Breakfast For Tourists

Breakfast For Tourists

Breakfast For Tourists in Sri Lanka, specially for the foreign children’s food  are listed here. Sri Lanka breakfast dishes are far different from the other country dishes. Here for the breakfast people take hot chilies included foods, sweet and bread based foods as their favorite ones. Boiled beans, nuts, Poridge and tapioca dishes are popular here in the morning. After that as a tourist you must take much concern about the dishes that you have for the breakfast. Because tourists used to travel in the day times. In other words to find a wash room in a hurry that may suitable for your culture can be a difficult task, while you are  in Sri Lanka.

For instance in Colombo and other large cities you can find European type breakfast with coffee, fruit juice or with aroma tea with or without milk. Above all, you can find toasted bread, marmalade, butter, fried eggs, ham, bacon and sausages. these foods are limited to large cities and star class hotels. Also you can find American style breakfast in McDonald, KFC, Wendy and other popular fast food outlets that are located in large cities. Star Class Hotels in Colombo used to offer Buffet type breakfast for their patrons and Guests.

Breakfast For Tourists. Eat Like Sri Lankan.

As per the Sri Lanka Tours operators most of the Sri Lanka holiday makers not serious about their breakfast. Most of them prefer a full dinner and used to carry on with their activities till to the noon. And for the lunch too they don’t much care about the dishes. They care about drinking king coconut water, natural fruit juices and to eat as much as fresh fruits. Additionally young children who are very active during their holidays over here, used to look for meals any time of the day or night.

Here we provide some breakfast selection for you and your children who used to be hungry in the mornings.
In Sri Lanka people make breakfast dishes in their homes. And if they want to buy food from out side then their selection will be at a local bakery, tea boutique, small restaurants or from a roadside porridge vendor.

Breakfast For Tourists Porridge.

Most of the porridge sold in large glasses by the road side vendors are made with herbal leaves, coconut milk, rice or rice flour.
Further more some may have garlic in them, so ask the vendor.
Many are really sweet which are sold as Sago porridge, beans and rice flake porridge.
You don’t need to worry about these porridge drinks, as they are freshly prepared in the morning and used to be hot.

Let’s name the chili included foods that are available in the mornings all over Sri Lanka.
Seeni sambol (Like sambol olek) Bun. ( Inside the bun chili powder mixed onion slices fried in the oil)
Curry Rotti (Inside hot chili curry with beef, fish or vegetable)
Chinese Rolls. (Inside hot chili curry)
Cutlet (Inside hot chili curry)
Samosa (Inside hot chili curry)
Egg Rolls. (Boiled Egg with hot chili curry)
Malu Pan (Inside canned fish made as hot chili curry)
Kiri Bath with Pol Sambol. (The sambol will have hot chilli in it)
Pol Rotti with Pol Sambol. (Sambol will have hot chillie with coconut, Pol Rotti may have small pieces of green chili)
Vada (may have small pieces of green chili)
Ala Bola (Potato Ball, may have small pieces of green chili)
Pattice (may have small pieces of green chili)

American Breakfast Available in Top Star Class Hotels.

American Pancakes
Eggs Benedict
Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast Tacos
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich
Biscuits ’n’ Gravy

Try to taste theses foods too.

Sweet Ones. ( Good for Foreigners and their Children)
PanCake (Sri Lanka Style. Scrapped Coconut with Sugar Syrup, inside the roll)
Jam Pan
Bun (Locally called as bunis)
Kimbula bun
Sausage bun
Pittu with coconut milk.
Appa or Appam (center can be filled with according to you with egg, jaggery or sweet coconut milk)

In all the supermarkets you can find fresh bread, butter, bread spread, marmalade, Jam, cheese slices and cream cheese.
Breads too available as normal, sliced ones, French bread, sandwich bread,
In addition as a tourist you can stock some of these items on your Sri Lanka Tour.

Breakfast For Tourists

Breakfast For Tourists

Breakfast For Tourists


Smartphone Payment

Smartphone Payment

Smartphone Payment is the latest path to cashless transaction in most of the world. Apple Inc, Samsung and Google Inc are working hard in the USA to provide secured payment facility for their customers. Customers’ can use their Smartphone App to make the necessary payment to the terminal. Samsung devices use either NFC or MST mode to purchase products and services. But many middle aged people are not like to go on with it as they are not familiar with it. Only younger generation people are trying these methods with cash less purchase.In the USA lot of people are turning towards this method as they can include credit cards in to their cash less payment method. and still there are problem while making transactions at the point of sale.

When you make a payment with your Smartphone you will be prompted to verify the transfer through your Smartphone, for your funds’ safety..

Mean while the traditional plastic card payment method is not loosing its ground. And the producers are making it more secured with new EMV chip cards with bio metrics in it.


