IPL Cheerleaders, Their Payments

IPL Cheerleaders, How much is their Payments for each Cricket Match performance and during the tournament  are some of the cricket fans question. You had seen American cheerleaders in action for years in the TV Telecasting, movies and in videos. The American games are not popular in the Asia region. Many Girls in India don’t know there is such an opportunity of earning money by showing their skills and movements and beauty. When the IPL started to introduce the cheer leaders through out the cricket matches the cheerleader jobs got a quick popularity. Sadly in this year 2021 they couldn’t earn their full earnings as the tournament was abandoned in half way due to spreading of COVID-19 virus infection in India.

IPL Cheerleaders.

An Indian IPL Cheerleader used to get US$ 100 – 150 per match. They have to come out for each big shot and each wickets to cheer with their team and with their fans. In India IPL cheerleaders used to earn Rs 6000 to Rs 12000 per match. There are bonus too available if their team wins the match which is around Rs 3000. Also they are paid around Rs 7000 to Rs 12000 for extra appearances like in opening ceremony and for photo shoots.

But in the USA cheerleaders are earning far better than their counter parts in India. In the USA all the teams have elite(main leads) and armature(Supporting) girls for them. They are paid per hour salary where US$9 is paid for them per hour. It includes their training hours and the match. On the match day they may get another US$ 60 – US$ 200 depending their experience and popularity.

In the USA, main Leaders of the squads may get $3000 to $3500 as a season’s income. The supporting Cheerleader used to get a seasonal salary of $1500 to $2000. They have to follow many rules and regulations to continue with their jobs. Breaking any of them will lead their contract termination.

Further more, some people expected to introduce cheerleaders in the FIFA soccer world cup. Many of the fans and official objected the idea. So there are no chance for these cheerleaders to be included in the forth coming world cup matches.  The FIFA event is going to take place in Russia.