MagicJack offers VoIP Calling facility all over the world.

Those who are member of the magicJack can enjoy low priced International calling rates through this program that was announced by them.

Currently it is offering 3 International Calling Plans through their website as online purchase facility..
1. $5 Pre-Paid Credits
2. $10 Pre-Paid Credits
3. $20 Pre-Paid Credits

Here are rates for the popular destinations through their call plans that is available through the internet only.
Dominican Republic: 3.2¢/minute
India: 1.5¢/minute
Mexico Mobile: 4.5¢/minute
UK: 2.2¢/minute

Check the rate for your country here.

MagicJack is a handy device that can be plugged into any internet router and it allows to have phone service where you can place calls to any part of the USA or Canada. It is simple. Plug the phone into the device then plug their device into the computer. This connection provides unlimited call facility to any part of the USA and Canada.

Steps to take.

1. Plug your provided Ethernet cord into the port labeled “INTERNET”
2. Plug your phone into the port labeled “PHONE” on your MJ.
3. Connect the provided power adapter to your mj USB.
4. Plug your MJack into a power outlet.

Follow the instruction on the back of the device to register and get your dedicated phone number.

It uses internet connection to make for phone calls
Users can dial international calls
Calls within USA and Canada used to be included in monthly fee
Caller ID feature: Available
Good for to dial and to receive calls
Recipients of the calls don’t need to have magicJack
You can use multiple devices on the same router
Can change internet service provider without notifying them.

Lot of homes in the USA are using this device or this App to make IDD calls over the VoIP system. This device offers very cheap calls with clear sound. It will in the st/by mode 24 hours a day.

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