Recently a company named SmartMetric has added a fingerprint scanner built inside EMV payment credit and debit chip cards, thereby creating a second layer bio metric authentication protection in defending against card fraud. The company is now actively marketing its technology to card issuing financial institutions around the world.

Near Field Communication (NFC) used to allow two devices placed within a few centimeters of each other to exchange information.

This NFC payments require merchants to have upgraded payment terminals. Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) sends a magnetic signal from a compatible device to the payment terminal’s card reader. For this MST payments doesn’t need the merchant to upgrade the payment terminal. Samsung Pay allows to use at nearly all payment terminals with a card reader.

More over Samsung Pay uses both NFC and MST to send payment information to the terminal. In addition the transaction is seamless, whether using NFC or MST, allowing for a better user experience. However both technologies are equally secure, using a unique digital card number in place of your actual payment card’s number. In addition your information is kept private and secure, and only your bank and the card’s payment network will have information on the transaction.

In Sri Lanka nearly all the banks are providing this Smartphone App payment facility. Customers can pay securely for their purchases or for thier received services through this method.

To find out more on Samsung Pay visit here.

Combank, Sri Lanka. ComBank Q+ Payment App.
Bank of Ceylon – BOC – SmartPay
HNB Bank SOLO Digital payments App.
Sampath Bank PLC – Sampath Wepay.
Seylan Bank. SeylanPay – QR payment
eZ Cash app, allows “Scan to Pay” and “Scan to Transfer” Services.
Peoples Bank – People’s Wave Mobile Banking App

Samsung Phone Prices.

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals are the top expected sales by the people living in the USA . Nearly all the Americans are waiting for this day with their credit cards. During this sales lot of products were sold at reduced prices. Some products come from the shelf for 75% off price. main cities and the stores are preparing for this high sales day as millions of people rush to get products at unbelievable prices.People can purchase by directly going to stores and through online websites using their plastic cards.

Black Friday 2024. (Friday 29th November 2024.)

Walmart’s Black Friday shopping will open online at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, two hours earlier than previous years. Black Friday shopping in-store event is expected to open doors at 6 p.m. local time on Thanksgiving Day. Use their Apps’ store map to reach the location of the top deals.

Smart TV – 65” Class 4K Roku (ROKU) Smart TV US$398
Hisense 40” Class 1080p TV US$99.
iPhone 6 US$99.
iPad 6th Generation US$249.
Google Home Hub US$99.
Sharp 55” Class 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV US$299,
Farberware Oil-Less Fryer US$39.

Different stores have different opening times for the popular Black Friday Sales in their stores indifferent states all around the USA. Some stat it at 3.00 pm, 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm while some start at 00.01 am. Some retailers are starting their Black Friday sales on the Thanksgiving day.

Which are the much bought products in these stored during the sale period?
HDTVs, toys, Fitbits, Samsung tablets, books, home appliances, bedding, MacBooks, Smartphones, Laptops, Amazon Fire Tablets, video games, DVDs, apparel, jewelry, luggage, home goods, appliances and many more on heavily discounted price.

Black Friday Deals, popular stores.

Walmart, Target, Best Buy, JC Penney and Macy’s are some of them.

What the says about this Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday 2024 Sales.

Here are the popular Deal Providers
Academy Sports
At Home
Best Buy
Big Lots
BJ’s Wholesale
Dell Home & Home Office
Dell Small Business
Farm & Home Supply
Gander Outdoors
Half Price Books
Harbor Freight
HP Home & Home Office
Old Navy
Pet Supplies Plus
Rite Aid
Stage Stores
Stein Mart
True Value

Read More:

Next Black Friday Deals will be celebrated in the coming year 2025.
Ninja Motorcycle.

Missed Calls and Unknown Calls.

missed calls

Missed calls and unknown calls used to happen in your homes and offices through Mobile phones and land line phones.. Never call back unknown phone numbers specially the calls with foreign number.  Some Sri Lanka people used to place missed calls to their friends and wait for them to call back, as they don’t want to spend money on their phone calls. And they expect their friends to call them back, so they don’t need to spend any money. This is familiar event to many people and most of the people ignore those missed calls. These missed call placing people may don’t know about the SMS text message facility that costs very few cents. It will cost them just 14 cents only for their 120 character message.

Mean while in the night time Sri Lanka people used to receive missed calls from foreign countries to their mobile phones and land line phones. Most of these calls originate from Caribbean countries and Africa Region. Actually this is a trap to make you to call back  the callers “Premium Phone Number”. Most of the people don’t want to lose their overseas calls. So they try to call this number in return. Calling this number will make you to get high priced monthly phone bill for your land line. Because you have to pay a premium amount that is above the cost of a normal telephone calls. Additionally you can’t complain against this to your phone company as you had really made that high priced premium number calls.

Moreover lots of calls were made for to get connected to the missed calls. So don’t make calls back to these numbers as some individuals and companies joined hand to make money through this scam from unsuspecting people.

Missed calls and unknown calls.

