New cheap plan to call Nigeria

New cheap plan to call Nigeria.

Here is good news for those Nigerians who are traveling or living in different parts of the world. Reach Nigerian phones under 4¢/minute through the plan called Nigeria 1000. This tariff seems to be very low when compared to other plans. They offer this plan for $40/month basis and the plan will offer 1000 minutes to call mobiles and landlines in Nigeria.
The company has retired its 900 plan which was sold for $49.99/month at a rate of 5.6¢/minute and the available one is Nigeria 1000 which is better and cheaper. There is no connection fee from them to charge more money from you. Rebtel and Lyca Mobile offers cheap call plans to Nigeria from UK.

New cheap plan to call Nigeria.

The new plan is good for those calls Nigeria on regular basis. All you need is to register with them once and 1000 minutes are available for 30 days. Renew the service automatically by using the credit or debit card payment. Charges will apply for the customers directly.

With the newly announced Pay As You Go service, Nigerians all over the world can call their family and friends at a much lower rate of only 5.9¢/min for both mobiles and landlines instead of 7.5¢/min for mobiles and 6.9¢/min for landlines. So you won’t have heavy monthly bills or unwanted call payments any more. This system will provide you calls at reduced price at any time of the day. Speak as much as you want from your phone.

New cheap plan of

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