Pin less Calling Cards

Pin less Calling Cards are selling in high volume allover the world as it is cheap. It provides easy calling facility with high quality sound on both sides. Many people are confused about the pin less call cards. People buy these cards and call their destination and forget about the feature that is called as pin less calling. So here are some advice on this pin less card future. First of all it is a free feature that is coming with your digital phone card or Digital Calling card. Millions of USA residents are using these kinds of cards to make calls for office work and for family calls.

Pin-less Calls or Pin Skipping Calls is a facility that will allow you for free feature to make an international call without having to dial the PIN every time you make a call when using a on phone card. For this you have to go through a small setting on your card in the providers’ website. Don’t forget the details of your email as it is the main information for you about this Digital phone card.

Pin less Calling

So follow these 5 steps given below:

1. Login to your Account
2. Click the “Pin Skipping” link.
3. Click the “Add or Delete Phone number” next to your PIN
4. Enter your desired phone number (home or cell phone number)
5. Click “Now” or”Yes”

After this action you had completed the setup. Now you can make a call by entering your Destination number.

Normally people used to make 60 calls through a phone card.
By setting up a Pin less Call facility, you don’t have to enter your PIN number for next 60 times.
It means that you don’t have to memorize your PIN anymore, and it will make your phone call a lot faster!

So next time when you are looking for phone cards, check whether they offer pin less calling facility.

Pin less Calling Cards.

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