TRC Warns About Unknown Calls. “We have received a fair number of complaints from telephone subscribers in Sri Lanka, of missed calls received from unknown international party. When subscribers returned the calls, the call charge for such calls have been excessive more than the normal call charges.

Some groups from certain countries are misleading in this manner to induce local subscribers to return such calls.
Furthermore, since interconnection charges for International calls are high, call charges for such calls by their nature are more.
We have made inquiries from telephone services providers in Sri Lanka and their responses were as follows: Mobitel (Pvt.) Ltd. Informed TRCSL that similar acts had happened previously and actions have been taken to block these number series before this event.

Sri Lanka Mobile Phone users.

Dialog Axiata PLC informed TRCSL that on receiving customer complaints, immediate steps were taken to block such international numbers. Mobile phone carriers like, Hutch, Airtel and Mobitel stated that they had not received many complaints from their subscribers, of such calls.

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka hereby notify all telephone subscribers in Sri Lanka.
Refrain from redialing calls to such unknown telephone numbers.


Sri Lanka Telecom Advice their Clients on
“How to Handle Nuisance Calls?

Remain calm and do not respond in any way to the caller.
Do not enter into a conversation and especially do not reveal any personal information about yourself or your household.

When the caller phones you repeatedly, do not speak first; genuine callers will identify themselves.
If you have the Caller Line Identification (CLI) facility on your phone, note down the caller’s number, date & time of the call for future reference. If the problem persists, contact your Regional Telecom Office. SLT will make every effort to assist you and take measures to stop this social menace.

TRC warns public on false SMS and nuisance calls.

“TRC announced that making personal, defamatory, or hate statements using telecommunication system or social media (face book, twitter) or sending SMS with false information or making misleading telephone calls is a punishable offense.

Sending someone an indecent, obscene, rebellious, prurient, threatening, extremely unpleasant messages or giving telephone calls to cause distress or annoyance without any valid reason is an offense under Sri Lanka Telecommunication Act No. 25 of 1991.

The offenders if found guilty are liable for a penalty of not exceeding Rs. 5,000 and, in default of payment of such fine, to imprisonment of either description for a term not exceeding six months, a senior official of the TRC told Business Times.”

More reading.
Be warned of the ‘One Ring Scam’.

Foreign phone call scam: SLT, TRC to get to the bottom of it.

Haier Phone.

International SIM Cards


International SIM Cards are made for people who used to travel to many parts of the world in quick time. Businessmen, Tourists and Students used to travel overseas should take their Smartphone or Tablet with them. And can use any of the available International SIM card to be  connected with their loved ones. This is a best option to cut their phone call charges and data connection fees.

International SIM Cards vs Phonecard.

International SIM Cards are far better than your phonecards as they are always within your Smartphone. Any time you can make calls or can receive phone calls. it is very simple to check your current balance. With the phonecard you will need a public phone to check your balance. Will need a public phone to make your call with your phonecard. Recharging the SIM card is very easy. You will have the list of contacts and easy to call them with just a click.

In a foreign country using your own country SIM cards for calling plans, SMS text messages and for Data plan will be an expensive one.  International SIM card is good option or to have your SIM card that you can purchase in the visiting country.

How to obtain International SIM card.

1. Buy a suitable SIM card in the country where you are visiting. Some country law may require you to provide a copy of your Identity paper like passport along with a photo of yourself.
2 .Buy an international SIM from your home country before you start your travel.This can be purchased through the internet. It can be a Nano, Mini, Standard SIM card or an E-SIM.

SIM Card Sellers.

RebelFone is one of the leading SIM card provider and has introduced country specific SIM cards that can work on GSM networks. Sorry they don’t offer Nano SIM cards so far. Those who want to travel a country just had to order the required country SIM card from them and can place it in their mobile phone and use it with the local number at affordable rate. They not only offer this SIM also they offer to rent you a mobile phone too.

This SIM card rental offers many advantages than from the other mobile phone carriers. Like all the other roaming SIM cards, Rebelfone’s rental SIM can works with unlocked GSM phones.

The SIM will come with an instruction booklet with the phone number and PIN printed in the front. Once you insert the SIM into a mobile phone and the phone will automatically set itself up with the right APN for data services. Online customer support is available 24/7. The SIM is actually works as a local SIM. So you will have a local phone number and you can start straight dialing.

If you are traveling to any of these countries or many of the countries then it is necessary to rent out the SIM card from them to get more benefit from the mobile phone usage.

Here are the countries that the RebelFone SIM can be used.

USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Europe, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel. And  Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, and UAE. It comes with Zero Cost option for UK and Vietnam.

If you are visiting Sri Lanka for a short trip, it is better to use one of the Sri Lanka SIM card that are available for sale in the country. Insert this in to your Smartphone and activate it. You can enjoy cheapest call plans and data plans that are available for local people.

Yamaha FZ Motorbike.