power up to 2X faster than conventional battery packs.

This pack features a powerful 2.4A input automatically identifying your specific device (Apple or Android) and the Superpak’s uSmart ports match your device’s maximum charging speed. It uses one cable only to charge all your favorite products.

Power Solution

Portable Charger – (Apple Certified) uNu Superpak 5000mAh 2.1A External Battery Pack For iPhone 6 6S, 6 Plus,5S,5, Galaxy S6 Edge,Note 5 4 with 2-in-1 Lightning Cable 8Pin and MicroUSB.

UNU Superpak 15000mAh 4.4A Portable Charger External Battery Pack Power Bank w/ MicroUSB Cable

UNU family, an innovative, award-winning brand from silicon-valley.
All UNU products are backed by hassle-free 1-year warranty.
Featuring 2.1A “uSmart” technology, the Superpak portable charger is compatible and optimized to provide maximum charging speeds for any phone, tablet and USB powered device.
Featuring UNU exclusive charging technology; SuperX, the Superpak iPhone Powerbank can be recharged within 3.5 hours, at a rate up to 2.1A, reducing charging times by to 50%.
World’ s smallest 5000mAh micro-battery pack provides 2 full charges to iPhone 6 (small screen) as well as 1.5 charges on the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung S6 (large screen).
Bundled with an exclusive 2-in-1 micro-USB / Apple Lightning cable (Apple Labs Certified) for universal charging for almost any portable device.

Available colors:

Metallic Black
Metallic White

Source: www.myunu.com