Pixel Smartphones

Pixel Smartphones are available as Pixel and Pixel X in the international market. Google’s Pixel Smartphone or Pixel XL devices are not available in Sri Lanka officially. These smartphones are now the topic of the world including Srilanka. These devices are produced and marketed by the Google Inc. Pixel comes with 5-inch screen display  while the Pixel XL comes with a 5.5-inch screen. On the back of the devices “G” is placed beautifully that it is the product of Google. These devices are expected to capture the Smartphone world with it perfect design and look.

Pixel Smartphones became very popular during the Black Friday sales. Lot of people bought them directly from Google and from U.S Carriers. And nobody believed that it can rise up to this level during the November 24 – November 28 holiday season. Lot of people were waiting for this days to purchase the Pixel Smartphone at reduced price and with offers from carriers. Mean while more than 50% of the products sold were unlocked Pixel and Pixel XL handsets. These devices can be used on any US carrier. it means people still prefer to pay full payment to obtain the freedom of unlock.

Carrier Verizon did announced last week  that it had slashed $200 off the total cost on the Pixel Smartphone for Friday and Saturday. That comes with a contract where the customer will pay $10 per month for the coming  2 years period through the signed contract with them by the customer. Mean while internet posted that Samsung Galaxy S7 activation rose up 36% during the Black Friday and the iPhone 7 saw activation grew by 13%

From the day it came for selling it took a great leap and it now shares 10% of the total Smartphone sales. Google Inc expects to sale three million devices before the end of this year.

They comes with OLED screens, 4GB of memory and 32GB or 128GB of storage space.
These devices don’t have external memory slots.

Google Pixel Phone 32GB, Quite Black.
Price US$ 649

Pixel 128GB model.
Price US$ 749
UK £699

Pixel XL model
US$ 769 and $869,
£719 and £819
AU$1269 and AU$1,419.