Phone Cards For Holidays

Phone Cards for Holidays are sold in large numbers in the USA, India, Philippines and Bangladesh. People want to call their homes during the holiday season make this high sales. So in this year  too there will be large number of card sales from these countries. Here are some tips for you to look in the phone cards as there are many companies didn’t respect their commitments. People used to buy these cards and when make IDD calls, inter state calls they found that many of these cards don’t give them enough call minutes as they had promised.

Phone Cards For Holidays.

1. Going to buy a new phone card for the Holidays or to recharge it? First check the phone card’s rate par minute as many companies suddenly increase their rate per minute.
2. Read what they offer through the phonecard.
Does they offer recharge facility, online records of call detail, speed dial, PINzap, pinless dialing and other features you may need.
3. Check whether they have member notifications, phone card tips and news of their products through email facility?
4. If you are living in the USA read about Prepaid Phone Cards: What Consumers Should Know.

Reasons phone card companies taking away your money.


1. The advertised rates are based on ‘single call use’ and can vary for subsequent calls. Basically, you get the stated price per minute on your first call and the price then rises after that.
2. The company adds on an unknown charge for connecting the call and – if that’s not bad enough – another unnecessary charge for terminating it.
3. A ‘long call fee’ may be charged after a certain number of minutes and again for each multiple of that time period; for example, you may be charged after five minutes and then for every five minutes after that.
4. There may be extra charges for calling 0844 and similar numbers.
5. Calling from a payphone may incur an extra surcharge.

6. A daily maintenance charge – for ‘maintaining’ your account, charged each day whether you use it or not.
7. Companies may state the rate is effective from a particular date but this can change to a higher rate at any time.
8. Phone Cards allows calling a mobile phone it may be drastically higher but it was not stated in the information.
9. The company may round up the length of the call to charge you extra; for example, you may make a call lasting 30 seconds, but this could be rounded up to three minutes.
10. Last but not least, some companies redefine the term ‘minute’ to mean a lesser than 60 seconds; for example, 400 minutes may actually mean 400 periods, each constituting of 55 seconds.

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