Japan Phone Cards.

Japan phone cards are available at affordable price at the Japanese Airports too. These virtual and Digital phone cards are good for to call Sri Lanka and other countries. They are available all over Japan in Kiosks, Airports and through  online websites. These cards offer low priced call minutes through the VoIP system, even at peak hours too.  Tourists and visitors can buy them in kiosks and vending machines that are located next to the public phones. Back sides of these calling cards usually comes with many different art works that are popular in Japan and these phone cards have collectors value all over the world.

Japan Public Phones.

Customer can use public phones to dial the numbers in any part of the world at any given time. It is better to use during the time when Japan and Sri Lanka are having the discounted calling time period, which is also called as off peak hours. When you start the call, continuously speaking will be profitable for the user as each time dialing will cut a large amount for the first minute to connect the phone lines.

In addition calls made from mobile phone to Land Line and calls to a mobile phone from a land lines are too expensive all over the world. It is better to call from land line to land line which will give you cheaper calls to you. Like wise buying calling minutes from the Internet websites offer VoIP call minutes for low priced calling between USA and Japan. These cards are rechargeable and allow pin less dialing. They offer great rates and excellent call quality to call anyone in Sri Lanka, any time.

You can buy the phone cards online and can recharge them again and again. And you are allowed to use their web sites to make calls to any where in the world using your credit.

Major Japanese cities’ phone code.

082 Hiroshima
078 Kobe
075 Kyoto
06 Osaka
03 Tokyo
045 Yokohama

To make International calls from Japan international access code is 010.
While making calls bfrom overseas to Japan don’t use the 0 in the Japan city code.

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