Money Changers, Wellawatte.

Money Changers, Wellawatte, Sri Lanka.

Money Changers in  Wellawatte, Sri Lanka are playing a big role in the country’s economy. Tens of thousands of foreign and local people used to visit these shops in Wellawatte. They used to visit here to exchange their foreign currency  in to local currency. You can change all the International currencies over here. However limited amount of India currency too can be exchanged in some places in Colombo..

Most of these money Changer shops are located in the Ground Floor on the Galle Road. They had paid large sum of money to the Sri Lanka Government to obtain the Official Money Changer License. If they break any of the country’s law regarding money will be stripped of the  Official Money Changer License.
You can see the Money Changer License sticker on the front side of the shop.

Sri Lanka’s popular money changer Prasanna Money changer’s offices are now closed. They had Shop in Mudalige Mawatta, Fort and in Galle Road. Both are currently closed for business. If you are one of their customer here, it is time to find a suitable money changer either in Colombo Fort or in Wellawatte area.

Moreover here are some of the Money Exchange Service Providers in Wellawatte area. In addition you can find other Cambio Centers.

Money Exchanging in Sri Lanka Banks.

Moreover, officially all the Banks will exchange your Foreign Currency in to Sri Lanka Currency. But some time it may be time consuming one. In addition, they may want your Identification proof. Will have to wait for the Official Exchange Rate from their Head office. If you had changed with these banks keep their receipts. On return back home you can change the Sri Lanka Rupees in to foreign currency. You have to provide the exchange proof at the Bank in the Airport.

Royal Money Exchange.
55, ,Galle Road,

Prasanna Money Exchange. (Currently Closed)
57, Galle Road,

Maruthi Money Exchange.
Galle Road,

Royal Money Changers.
Galle Road,

Windsor Money Exchange.
337,Galle Road,

Western Money Exchange
195, ,Galle Road,

Swiss Money Exchange
87A, Galle Road,

International Money Exchange
75, ,Galle Road,

Colombo Money Exchange
65, ,Galle Road,

LB Finance, (Money Exchange)
224 Galle Rd,
Colombo – 6

Citizens Development Business (CDB, Wellawatte Branch)
288, Galle Road,
Colombo 06.

Seylan Bank, (Money Exchange)
No 445, Galle Road,
Colombo 06.

Pan Asia Bank, (Money Exchange)
No. 135,Galle Road
Colombo – 6

2024 – Jaffna Food in Wellawatte Area , Colombo – 06.

5 to 6 Classic Vegetarian Restaurants are available in the Wellawatte Area.
In the meantime 6 – 7 Jaffna Stye Non-Veg Food Restaurants are functioning here. They used to provide Hot Chilies Crab Curry, Fish, Shrimps, Prawns and cuttlefish Curries are sold here. They accompany with rice, Iddiyappam pittu and Parota.  Also they serve “Sura Pittu”, Odiyal Cool” and Kothu Rotti.
There are Chicken , Mutton, Fish, Egg and Cheese koththu too are prepared in front of customers and served hot.

In addition there many Muslim Eating Houses (Resturants) in wellawate area. Furthermore, there are some Southern Meal Shops which used to serve unlimited rice and curries from 06:00am till night 10:00 pm. They provide vegetable, Fish and Meat curries with Red / White Rice.

Street Food Shops are available on the Galle Road near to Savoy Premier Theater (Old Roxy Cinema). These shops open in Night times only.

Money Making Method.