Internet cards, Sri Lanka.

Internet cards, Sri Lanka origin  are being sold in large numbers and sold like hot cakes during Holidays. Similarly large number of Smartphone users in Sri Lanka used to depend on data plan cards. These top-up cards that are available all over island through nominated vendors. Mobile data allows Smartphone users to get connected with internet. With the data plan they can browse websites, communicate through messengers, can watch video clips and movies.
In Sri Lanka Internet cards had lost their popularity to Mobile Data Plan which is available so cheap.

Broadband cards, that are known as data plan reload cards are freely available all over Sri Lanka. This card is good for those who use Dongles and Smartphones to connect to the internet through their laptop, Tablet or smartphone.

Internet cards value must end with 9 for to reload Mobile Data plan (29/-, 49/-, 99/-). If the value ends with 0 (50/-, 100/-), it will be credited to your call plan of the Smartphone.

Best Call, Data and SMS combined packages.
Dialog Blaster Prepaid: 1150 D2D minutes, 1150 D2D SMS and 1375 MB Data (valid for 30 days)

Internet Cards Seller, Sri Lanka.

This method is also called as mobile internet plan over here. Most of the mobile phone service providing companies here used to name this kind of service as Data plan and they allow top up plans to refill your account. These cards helps your device to be connected directly to the internet through their cellular signal network from any part of the island.

Wi-Fi cards.

You can buy Wi-Fi cards  to connect to the internet through the available Wi-Fi hotspots. They are password secured and are located in public places. This service through the card allow you to get new password and username to connect to that network very easily while you are on the move. All the mobile phone carriers offer monthly data plan to their clients, although many of their clients ignore to buy them and they go with the “pay as you use” data plan. This because most of the clients don’t like to see surprise internet usage bills at the end of the month for the data they had used. Because of this, many young people buy the scratch and use Broadband card to get connected to the internet while on the go.

If you are using the combined call and data plan, you must know when your fund for the data plan exceeds the limit the fund loaded for the data plan, Moreover money from the call plan will be used for the data usage from your Smartphone. This price is expensive than the original data plan service price.

Internet Cards From Dialog.

Dialog internet Cards are available at the value of Rs 29/-, Rs 49/-, Rs 99/-, Rs 199/- , Rs 449/- , Rs 649/-, Rs 949/- , Rs 1449/- , Rs 1949/- and Rs 2949/-

Important Dialog Functions.
How to
Recharge (Reload): #123#PIN#
Check Card Balance: #456#
Setting & Packages: #107#
Data, IDD & Services: #678#
Customer Center: Dial 1777

In addition data top up cards are much liked by the foreigners, visiting Sri Lanka for business or on Sri Lanka tours.
After that, data cards too are sold all over the island through the dealers and small boutiques according to the Carrier.

Further more once you had purchased these Internet cards, gently scratch the aluminum layer. This will be  covering the code and use it as instructed. In the mean time here is no refund for this card once you scratched the aluminum layer. Similarly you can pay to any communication center and ask them to put a reload. Therefore wait there to check the amount that they had reloaded in to your Smartphone.

Broadband card.
However you can buy as much of data cards and can keep with you and use them whenever you want broadband on the go.

Mobitel Data Plan cards.

Rs 29/-, Rs 49/-, Rs 99/-, Rs 199/- and Rs 299/-.

Sri Lanka Airtel Internet cards offer: In conclusion 4 kinds of data cards. (With Airtel to Airtel cheap SMS.)

150Mb Data            45 SMS Validity 1 day    Rs. 45
250Mb Data           78 SMS Validity 7 days Rs. 78
1024Mb Data         299 SMS Validity 30 Days   Rs. 299
3072Mb Data         799 SMS Validity 30 Days   Rs. 799

Further more these Internet cards can be used to make Local and International calls too in addition to browsing.
In the meantime Dialog offers prepaid cards for their Wi-Fi hot spots usage that are available all over the island.

Sri Lanka arrival and departure cards.

Sri Lanka Arrival and Departure cards (entry and exit)can be filled via online. From 1st of January 2023 foreign passengers can complete the Arrival cards when coming to Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan leaving the country can fill the Departure cards via online.All passengers can fill this card online three days prior to their travel.
In addition, visit Official web site’#/home-page


Mobitel FAQ

4G Network.

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